Playlist #5

This is fast becoming a lazy list of tracks I can’t be arsed or don’t get round to posting during the week, anyway, don’t let that distract from the tunes on offer this week.

Most of this weeks selection need little introduction. M.I.A returns with a cracking electro punk vibe and Holy Ghost! has remixed the shit outta LCD Soundsytem’s ‘Drunk Girls’. It strangely reminds me of The Undertones, think it’s the backing vocal harmonies or perhaps I’m losing it anway I’m looking forward to the new album. 2 more mixes for your aural pleasure; a thumping rework of Boy-8-Bit and more graphical references with the 16Bit Remix of Skism, simply awesome Dubstep! Last but not least is The Cast of Cheers ‘Tigerfox’, certainly one of the best rock bands in Ireland without doubt, they absolutely blew me away at only their second live gig, not to be missed.

Mp3: Skism – The Blank (16Bit Remix)

Mp3: Boy 8-Bit – Wolfen (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)

Mp3: LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix)

Mp3: M.I.A – Born Free

Mp3: The Cast of Cheers – Tigerfox

IELB Get on Down

A shameless bit of plugging here today for one of my favourite online haunts, Irish Election Literature Blog, a pretty amazing archive resource of Irish political leaflets from way back when to the present day. It’s got plenty of stuff for any of you interested in politics or design but there are piles of hilarious ones too, remember Clifford T Reid’s Euro Campaign?

It’s a blog that I’m delighted to say I have been donating some stuff to lately, it’s definitely worth checking out and if any of you have old election materials lying around send them on.

Elections? Sure it’s always the same result.

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

New: Interpol ‘Lights’

While I’ve never been a huge fan of Interpol they’ve had some outstanding moments, if I’m honest I’ve only ever given them a fleeting glance, however new tune ‘Lights’ has grabbed my full attention! Interpol were always a little to dower for me, something has changed, perhaps the near apocalyptic collapse of capitalism is taking its toll on me because they’ve not cheered up one iota, still dark, moody and enigmatic.

The new track was released via their site and while epic is definitely a term over used it’s the only way of describing this, more of the same please.

Mp3: Interpol – Lights

Bonus points (or iota’s) for the name of the awful Irish game show that introduced this word to an unsuspecting generation.

Video: The Like – He’s Not A Boy

Got some sweet sixties sentiments from The Like dropped in my inbox today which is no harm at all. It’s nice, cheerful, inoffensive stuff from the 60’s pop ilk, some similarities with Candie Payne but more upbeat, probably down to Mark Ronson recording both of them.

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‘He’s Not A Boy’ is released on 31st May on 7” Vinyl (Limited to 500 copies) & download

New: Roots Manuva ‘Snake Bite’

Roots Manuva has been away for a while, his last record, Slime & Reason, came out nearly two years ago now. Since then he’s been doing various things, playing a stomping set at Electric Picnic,  teaming up with Toddla T on his super debut album, coincidently or not it turns out Toddla T is the producer on ‘Snake Bite’ which was released via Twitter.

No word on any serious touring or an album yet but this will suffice for now.