Black Manila – ‘June 95′

South London trio Black Manila are soon to release their debut single ‘June 95′. Strange that, considering the quality of their earlier slew of free downloads.

little has changed thankfully, as they continue their quest, resurrecting the licks, dirty guitar riffs and gravelly tones of garage rock bands of old. ‘June 95′ sees gravel-pit vocals from Gareth ‘Sun King’ Hoskins backed by a pretty formidable rhythm section. It’s hard to deny those heavy guitar riffs and that energetic drumming some love. ‘Tap Dance to the Hangman’ is a little more of a dander, than a sprint, but packed with just as much swagger as it’s counterpart.

‘June 95′ will be released on December 10th through Fatal Justice Records. Check ’em both below.

Fiedel – ‘Andreas’

One half of Berlin-based duo MMM, Fiedel along with Erik Wiegand having been making unashamedly brash, straight forward and to the point electronic music for close to two decade now.

Fiedel is launching a new label, Fiedelone, as you might expect, with a new 12″ single of his own new solo productions. ‘Andreas’ is one of the tracks from this first foray. Built around an incessantly repeating synth line going over and over, ever building toward the end. In other lands this could quite easily enter the realms of annoying, but thankfully Fiedel is a dab hand at this sort of thing. ‘Andreas’ is unlikely to win over new fans, but who cares about that? 

Teleman – Cristina

Sadly it would seem Pete & The Pirates are no more, although there has been no confirmation from the band but it looks pretty ominous.

Out of the ashes however comes Teleman, made up of former pirate trio; Thomas Sanders, Jonny Sanders and Pete Cattermoul. ‘Cristina’ is the curtain raiser of this new project, a simplistic slice of blissful pop with Thomas Sanders distinctive and bittersweet vocals at the centre, drawing you in bit by bit. A wonderful hazy introduction to this new venture.

‘Cristina’ will be accompanied by ‘In Your Fur’ for Teleman’s debut release, which will be part of the new Moshi Moshi Singles Club; it comes out on January 14th.

Lindstrøm – Råkost (Miaoux Miaoux Remix)

In case you missed it last week, Miaoux Miaoux was my pick in Nialler9’s excellent ‘40 of the best new artists of 2012‘.

The 26-year-old Glasgow based producer (real name Julian Corrie) impressed ever so much this year, releasing his first album proper, Light of the North. Prior to this Miaoux Miaoux had already proven quite the card, having been knocking out tunes as a remixer and producer for a few years now. As if to remind us of his capability as a remixer, Miaoux Miaoux dropped his reworking of Lindstrøm’s ‘Råkost’ just last week. No surprises, it’s a luscious seven and a half minutes spacey and uplifting electronica. 

You can give both Miaoux Miaoux’s remix and Lindstrøm’s original below. No excuses now.

Cold Blood EP – Cold Blood (Hannes Fischer Edit)

Berlin based producer Hannes Fischer, for whom I know very little about, has recently released an unofficial promo for the German flickCold Blood‘.

‘Cold Blood EP – Cold Blood (Hannes Fischer Edit)’ sees Fischer editing the movie’s title track, taking a sample from a “country song” to create a relaxing downbeat deep house track, with a captivating, head-nodding quality. The track requires very little explanation, just give it a listen below and you’ll get the picture.

You can download it gratis below too.