LocalBlac – ‘Five9’

LocalBlac aka Travon D. Bryant is a rapper and hip hop artist from Los Angeles, who’s latest single ‘Five9’ brings all the smooth, soulful and funky vibes that you need in your life.

LocalBlac has deft ear for rhythm, and knowing how to harness its power and allowing space for it to enhance the potency of his lyrical prowess – patently obvious from but a few seconds of his new jam. It swaggers slowly along a seductive groove as lyrics are delivered unhurried, unworried and in his own time backed by bombastic beats, funky riffs and blasts of brass and soulful vocals. A bonanza of head-nodding, rump-shaking and swaggering grooves, ‘Five9’ gets inside your head and refuses to leave; but hey, you’ll be all the better for it.

Get introduced to LocalBlac and ‘Five9’ below now.

Introducing: The Black O.C.

The Black O.C. are a hip hop trio born and raised in So Cal who live “in the black” but have their eyes wide open to the world as they smash stereotypes.

The trio have recently released a new record Legacy, Vol. 1.5; a wonderful introduction to The Black O.C. and their hip hop alchemy. This wizardry is demonstrated with abundance on tracks  ‘Legacy’ & ‘Wake Up’. ‘Legacy’ is mellow but certainly not placid. It is seductively melodic while marked by an undercurrent of threat and subversion woozy synth flutter and bass wobble over a softly swaggering groove while sharp lyrics are delivered with the sort of authority that makes you listen up. ‘Wake Up’ meanwhile, takes the aforementioned attributes and ups the ante; it is darker, heavier and harder. The deep bassline and shuffling dusty beats provide the meat for this swaggering, groove heavy jam as powerful interlaced wordplay wizardry zips along above. Two focused, no nonsense cuts of pinpoint lyrical sharpness and seductive grooves – a match made in heaven.

Listen to ‘Legacy’ & ‘Wake Up’ below – and Legacy, Vol. 1.5 is here for your aural pleasure.

Clockwork – ‘Evergreen Weather’

Clockwork is an emerging hip hop artist from Britain’s south coast; heavily influenced by 90’s US hip hop & U.K. grime scene, his sound is a blend of slick and intricate lyricism and melodic maneuvers.

This predication for 90s hip hop and melodic sensibility is front and centre on his newest single ‘Evergreen Weather’. A third single of 2020, it saunters along a seductive melodic groove basking in a laidback and sunkissed allure. It sees a mellow flow and trickling rhymes paired above warm twinkly chimes and pillowy soft beats amid a feelgood summertime vibe. ‘Evergreen Weather’ is an absolute joy as we’re treated this mellow meander down memory lane as Clockwork’s storytelling skills ooze with heartwarming and warm nostalgia, and all wrapped in warm, sunny and lush vibes – beautiful stuff.

Listen to ‘Evergreen Weather’ below:

Justy – ‘Love Letter, Pt.3’ (feat. Huas)

Justy is an independent musician & singer/songwriter from Staten Island, New York inspired by the likes of J Dilla, Amy Winehouse, NoName, and Lauryn Hill.

Recorded between 2017-2019, debut album Soul Food is a culmination of soul searching, heartbreak, loss, self-awareness, and renewal embodied in a musical composition which captures both the artistic and human growth – a journey that began 10+ years ago when she began writing music at the age of 12. The record is a smooth, soulful and lush blending of hip hop, R&B, soul, jazz and pop, and latest single ‘Love Letter, Pt.3’ (feat. Huas) is very much of the same variety and encapsulates all that Justy has to offer in three minutes. It is a slick, smooth and super soulful marrying of lush hazy tones with seductive grooves. ‘Love Letter, Pt.3′ smoulders with emotion and drips with rich melodies as a gentle languid strum joins dusty beats, distant fading parps of brass amid a dusky air. Amid the woozy vibes and hushed melodic cooing in the back, the composed, smooth and honeyed vocals add a layer of melancholy alongside Huas’ contribution. A stunning intro to both Justy and the new record.

Listen to ‘Love Letter, Pt.3’ (feat. Huas) below:

Fold – ‘Concrete Things’

With every given opportunity, Leeds-based Hip-Hop/Trip Hop outfit Foldhave excelled themselves, and proving to be a more than reliable source of incredible music – two LPs, Fold (2015) & We’re The Ones (2019), and a string of singles and EPS are testament to.

Fold are back with a brand new single ‘Concrete Things’; a tribute to African-American playwright Lorraine Hansberry (the first African-American to have a play performed on Broadway back in 1959). ‘Concrete Things’ comes “in defiance of these dark times…in case it might bring joy to anyone,” and sure we all know a wee bit of joy wouldn’t go amiss right now.Featuring vocal samples of Hansberry, ‘Concrete Things’shuffles along seductive union of infectious funky groove and pillowy soft beats amid a lavish blend of glistening strings, warm brass and smooth, soulful vibes. It is bursting with warmth, richness and joyful vibes and it casts one hell of spell upon our ears. Never afraid to speak their minds, they blend a powerful social consciousness with an enviable creativity to mold something thoroughly powerful, unique and memorable; and the new single is no different – simply magnificent!

You can listen to ‘Concrete Things’ below now. And…. Fold’s  back catalogue comes highly recommend so, if you haven’t done so already, you can check that out here.

Jthurston – ‘Black Sheep’

Jthurston or Jared Thurston is a hip hop artist and rapper from Oakland, CA.

Jthurston has made a name for himself locally as part of the NFK Music Collective (NewFound Kingdom) and in his own right with a recognizable style that switches from all around lyrical rapping to a more harmonizing flavour – a hallmark stamped all over soulful and timeless new single ‘Black Sheep’. It is lush and a super seductive groover that flows majestically along a bubbling bassline head-nodding, shuffling percussion with subtle and melodic instrumental touches. ‘Black Sheep’ oozes all the smooth, soulful and timeless vibes while Jthurston gently reveals his greatest attribute; his voice and melodic delivery.

Such a wonderful & easy on the ear tune – listen to ‘Black Sheep’ below:

Clear Soul Forces – ‘Nine Five’

Detroit hip hop collective, Clear Soul Forces released their fifth and unfortunately final album Forceswithyou on March 13.

Formed in 2009, the hip-hop quartet made their name with a classic combo of head-nodding, shuffling percussion with subtle and melodic instrumental touches – a hallmark stamped all over their final hurrah as they continue to charm us with their swansong ‘Nine Five’. It is melodic, playful and bouncy as hell as as each rapper takes their turn to unleash their own style and cadence, attacking the beat with slick wordplay crammed tight with colourful pop-culture references. The silky wordplay is matched in the hypnotic stakes by seductive, flawless beatwork, colourful bright and glitchy synth sounds, and  bubbling electro -groove, ‘Nine Five’ is an absolute joy, and finding a balance between contemporary creativity and nostalgia.

Tune into ‘Nine Five’ below and if you like what your hear, check out Forceswithyou here.

Nabi Francis ft. Jabariiznatturnup – ‘Avocado’

Themba Mkhatshwa aka Nabi Francis is a record producer, percussionist and songwriter born and raised in Baltimore.

Francis enjoys working with other artist and is a frequent collaborator Solight productions and APH (Always Proper Height) – and for new single ‘Avocado’he’s teamed up with  Jabariiznatturnup. ‘Avocado’ is woozy, warm and dreamy as hushed vocals and rich wordplay melodically tumbles over a lush, alluring groove of pillowy soft beats and seductive synths. A wonderfully entrancing backdrop for this captivating storytelling, sophisticated similes and metaphors, and complex rhymes. Not only a quality emcee, but a skilled vocalist as well, capable of crooning melodic verses as well as well as potent rhymes, all delivered with measured nonchalance that resonates and lets the lyrics seep in.

Check out ‘Avocado’ below – it is marvellous, trust me.

Clear Soul Forces – ‘Chip$’

Detroit hip hop collective, Clear Soul Forces are preparing to release their fifth and unfortunately final album Forceswithyou on March 13.

Formed in 2009, the hip-hop quartet made their name with a classic combo of head-nodding, shuffling percussion with subtle and melodic instrumental touches. Ahead of their final hurrah, they have shared hypnotising and bouncy lead single ‘Chip$’ to whet our appetites. Clear Soul Forces hit the ground running as each rapper unleashes his own style and cadence, attacking the beat with slick wordplay crammed tight with colourful pop-culture references. Like most of their work, ‘Chip$’ finds a balance between contemporary creativity and nostalgia – it is irresistible, and will have you coming back for repeated listens. A slick, hypnotic and perfectly executed introduction to the new record.

Listen to ‘Chip$’ below and keep an eye out for Forceswithyou when it is released on March 13.

Daddy Who – ‘Milky Way’

Daddy Who is a German beatmaker and producer with a flair for instrumental hip hop & lo-fi sounds.

Taking inspiration from producers such as Madlib, J-Dilla, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder & Daringer, ’90s era hip hop looms rather large here but his skills, personality and ear for melody shine through to forge his own sound. This alchemy is demonstrated with abundance on ‘Milky Way’, the lead single lifted from his latest LP Who Is Who, released a mere two weeks ago. ‘Milky Way’ is a hypnotising bout of production wizardry, with plenty of swagger, strut and funky allure. Introduced by a slew of old-time vocal samples, the deep bassline and dusty beats provide the meat for this swaggering, groove heavy jam. This swagger through a dusty haze is illuminated by cascading 8-bit style glitchy electronics and dripping melody – hypnotising instrumental hip hop of the highest calibre.

Check out  ‘Milky Way’ below and if that is to your liking, check out Who Is Who here.