Roosle – ‘Slowly, Surely’

Roosle is a US producer with a preference for lush, laid-back lo-fi lullabies.

Born from a desire to craft a modern lullaby for Roosle’s newborn daughter, latest single ‘Slowly, Surely’ is divine. It is lush and alluring as it gently flows over a seductive groove and soft beats and hushed, hazy atmosphere, twinkling keys and gushing synths. ‘Slowly, Surely’ is sweet, charming and gentle, lulling you into a blissful state of tranquillity by virtue of it’s warm, cosy and supremely mellow atmosphere. You are unlikely to hear anything close to as beautiful, blissful and downright seductive for a very long time.

‘Slowly, Surely’ is out now – tune in below: 

Mjiri – ‘Stamp City’

Mjiri is the moniker of London-based British-Nigerian producer, performer and educator Mel Uye-Parker.

Uye-Parker has been making music for over 15 years – as a vocalist and writer, working with the likes of Rae & Christian and Yesking – but more recently, under the moniker of Mjiri as explored a flair for stunning sonic distillations that transfix and captivate. Latest single ‘Stamp City’ is a dancefloor ready banger. It is bright, transfixing and utterly addicting as sputtering and choppy electronics and burbling synthesizers are stitched together with acid squelches, house basslines, winding techno and ravey tones. The stuttering beats are delivered with clinical precision as we are utterly captivated by this marriage acid/house/techno which, as it goes, will get your body grooving (and no doubt dancefloors moving).

Listen to ‘Stamp City’ below:

Vertigo Inc.- ‘The Not Now’

Vertigo Inc. is the moniker of Canadian producer Leon Louder who, under this guise, brews lush and alluring House/Disco sounds get lost in.

Latest single ‘The Not Now’ is one such sonic brew. A spellbinding example of his prowess, it is a captivating composition that introduces itself softly, with an ambient spell flowing seamlessly over seductive grooves and lush dreamy synth. It is hypnotising as warm bubbly base line, twinkling keys and soft, pillowy and pattering beats peak through the atmospheric warmth. A lush, elegant and utterly bewitching single – this is the best thing you are likely to hear today, if not all week.

Listen to ‘The Not Now’ below now. The full EP is here too.

Ed Han – ‘Blissful Tranquility’

Ed Han is a musician and producer hailing from Los Angeles with a preference for atmospheric, downtempo excursions.

Ed Han’s latest single ‘Blissful Tranquillity’ exemplifies his approach and does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a warm, cinematic, and ambient track which drifts by with minimalist sensibilities amid rich textures and atmospheric haze leaving us in a place of relaxing stasis. ‘Blissful Tranquillity’ is ethereal and beautiful as it swells with emotion and blissful joy. An utterly stunning composition.

Listen to ‘Blissful Tranquillity’ below:

Pale Honey – ‘Set me Free’

Swedish outfit Pale Honey have released a brand new single ‘Set me Free’, the first new material from the band since 2017 album Devotion.

The single is accompanied with news of a forthcoming third album, to be released in February 2020 on Bolero Recordings. While still centred around the dual talents of Tuva Lodmark & Nelly Daltrey, ‘Set me Free’ embarks upon new groovier territory while maintaining a very nice balance between dancey electro-pop and alternative rock. A melancholic yet groove-laden track, the icy stare, meaty riffs and chugging intensity that marked their previous work remains while a lighter, feelgood 90s electronica vibes are subtly blended to take the edge off. It is a wonderfully evocative and seductive track, and one that ekes out a perfect balance between light and dark, harsh and soft – and importantly, looks promising for their third record that awaits in 2020.

Listen to ‘Set me Free’ below: 

Sorcha Richardson – ‘Honey’

Photo Credit: Cáit Fahey

NYC-based Irish artist Sorcha Richardson will release her long-awaited and much anticipated debut album First Prize Bravery on November 8th. 

Along with this exciting news comes powerful new single ‘Honey’. This deftly crafted, beautiful and intimate piano-driven tune follows Richardson’s charming and infectious reverb-soaked single ‘Don’t Talk About It’, released earlier in the summer. ‘Honey’ is a two minute pensive ballad of elegant piano playing and heart-strung vocals delivering an intense and truly captivating sound. Richardson has treated us to a pretty flawless and steady stream of superb singles over the past few years and ‘Honey’ is up there with the best of them; this is Richardson at her most intimate and moving.

You can listen to ‘Honey’ below – First Prize Bravery is out on November 8th.

Slim Tin Fox – ‘Molly (Tapetown Remix)’

A Brazilian, an Italian, an American, and an Irishman walk into a bar in Dublin…. and the result,  Slim Tin Fox.

Formerly operating under the guise of Chutes Too Narrow, Slim Tin Fox take a dash of indie, rock, blues, folk, post-punk and punk, and throw them in  the mixer, with thrilling results.  Their latest single ‘Molly (Tapetown Remix)’ is a suitably short, sharp blast of no nonsense rock ‘n’ roll. Delivered with ample swagger, it is a brash and muscular racket ushered onward by a stampede of drum beats, meaty riffs and guitars, feedback and raucous vocals. It is no nonsense spiky indie-rock with an innate ability for a hook tune – quite reminiscent of early days Milburn or Arctic Monkeys too – it’s feverish guitar shredding is infectious and of course, makes for a hell of thrilling tune.

Listen to ‘Molly (Tapetown Remix)’ below – and keep an eye out for forthcoming singles too:

Moonlight Breakfast – ‘Dance Moves’

We featured Vienna-based Romanian disco lovers Moonlight Breakfast back in May when they released their third LP Affection; a personal, bold, and seductive slice of dreamy, cosmic pop.

From their home away from home, this trio cultivate a distinctive groovy disco-pop sound, and by way of an example of their effervescent, synthy disco ways, get acquainted with ‘Dance Moves’. Tempered by a breezy atmosphere and ethereal ambience, ‘Dance Moves’ moves along a deep irresistible groove, funk-filled bass and colourful beats, this deliciously vibrant, sparkling slice of cosmic disco struts its way onto the dance floor, leaving you hypnotised and compelled to follow. Skipping softly over a gentle alluring groove, protruded by bubbling synths and flecks of electronics, a lush and dreamy world of cosmic electronica manifests itself. Amid this utterly beautiful soundscape, another alluring layer of bewitching beauty is provided by the heavenly, hushed and ever so melodic vocal.

Tune into ‘Dance Moves’ and video below – a serious tune!

Thoma – ‘Union’

Thoma are the musical duo comprising of Tristan de Liége and Ben Hill from Oklahoma City, but based in Mexico City and Los Angeles.

Drawing from a broad pool of experimental electronica influences, their sound is one of exquisite elegance, rich textures and chilled vibes. Lifted from their forthcoming album (out via Loci Records), gorgeous new single ‘Union’ beautifully outlines what Thoma are all about. Oscillating between ebullience for chilly rhythms, ‘Union’ is transfixing and hypnotic as clanging notes, crisp beats and glistening synths combine with a blissful air leave you powerless to its spell. Precise, pristine and enthralling – it ekes out a space where colour and warmth can coexist with a glacial but imperious ambience.

The new album Salt Spring will be released on November 15, for now, check out ‘Union’.

Wigwam – ‘Rhyddid’

Wigwam are a Cardiff-based outfit with a flair for bright, upbeat and eminently catchy garage indebted indie-pop.

Formed in 2017, they released their debut album ‘Coelcerth’ last year and they are back with a new single ‘Rhyddid’. It is a bright, upbeat and utterly loveable tune of plucky guitars, playful riffs and energetic rhythm. It is big on hooks and melodic allure, as ‘Rhyddid’ bounces around with swaggering carefree abandon as sweet and melodic vocals dance above; like it’s title, the vocals are in their native Welsh which aside from being delightful on the ear, also provides a further distinctive character. An utterly loveable blast of charming, infectious and bright guitar that will leave you all the better for getting acquainted.

Listen to ‘Rhyddid’ below: