BarryGruff’s March 2015 Playlist


A regular monthly feature to the blog; a nice, neat and handy playlist of tracks featured during the month.

It was a pretty big month for the blog to be fair. We celebrated 5 years of BarryGruff with GruffWuff; a 19 track compilation of new, previously unreleased and exclusive recordings from some of my very favourite acts over the past 5 years of blogging. If somehow you missed all the hoo-ha about ‘GruffWuff’, there’s more info here & you can download / stream it here: Bandcamp / Soundcloud.

Aside from this rather significant milestone, there was the return of Tame Impala, Applescal, Crocodiles and Cian Ciaran with new tracks ahead of their respective albums, and new singles from Teleman, Telegram, Girls Names, Tandem Felix, The Dead Heavys, CaStLeS and Spies. Also featuring on the playlist are: Django Django, Ulrika Spacek, By The Sea, Hippies Vs Ghosts and O Emperor.

Listen to BarryGruff`s March 2015 playlist below. The track listing is after the jump:


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Teleman – ‘Strange Combinations’


Speedy Wunderground is a singles label where each release has been written and recorded in 24 hours, coordinated by Dan Carey, previous releases have included TOY, Telegram, Kate Tempest and many more.

For their 11th release, they’ve got a great single from London band Teleman, ‘Strange Combinations’, their first new material since the band’s sublime 2014 debut album Breakfast. Out on April 6th as a one-off limited 7”, ‘Strange Combinations’ is a three-minute slice of propulsive rhythms, funky synth work and Tom Sanders’ echoing vocals soaring over the top of an unmistakeable Teleman sweet spot between pop and indie. In many ways it sounds like a cross between Hot Chip and Metronomy; with a hefty dose of Teleman’s recognizable beautiful sweeping guitar-pop, psych textures and splendid crystalline pop sensibilities. Utterly magnificent!

Accompanied by a Dan Carey dub rework, you can stream both sides of ‘Strange Combinations’ below ahead of its release on April 6th.

Girls Names – ‘Zero Triptych’


Irish post-punk outfit Girls Names are back with their first new material since their sublime 2013 LP, The Next Life.

The Belfast quartet’s latest offering, entitled ‘Zero Triptych'; is a spectacular and engrossing eleven-minute return. The whirring post-punk feel of The New Life remains central to their approach, as it opens with an eerie sense of foreboding before settling into it’s spiralling guitar work. Ushered onward by a propulsive rhythm as it blasts through meticulously crafted swells of guitar, electronic fuzz and atmospheric vocals. ‘Zero Triptych’ is an utterly sensational return from Girls Names and not too dissimilar to Toy at the peak of their prowess. Mere words don’t do it justice. Nothing yet of a new album but ‘Zero Triptych’ is released on 12-inch vinyl on May 11th via Tough Love.

Listen to ‘Zero Triptych’ below and pre-order the single here.

The Rifles – ‘Peace & Quiet’ + Re-Release Debut LP ‘No Love Lost’


The Rifles are set to re-release their debut No Love Lost, to mark and celebrate ten years of the band. The deluxe edition will be released May 4th on Cooking Vinyl and re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios, it comes with all the usual bells and whistles associated with a release; B-sides and unreleased bonus material from studio sessions.

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly an era or generation defining record but hey, No Love Lost was, and remains a pretty damn fine record. ‘Peace & Quiet’ is testament to the album’s quality and the band’s signature Mod revivalist sound. Upbeat and up-tempo, combining a whirlwind of punchy vocals, guitar swaying twangynes and sing-a-long choruses. The Rifles have after all proven to have a knack for bashing out catchy as hell tunes. The past decade has spawned four Rifles’ albums – debut No Love Lost was an introduction the quartet’s aforementioned style, follow up The Great Escape did much the same while 2011’s Freedom Run shifted towards more grandiose, orchestral pop in places and None The Wiser saw a resurrection of their early sound, energy and enthusiasm. It’s been far from plain sailing, having to overcome financial problems, rows with banks and enforced line-up changes. Yet a decade on, The Rifles are still with us, outliving many of the 2006 vintage who are long since gone. A fine band and an equally splendid record.

You can purchase the album here and The Rifles have a few celebratory live dates too, check ’em here.

CaStLeS – ‘Ar Agor’ & ‘Argau’


CaStLeS are a three-piece band from North Wales. We//Are//Animal brothers Cynyr and Dion Hamer switch instruments and are joined by Calvin Thomas to complete the trio.

Performed in both English and Welsh, their music is an engrossing infusion of psychedelic rock, blues and potentially dancey grooves. The songs take inspiration from theie studio’s surrounding wilderness, which sits high up in the hills overlooking two castles. Early 2015 has seen the North Walian trio drip feeding singles, which combined, will form the bones of their forthcoming debut EP, PartDepart. The latest of which are ‘Ar Agor’ and ‘Argau’. From the irrefutably infectious reverb soaked melodies and jerking riffs of ‘Ar Agor’ to the organic meandering earthiness, infused with some shimmering jangly moments of ‘Argau’, and rounded off perfectly with a unique peculiarity and some melodious lilting North Wales vocals – both could be said to be instilled with the very essence of CaStLeS. Not only is it a joy-filled listening experience but it also reaffirms the musicality of the Welsh language, and the fact that music really does transcend language barriers.

There is no confirmed date for their PartDepart EP as yet but, all three CaStLeS’ singles are yours if you head over to bandcamp and ‘name your price’.