XMELT – ‘We Won’t Go Back’


Created the day after the verdict of the 2016 US election, ‘We Won’t Go Back’ is a raucous, rock and roll anthem of defiance.

The creators, XMELT (the ‘X’ is silent) are Portland all-female punk trio of Jen Neitzel, Tonya Breaux and Tuesday Teal, who have no problem kicking up a rock and roll storm. Their new single ‘We Won’t Go Back’ represents a feeling of angst and a need to fightback for liberties under present US political administration.This political manifestation is done in the best way possible; with explosive guitar, meaty chords, powerful vocals and wild drums, with a double kick bass drum. Angry, assertive, raspy and pumped, and of course very importantly, rockin’.

XMELT are currently working on their debut LP but for now, ‘We Won’t Go Back’ should satisfy your need for a rock and roll thunderbolt. Tune in below.

Introducing: Miles Dismond


For those of us who fell head over heals for the hazy psychedelia of Lonerism-era Tame Impala, Miles Dismond is a name definitely worth getting acquainted with.

Miles Dismond is a DIY singer/songwriter based out of Berkeley, CA, whose sound lands somewhere between the lo-fi psych-pop of Ariel Pink and hazy psychedelia of early Tame Impala. Having release an 6-track record last year, Dismond has a new album Girl in the Window on the horizon. Latest single, ‘She Doesn’t Care At All’ demonstrates Dismond at his mesmerising best. It is hypnotic from the off, as the track’s title is repeated over washed-out synth, frazzled electronics, fuzzy droning guitar and eerie vocals meeting every melodic turn or rhythmic surge as ‘She Doesn’t Care At All’ spirals into a stunning colourful climax. Previous single ‘She’s In My Head’ continues the proliferation of the spaced-out psych vibes, with an added dose of sunshine and slinking, super smooth groove. A beautiful blend of sunshine vibes, psych tones, fuzz and meandering melodic sensibilities; Miles Dismond is a name to remember.

Listen to ‘She Doesn’t Care At All’ & ‘She’s In My Head’ below, and keep those eyes peeled for details of his forthcoming LP. His previous record is available here.

Slow Skies – ‘Dancing’


Already with a number of EPs under the belt – ‘Silhouette’, ‘Keepsake’ & ‘Close’ – Slow Skies, better known as Irish musician Karen Sheridan, is now set up to release her debut full-length, written in rural Sweden and produced by Ber Quinn (John Grant, Lisa Hannigan, Divine Comedy).

With the album’s lead single ‘Dancing’, we’re served a sumptuous introduction to the forthcoming Slow Skies record. Wonderfully charming, warm but bittersweet, ‘Dancing’ opens with handclaps and gently blossoms into a sumptuous pop song. Swathed in soothing ’60s sounds, syrupy melodies and bursts of joyous brass, combine with a modicum of keys and the richly honeyed melodic purr of Sheridan’s vocal to cast a bewitching spell. There’s a lingering sense of misty-eyed melancholia, which only adds another layer of irresistibly to this exquisite piece of pop perfection.

No confirmed date yet for the forthcoming LP but on the bright side, that allows plenty of time for getting acquainted with ‘Dancing’.

Duncan Lloyd – ‘Heart in Delay’


Probably best known as the guitarist with Maximo Park, Duncan Lloyd is always one to keep his fingers in many pies; busying himself with a variety of side-projects including Decade In Exile, Nano Kino and solo work under his own name.

It is the latter which draws our attention as the other week, Lloyd released new album, I O U O M E. The follow up to 2008’s Seeing Double, warm, scuzzy and cathcy, it is a hooky, fuzz-laden barrel of indie joy. Demonstrating all those attributes (and more) in three-and-a-half-minutes is latest single ‘Heart in Delay’. It is a frenetic and urgent burst of scuzzy, fuzzy guitar pop with grunge-meets-shoegaze tones, with catchy hooks slicing though the sludgy distortion. As always with Lloyd, this is all tempered with an immediate warmth from his hushed vocal which is also permeated with a sense of intimacy, melancholy and understated optimism. Another fine example of what Lloyd is capable of and marvellous intro to the new record, if you have yet to acquaint yourself with it.

You can give ‘Heart in Delay’ the once over below and I O U O M E is out now, and you can listen to it here.


Introducing: Strange Cages


Strange Cages are a Brighton trio who don’t mess about; their sinister, sleazy psych-rock sound is compelling, intense and hypnotic.

Taking parts post-punk, surf rock, garage, krautrock and psychedelia Strange Cages stitch it all together to form a dangerous sounding gritty psych-punk. The Brighton trio are gearing up to release new EP The Cracks, out on June 16, ahead of which come title track and ‘Leader Of A Cult’ to whet the appetite. The latter fully realises their dark sinister tenancies with spine chilling effect. Punchy drums and jangley, off-kilter riffs are smothered with an eerie sense of dark perilous menace, with foreboding vocals adding to the sense of a paranoid nightmare. ‘The Cracks’, still somewhat wonky and weird, pushes infectious guitar riffs, driving drum beats and anthemic roars through a sea of distortion and psychedelic imagination. Two phenomenal tracks, on the back of which, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for the forthcoming EP.

The Cracks EP is out June 16. Listen to ‘The Cracks’ & ‘Leader Of A Cult’ below now.

Introducing: Twinsmith


Twinsmith are an Omaha-based indie outfit with a sunny disposition and a penchant for chilled-out surf pop vibes.

Rising from the ashes of Americana-inspired outfit called Betsy Wells, the current incarnation of Twinsmith – consisting of Jordan Smith (vocals, guitars) and Matt Regner (vocals, guitar, keyboards) drummer Oliver J. Morgan and bassist Bill Sharp – have two albums under their belt with a third due this year. Entitled Stay Cool and penned for release on July 14; ahead of which we’ve been treated to two singles ‘Matters’ and ‘Boji’. A sparkling piece of stellar pop-craft, the former gently wins you over and engulfs your very being, as shimmering guitars mingle with soft but steady beat, hushed, hazy vocals and some lush synths. ‘Boji’ meanwhile, is just as alluring. Led by a soft breeze of instrumentation, this gorgeous track is tender and restful, and imbued with warmth of golden summer glow. A blissful moment of sun-kissed enchantment. Two alluring chill-outs to repeatedly fall in love with.

The band will release their forthcoming album Stay Cool via Saddle Creek on July 14, 2017. For now, sample the delights of ‘Matters’ & ‘Boji’ Below.

Introducing: Blue Movies


Blue Movies is the musical and songwriting pairing of London-based artists Mat Eric Hart and Tom Ball, who have a preference for slow, mellow and relaxing psych-infused indie lullabies.

These beautiful berceuse’s emanate from an enchanting playground of woozy, undulating soothing sounds, that is hauntingly melancholic yet also blissfully hypnotic. The pair’s recently released debut album, Disenchantment, is a treasure trove of such wondrous delights. Lead single ‘Caramel Dreams’ with its slow, ruminating rhythmic development and lush vocals is perfect case in point. The vocals begin to rise, to meet the gorgeous unfolding instrumental soundscape and elegant and melodic guitar work. As with the rest of the record, it is an elegant, captivating and slow brewing dream; juts like the aptly titled ‘Relax’.

Check out ‘Caramel Dreams’ and ‘Relax’ below. Two sublime snippets from the soothing, mellow vibes of Disenchantment.

Violet Days – ‘I’m A Dreamer’


Stockholm-based alternative pop act Violet Days, fronted by singer-songwriter Lina Hansson, has spent 2017 introducing a series of compelling alt-pop gems.

New single, ‘I’m A Dreamer’ is of the same vintage and will take its place on her forthcoming EP. A song about frustration born from having people around you that don’t see things or believe in them the way you do, ‘I’m A Dreamer’ is a pristine piece of alt-pop. Harnessing its persuasive pop powers from a perfect brew of brooding synths, chiming textures and sharp percussion, topped by bright and alluring vocals from Hansson. Catchy a captivating, this is pop done right.

You can listen to ‘I’m A Dreamer’ below. Stay tuned for details of Violet Days’ new EP.


Animal House – ‘Coca Cola’


Some tunes get stuck in your head for days, some are so catchy that they render one powerful to resist and others compel the need for your full and undivided attention – and then there are those that do all three.

Exercising all those powers at once is brand new single from Brighton-based Australian indie-outfit Animal House. Their new single ‘Coca Cola’ is overflowing with addictive elements and woos you with a vibrant blend of jangly melodies and immensely infectious hooks, alongside metronomic beats, a touch of cowbell and a hugely addictive refrain. It is a bright, bouncy and unbelievably catchy song, that’s impossible not to love.

‘Coca Cola’ is taken from the band’s new EP Hot Bodies, due for release on June 9th. It follows their debut EP, which already received significant praise on its release last year.

Listen to ‘Coca Cola’ now:

Introducing: Francobollo


London-based Swedes Francobollo care little for labels or genres, and appear fearless in their quest to create songs which blend, morph and encompass styles by the bucket load.

Part indie, part glam, part electronic, part psych, prog and post-punk – and a whole lot brilliant – their debut album ‘Long Live Life’, out July 14, promises to be quite an adventure. Preceding it’s release is ‘Worried Times'; an irresistibly catchy psych-infused guitar jam. Buoyant pop melodies and light easy-on-the ear vocals are juxtaposed with wailing guitars, burning basslines and pounding drums that explode into periodic bursts of energy and screeching vocals. Previous single ‘Wonderful’ of a similarly irresistible and experimental lucky bag in nature; albeit with a much slower pace and swaying melody.

Francobollo’s debut album ‘Long Live Life’, is out July 14, via Square Leg Records. Ahead of that, please check out ‘Worried Times’ & ‘Wonderful’ below.