Attaque – Flow EP

Colchester producer Attaque already produced one of the most scintillating electronic albums of the year with When Light Falls, comprised of ten heads-down, brain-crumpling kinetic electro powerhouses.

Not content with that accolade his brand new EP, Flow, comes hot on the heels of his debut album. While the new EP is not as dark or sinister as what we’ve heard before, both ‘Flow’ and ‘Motion’ are typical Attaque straight-edged techno tunes. The real surprise (a welcome one at that) is second track ‘Envelopes’. It sees him venture into slightly more ‘house’ territory, blending it with his unique style of techno which works remarkably well.

Prolific or what? Check ‘Envelopes’ out below or buy Flow here.

Cloud Nothings – Live @ the Grog Shop (Free 5 Track EP)

Cloud Nothings‘ latest album Attack On Memory has been on of one of the best records of 2012, personally speaking of course. It is a heavyweight and rather muscular record of post-rock, indie, post-punk and pure unadulterated noise. Not quite first thing in the morning material but a terrific album nonetheless. 

The band are offering a free download of five songs recorded live on April 5 at the Grog Shop, a venue in the band’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Just pop over to Pitchfork enter your email address to grab your free copy of Live @ the Grog Shop. It really is fantastic and captures the sound and energy of a band on top of their game, and the essence of why they’ve won me over this year.

The full Grog Shop performance will be released on vinyl-only on July 30th through Wichita and is limited to just 500 copies.

(Video) Candice Gordon | Smoking Like the Barrel of a Gun

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Candice Gordon is back with a brand new video for her latest single ‘Smoking Like The Barrel of a Gun’.

So, we’ve heard the track before but now we have the full sensory experience thanks to this Christian Koll directed video. The South African born, Irish songstress kicks up a hell of a storm, shrieking through an incredible explosion of stomping drumbeats and dirty rockin’ riffs, with more than a fair share of attitude and swagger. 

‘Smoking like the Barrel of a Gun’ is out July 9th via Fauna Records.

Y Niwl – Y Niwl 4

North Wales quartet Y Niwl have returned with a brand new EP filled with instrumental psychedelic surf rock sounds.

The EP, Y Niwl 4, like their self-titled debut album, sounds more like a lost classic from a bygone era than an album recorded an produced in the 21st century. Y Niwl do so while sounding endearingly authentic, carving their own modern day niche with excellently arranged, twangy, breezy and bright instrumental psychedelic surf rock sounds. They have capture the essence, innocence, energy and fun of surf without ever sounding like tame re-hash merchants.

This is a very pure sound. Sit back, relax, switch off and enjoy the timeless, warm and wonderful carefree sounds of Y Niwl. You can stream/buy the EP here.

Introducing: Lethal Dialect

Dublin rapper Lethal Dialect was one of the most impressive performers at Camden Crawl Dublin back in May. Composed, confident and intelligent, there is no bullshit bravado here, just great rap tunes.

Guru once said “It’s mostly tha voice, that gets you up. It’s mostly tha voice, that makes you buck. A lot of rappers got flavor, and some got skills. But if your voice ain’t dope then you need to [chill… chill… ]”. Why mention this? Because Lethal Dialect’s greatest asset is his voice, sailing above beats and samples he utilises every breath to sound his honest and truthful messages.

LD paints an all too realistic depiction of life in Dublin, delving into a whole raft of topics and issues others tend to refrain from. Often cool, calm, sometimes agitated and angry but always passionate. a refreshing and thought-provoking new voice, not only for Irish hip-hop but Irish music in general.

The first two installments of the LD50 trilogy are now available for free download here.