David Harks – ‘Open Arms’


1614556_742294825783330_1513816051_oDavid Harks left a lasting impression on introduction to his brand of heart-pumping, lush and elegant, well-whisked blend of soul and pop, with electronic undertones – a la the colourful ‘We’ and the irresistibly hypnotic ‘Illusion’.

Brighton based David Harks return, as promised, with a penultimate release from a series of four singles this summer. ‘Open Arms’ reaches into the realms of Balearic where sermon samples from a 10 year-old Cayman Islands based Preacher wrap suave steel drum melodies, waves of feel good vibes and tempered by halcyon synths and lush storytelling. This elegant, lush and swirling backdrop is at odds with Harks’ strong lyrical message, a somewhat nihilistic love letter declaring, “there is no religion, there will be no answer, put your loving arms around the ones, you want tonight, we could stay together, if we just come closer, I will be your window out through the other side”. For all intents and purposes, ‘Open Arms’ sounds like the embodiment of summertime. It is hard to recall when steel drums made such an intense impression, from the moment they’re introduced, let them take control and whisk you away into the throws of summer vibes.

You can check out ‘Open Arms’ below & if you fancy catching up with his previous work, you can do so here.

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