Dilemma Season – ‘Fault Lines’


Dilemma Season is the musical alter ego of Vancouver, British Columbia-based artist and musician, Scott Hardy.

Through Dilemma Season, Hardy extricates an undeniable talent for evocative lyrics, the craft of songwriting and Americana-tinged alt-folk. ‘Fault Lines’ is an exemplary example of this as it rumbles, rolls and stomps its way into your heart. An irresistible track, Hardy’s distinctive vocals – sounding world-weary and wise – are first to suck you in, only to be joined by a gentle guitar which is intermittently cut with a stomping beat that eventually surges onward with an electrifying guitar and tidy riff work for an uptempo finish. A wonderful tune, with a hint of rawness yet beautifully crafted music. There’s a touch of Wilco, Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst to ‘Fault Lines’, an that is in no way a bad thing at all.

You can listen to ‘Fault Lines’ below. And if you like that, Dilemma Season’s latest record is available to digest here.

Kelan Galligan – ‘Snowball’


Kelan Galligan is a singer songwriter from Derry with a precise ear for folk stylings.

The Maiden City musician has returned from a lengthy absence from music – enforced by the life’s little stumbling blocks – with new material ahead of an album he’s working on fellow Derry native and producer, Eoin O’Callaghan. Galligan’s return has been heralded by the smooth finger-picking tune ‘Brightens Me’ and latest single ‘Snowball’, two fine examples to why we should be glad he has chosen to come back. ‘Snowball’ is a beautiful song with a soothing warmth. Stemming from gentle acoustic picking with soft, lilting vocals delivering pleasant poetic lyrics and subtle backing strings, which swell, complete the sound. It is a beautiful, dreamy sequence that upon repeated listens reveals greater and greater rewards.

You can listen to ‘Snowball’ & ‘Brightens Me’ below, and keep an eye out for news on that album.

Pop Cautious – ‘Sunshine’


Pop Cautious is the creative persona of Texas-born and raised singer-songwriter, Tyler Porterfield.

With his latest single ‘Sunshine’, Porterfield brings all the mellow feelings and comforting warmth as we are transported to a place amongst the clouds, for a bout of tranquillity. Creating a powerful sense of relaxation and calmness, ‘Sunshine’ flows gently by, amid a sea of soft lilting vocals, whispering lyrical poeticisms and subtle instrumentation. It is permeated by an air of richness, comforting tranquillity while shrouded in melancholy. ‘Sunshine’ reveals itself slowly, with layer upon layer of slow undulation. It requires a degree of patience, understanding and repeated listens to be fully appreciated. ‘Sunshine’ is a beautiful, simplistic and exudes the warm glow of friendship, and sometimes that is quite enough.

Get lost in the relaxing daydream that is ‘Sunshine’ below.

Idan Altman – ‘It all Works Out In The End’


Hailing from Maastricht, Netherlands, Idan Altman is a musician and producer with an ear for a winning sound.

Altman’s folkish wares lull the listener into a blissful state of hypnosis with lovingly crafted, expansive pieces of work. His latest offering, single ‘It all Works Out In The End’ is a case in point. It introduces itself, lightly bubbling away under undulating retro sounding electronics and gently plucked guitar, with a sense of melancholy permeating from the off before thawing with a more hopeful, optimistic tone. There is a real dreamy quality to these heartfelt ponderings and musical ruminating murmurings. A compelling, captivating and charming confection of unfeigned heart-strung emotion.

Check out ‘It all Works Out In The End’ below – it is magnificent!

Freedom Baby – ‘Drag The Lake’


Freedom Baby – initially a Toronto-based bedroom project between Eric Reid and Brianna Bordihn – has progressed and evolved into a nine-piece orchestral pop group, affectionately called “ork pop”, and led by the aforementioned duo.

From these humble beginnings the ensemble have studiously crafted their debut EP, How You’ll Grow, released earlier this month. Drawing from a deep well influences, their songs slide from lighter folk sensibilities, swelling to multilayered tapestries of rich instrumentation. The EP’s lead single ‘When We Go’ – a bittersweet, misty-eyed cut of orchestral-pop – offered this in spades, as does the latest lifted from the record, ‘Drag The Lake’. Slowly building from a place of solitude and quiet contemplation to exuberance and excitement, with a tide swell of rich orchestral sounds to back them – ‘Drag The Lake’ will bowl you over with its emotional power and persuasion. The song swells to consume you and everything else in its wake. An exquisitely crafted, compelling, rich and irrestable tune. Magnificent!

Listen to ‘Drag The Lake’ below and you know, if you like that, and you will; you can listen to Freedom Baby’s debut EP here.