Saguru – ‘Semantic Death’


Saguru is the musical moniker of 22-year old German musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Chriz Rappel.

Rapple began writing music from the age of 11, honing a sound that is heavily indebted to that of Alex Turner’s solo work in particular which, under the Saguru guise, stepped out into the world in 2016. While he’s got quite a few releases already under his belt, his latest effort finds him in fine form, with his best and most affecting work to date. ‘Semantic Death’ is beautiful song plain and simple – musically and lyrically – it is powerful and emotive, with a melancholic and lamentable feel. It is as though Rappel has gazed upon final days of a declining world, ready to implode. Led by piano and acoustic strum, and back by some swish, swooning orchestral-esque vibes coalesce while Rappel’s deep, dark brogue endeavours to raise his lyrics to pride of place – emblematic of the song’s stirring emotion and rousing defiance. Powerful and compelling, this is brilliantly moving.

Listen to ‘Semantic Death’ below, sheer excellence.

Adwaith – ‘Gartref’


Welsh trio Adwaith introduced themselves and their experimental post-punk earlier in the year with stellar double A-side single ‘Fel i Fod’ / ‘Newid‘.

Hot on the heels of their double A-side, the trio – consisting of Hollie Singer (vocals, guitar), Gwenllian Anthony (bass, keys, mandolin), and Heledd Owen (drums) – have announced new single ‘Gartref’.

Opening with acoustic strum and tender, hushed vocals, ‘Gartref’ builds slowly, smouldering with emotion as it draws you in under its intoxicating spell. A beautifully melancholic slice of wistful indie-pop, based around minimalist instrumentation and the beautifully, mesmeric vocals; a truly beautiful song. As with all Adwaith’s songs thus far, they instinctively forge a direct emotional connection with the listener,

Oh, and that’s not all! A much anticipated debut album is due for release later this year too. Exciting times.

Out via the excellent Libertino Records, ‘Gartref’ is out now. Tune in below.

Adwaith are also one of twelve acts selected from across Wales for Horizons 2018, so expect to be hearing plenty more from them over the next 12 months. Find out more about them here

Galapaghost – ‘Jellyfish’


Galapaghost is the moniker of Austin-based musician and songwriter Casey Chandler.

He’s already got a considerable quantity of quality jams to his name and ahead of forthcoming new album Sootie, which is out on August 10, comes ‘Jellyfish’ – one of his finest songs to date. The slowly moving melodic undulation, the beams of light and the general aura of peace, calm and tranquility is utterly divine. Those hushed vocals, warm hum, chiming tones of brightness, gentle demeanour and general charm makes for a delightful three-and-a-half minute experience, and one brimming with positivity and warmth.

Get lost with your thoughts and cleanse your mind with ‘Jellyfish’ below. And don’t forget, the album is out on August 10.

Lail Arad & JF Robitaille – ‘Photograph’


British singer-songwriter Lail Arad and Canadian counterpart JF Robitaille have teamed up for a sweet duet perfect for lazy summer days.

After striking up a musical correspondence the pair went on a tour of Italy, which led to some co-writing, then some recording, a slew of live shows across the UK, Europe and India, followed by a return to the studio, which led to today’s curio and new single ‘Photograph’. It is an infectious sub-three-minutes of pure pop-perfection. A jovial jaunt through simple but contagious arrangements and fluid melody, but it is with the pair’s intertwining vocals coming to the fore that we are left, really and truly, powerless. ‘Photograph’ effortlessly bridges the gap between acoustic 1960s folk and pure, irresistible pop-craft.

If it were not for a chance musical correspondence this collaboration may not have ever taken place and on the evidence of ‘Photograph’ alone, we would have lost out big time.

‘The Photograph’ – which will feature on their forthcoming album – is available below for your aural pleasure.

Freedom Fry Release Long-awaited Debut Album; ‘Classic’


For quite some time now, we’ve been bestowing much warranted praise upon Freedom Fry.

Over the past few years, the LA-based indie-pop duo (Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll) have been a reliable source of charming, catchy, bright and lovable cuts of indie-pop. Beginning with ‘Summer In The City’ in 2012 through to likes of ’21’ and ‘Tropicana’ in 2015, the pair became something of ‘singles specialists’, and after a long but enjoyable journey, Freedom Fry released their debut album, Classic at the start of June.

For anyone who has been charmed by Freedom Fry before, the duo’s long-awaited debut will not disappoint. The 12-track album casts a recognisable spell, charming listeners with their cheery indie-folk sound, both the breezy and bright songs the duo is known for and a few slower, bittersweet selections.

Latest single, ‘Die Tryin’ is a folk-flavored ray of sunburst, bright indie-pop interspersed with breezy melodies and harmonies, as each delivers their own verse, before the pair combine in the chorus for a glorious finale. Album closer, and standout track, ‘Easy Street’ has much more of a slumbering, bittersweet vibe, aided and abetted by Driscoll’s vocals, cloaked in a light layer of fuzz. Meandering toward the midway point with a shimmering quality, it swells, tugging firmly at the heartstrings, bursting into full sunburst colour and a sense of resilience and hope. Two wonderful and utterly divine pieces of guitar-pop; a summery sheen, catchy hooks and gorgeous boy/girl vocal interplay make it impossible to resist.

Check them out below and if that is to your liking, their debut album is available here.