Patatwawa – ‘Wires’


UK trio Patawawa spent the past 18 months or so carving out a rep for sublime, sassy and infectious, disco-infused charmers – and they are signing off on 2018 in similar fashion.

It’s been a good year for the trio and Patawawa are ending on a high with floorfiller ‘Wires’. Armed with colossal four-on-the-floor beats, bouncing disco synths, bustling beats, funky organ and horns, ‘Wires’ brings the party vibes. Highly infectious and unequivocally danceable, it radiates an air of unquestionable coolness as it swaggers on a funky bassline and buoyant melody. And last but certainly not least, lead singer, Beth Garrett’s melodious vocal glides effortlessly over this solid disco groove. With a string of infectious, danceable disco groovers behind them already, hopefully we are hearing more of the same in the new year – and perhaps an album beckons for Patawawa?

Listen to ‘Wires’ below:

Bels Lontano – ‘At the Horizon’


Bels Lontano AKA composer/producer Bret Bohman is an electronic music project from the US.

Taking his inspiration from a wide variety of musical and non-musical sources – love, anxiety, beats and ambience – the project explores concepts of liminal spaces, natural beauty, therapy and personal growth. A steady bass thump and crunchy beats carve a way through the ambient atmospheric soundscape and silky melody. Glistening strings mingle with glitchy sounds and a winding intensity as elegance co-exists with a foreboding sense of mild eeriness lurking in the background. A rich sonic creation, it finds a sweet spot between beauty and terror, and downtempo ambient sounds and chugging intensity of techno. Magnificent!

Listen to ‘At the Horizon’ below and it is but one facet of his forthcoming EP Kind Decade.

Pines – ‘Glisten’


Aussie duo Pines – aka Adam Dormand and James Kenneally – hone a fusion of blissful relaxation and lush electronic sounds.

The Adelaide pair’s latest single is the aptly named ‘Glisten’ and will take its place on Pines debut record, which is due sometime in the new year. Inspired by a high-speed journey train across Germany in 2017, providing the perfect explanation for its ebb and flow, as it draws you in with magnetism before fully enveloping you in its blissful creation. A subtle melody is joined by pitched vocal chops as a delicate arpeggio creates suspense and teases the space for a flurry of swirling synths, hard-hitting beats and delicate vocal to breathe, and create a beautiful sense of euphoria. Precise, pristine and enthralling – it ekes out a space where colour and warmth can coexist with a glacial but imperious ambience.

Listen to ‘Glisten’ below – and keep an eye (and ear) out for Pines’ debut in the new year.

Ducks! – ‘Pinprick In’


Formed in 2014, Ducks! are the Berlin-based Australian pairing of Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan who employ all manner of wizardry to bring about their spacey synth-disco.

Their latest single ‘Pinprick In’ is the third song released from Ducks!’ forthcoming album, the duo’s third LP and expected in early 2019. A slick, slinky groover, crisp, neon beats and reverberating bass blast a path through the glittering phasing synth, sizzling percussion and heavenly vocals as ‘Pinprick In’ oscillates onto the dancefloor and beyond. A tantalizingly marvel, ‘Pinprick In’ is a slinky, hazy and hedonistic indie disco adventure so strap in, Ducks!’ sizzling, spacey synth-disco is one hell of a ride!

Check out the beautifully crafted interstellar disco sounds of ‘Pinprick In’ below:

SHIELDS – ‘I Already Know’


Newcastle-based five-piece SHIELDS are all about the groove with their latest single ‘I Already Know’.

Lifted from their forthcoming Etemenanki EP – follow up to their debut LP How Can We Fix – This? – ‘I Already Know’ is upbeat, catchy, rhythm-heavy indie-music-to-dance-to. SHIELDS blend punchy rhythms, infectious hooks and crunchy beats into their own flaring disco-lite grooving indie electro. Whirring guitars find space between the ravey tones, cowbell and crunchy funky beat as the light falsetto vocal harmonies hover above to complete this upbeat, infectious and grooving floor-filler. Ride a tide of high energy and infectious colourful sounds by letting ‘I Already Know’ into your life – and you will be all the better for it.

Listen to ‘I Already Know’ below:


Dioscó na mBó – ‘Tea Song’


Sligo natives Dioscó na mBó have been turning heads and filling floors with their insanely catchy, extremely addictive and pretty brilliant mix of funky, disco inspired electronic jams for a while now.

In short, the pair, now based between Dubai and Madrid, make music designed and destined to make people dance. ‘Tea Song’ strides into view, strutting its funky wares like a beautiful love child of Mr Scruff and Public Service Broadcasting. Skipping along a contagious groove, arm in arm with big banging beats, exquisite electronic flourishes cascade and delight as ‘Tea Song’ utilises some old-time, PSB style samples explaining the secrets behind a perfect cup of tea. An astonishingly infectious and flamboyant big beat beauty – without sounding hyperbolic, this is one of the best tunes from 2018.

Listen to ‘Tea Song’ below and make up you own mind – also, heed the message, if you can make a decent cup of tea, you will go far in Ireland.

Klangplanet – ‘Eternity’


German producer KLANGPLANET – aka Frieder Mollat – is probably the most frequently featured artist on the blog over the past 12 – 18 months – and why not?

To date, Mollat has been a reliable source of nocturnal, brooding house-inspired wizardry, while more recent single ‘Stars’ offered a slightly different flavour of bubbling positivity set to a glistening backdrop. ‘Eternity’ represents a crossover point, a melding of the two if you will; taking his preference for late-night electronic ambiance and treating it with layers of playful shimmering synths and bouncy beats with some elegant, crystalline vocals adding some more nocturnal chill.

You can check out KLANGPLANET’s latest below & the debut album is available here.