Cellophane Sam – ‘The Gang’s All Here’


‘The Gang’s All Here’ is a new single by LA-based singer, songwriter Cellophane Sam aka Brian Saude.

Hailing from the deserts on the outskirts of LA, he grew up fairly isolated and finds his songwriting takes shape from those feelings of loneliness and introspection experienced through his childhood.

‘The Gang’s All Here’ is an enchanting and whimsical good old fashioned pop song, with a a 60’s vibe, filled with sinuous melodies and swooning arrangements. Ambling along, at its own unhurried pace, conjuring up visions of trekking way out west, it is a tender and lovable tune, packed with a heart wrenching emotional weight, with Saude’s vocal bringing life to these emotions. A charming and delightful easy-on-the-ear treat, Saude has an undeniable talent for crafting pop gems, and it is on full view for all willing to pay attention.

‘The Gang’s All Here’ is a sublime slice of classic popcraft. Tune in below:

Moon By Moon – ‘Apple of My Eye’


Moon By Moon are a four-piece indie band from Baltimore in the US whose multifarious concoction of charming, sprightly indie-pop hits the sweet spot between the two.

The foursome’s latest single ‘Apple of My Eye’ is a short and sweet pop nugget. Clocking in at just 1:46, it doesn’t hang around as it whizzes and fizzes by with addicting skuzzed-up guitar/riffs, delightful fuzz, mesmerising smiley melodies and snappy percussion. Infectious doesn’t even cover the half of it; this is charming indie-pop perfection – one to be treasured and enjoyed, no doubt about it!

Check out ‘Apple of My Eye’ below and if that’s to your liking, there is more where that came from over here.

Dead Sullivan – ‘Swallow’


Dead Sullivan is the project of Denton, Texas resident Boone Patrello, who has been self-releasing lo-fi pop songs since 2015.

Patrello has a new Dead Sullivan album, titled Season, coming out later this summer but ahead of all that, we’ve been provided with a short and sweet introduction to what we can expect, in the form of ‘Swallow’. It is a slumbering, atmospheric delight as a gauzy guitar and soft percussion coalesce, swirling around Patrello’s gentle, semi-audible whispered vocals. It is the vocals which lend the track its doleful, melancholic air but perked up with the combined swelling mass of laid-back, meandering sparkled groove. Short and sweet it may be but in fairness, there’s quite a lot to crammed into a minute and a half nonetheless, and most importantly of all; it works and ever so well.

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to ‘Swallow’ below.

Swine Tax – ‘Never Ending’


Newcastle-upon-Tyne, DIY trio Swine Tax do a fine line in the way of classic indie/alternative inspired sounds.

While there’s no denying the trace some well worn ground, the execution is excellent; done with flair, style and much love. Their latest single ‘Never Ending’ is a case in point. Probably best summed up as a bit indie, a bit alternative rock and a bit rough around the edges – ‘Never Ending’ is a powerful rendition! Opening with some beautifully wistful posturings, lulling you in alongside an irresistible combination of catchy melodies, smart lyrics, crunchy guitar and bubbling bass, and played with energy, passion and treated with a mild but warm layer fuzz. Bubbling away in a land of sheer ’90s alt-rock/indie glory, ‘Never Ending’ is a rousing, boisterous and brilliant blast of fuzz-filled greatness.

Listen to ‘Never Ending’ below now:

Galants – ‘In Vein’


Dublin shoegaze foursome, Galants marked their return with the release of new single ‘In Vain’, last month.

The track, out via Zen Ten Records, is the first to be taken from forthcoming EP ‘Follow’, set for release in the Autumn. Sonically speaking, it’s the distillation of parts The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Chameleons and Ride; a pretty tasty concoction if there ever was one. ‘In Vain’ whooshes by in a sea of hazy, mild distortion. Ethereal guitars soar, basslines snap and beats pulsate as lush melodies swell all around adding another layer of sweetness and warmth, accentuated by Kennedy‘s tender, reverb laden vocals. An elegant five-minute exploration of bright and shimmering worlds of ‘90s indie rock, shoegaze and dream pop filled with blissful sunshine, youthful yearning and glistening guitar lines.

Listen to ‘In Vein’ below: