Tiphanie Doucet – ‘Under my Sun’


Tiphanie Doucet is a French singer-songwriter based in New York, singing and writing elegant, tender and mellow folk songs.

Back in August, Doucet released her debut album Under My Sun – produced by Simone Felice and David Baron – but today it is new single and the record’s title-track that we are concerned with. ‘Under my Sun’, a song about growth, self discovery, and maintaining a positive outlook throughout life’s tribulations, filled with calming, undulating instrumentation, it tips and skips along a gentle strum and muffled snare, taking us on a pastoral journey through a world of lovely rich folk pop. Doucet’s dreamy vocal is a revelation both beautifully calm and majestic, it works in perfect harmony with the acoustic driven, melodic and deeply rich folk sounds that reveals Doucet a master of style.

Listen to ‘Under my Sun’ below – it is divine.

The album is here, if you fancy giving it a spin.

TOLEDO – ‘Hot Stuff’


Lead by Boston-based pair Dan Alvarez and Jordan Dunn, Indie-folk foursome Toledo are preparing to release their debut EP early next year.

Following on from the sunny and atmospheric sounds of single ‘Crane Song’, released earlier this year, the new EP is called Hot Stuff, and is penned for release in February 2019. Ahead of which they have kindly afforded us a glimpse of what we may expect in the shape of lead single and title-track, ‘Hot Stuff’ – which follows a similar mellow, undulating trajectory as the previous single. Dreamy, melodic folk vocals are augmented by a gently picked guitar, flourishes of soft drums before picking up pace, wandering into a warped world of mild psych-pop. ‘Hot Stuff’ has an abundance of warmth and divine harmonies that draw you into this lush, atmospheric and heavenly world of folky allure. An absolute treasure and full of surprises this one. Enjoy!

Listen to ‘Hot Stuff’ below and keep an eye put for their debut EP in the new year:

Nadia Schilling – ‘Bad As Me’


In late 2017, Portuguese folk artist Nadia Schilling released her debut solo album Above the Trees; a compelling, slow-burning record of emotional intensity and bruised and otherworldly beauty.

Close to 12 months on, Schilling has reminded us of the musical enchantment of her debut, with the release of ‘Bad As Me’, the third single lifted from Above the Trees. From the gentle guitar strum and piano-led opening, you would be forgiven for expecting a traditional folk ballad but as it develops, layer upon layer reveals itself to be a more thrilling and compelling companion that grows with the tension of a storm warning. The vocals, rich and smokey, rise above the dusky shadows set out by the increasingly spooky atmosphere led by guitar twangs and layers of spectral swirls, as ‘Bad As Me’ swells to engulf all in its wake. An utterly beguiling and beautiful song – compelling listening and utterly magnificent.

Listen to ‘Bad As Me’ below and if that floats your boat, and it will, why not check out the album, Above the Trees here.

Tia Gostelow – ‘Phone Me’


Australian singer-songwriter Tia Gostelow introduced us to her indie folk / pop stylings with the tender-toned dreamy sounds of ‘Giants’ earlier in the summer.

With the release of her debut album Thick Skin, Gostelow has unveiled another single ‘Phone Me’. A mix of retro Americana-tinged jangle and exquisite pop finesse, vocals ebb and flow from silky lilts to arresting smokey timbres, amid a hypnotic and shimmering haze as ‘Phone Me’ shuffles along a groovy drum beat, bubbling bass and impressive pop melodies. ‘Phone Me’ is is utterly compelling craft; the balance of pop sensibilities with the pure rich songwriting technique really shows what she is made of – this one resembles latter day Tennis at their finest; not a bad thing at all.

You can listen to ‘Phone Me’ below, and it is easy to see how she has built up quite the reputation in her homeland. You can check out the album here.

Nick Ferrio – ‘How Will I Know’


Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and The Burning Hell member, Nick Ferrio is set to release his new solo album Have a Nice Day on before the end of September.

Earlier this summer Ferrio offered a sample of his wares with the unforgettable ‘I Don’t Know How Long’ with its irresistible melody and fuzzy riff-filled ’60s garage rock vibes. With the release date for the new record closing in, Ferrio has served us with another tasty taster of the new record with new single ‘How Will I Know’. It is a philosophical song, with Ferrio pondering his relationship with music and why he is drawn to make it. The result is a beautifully written song revolving around an irresistible, timeless melody and a brimming sense of inward sought optimism that will land ‘How Will I Know’ in your head for days on end. It is a super-catchy blend of indie-rock with folk flavours (like Tom Petty meets Arcade Fire) as Ferrio airs his experiences of being in a band, in Canada, which, in the wintertime especially, he says “isn’t playing music but it’s the day to day activities – driving, driving, eating, sleeping and more driving. I think the secret is finding joy in those activities that makes the choice to be a musician worthwhile. I mean, I could’ve picked a normal job, but where’s the fun in that?”

It is yet another incredibly catchy and melodic delight – while saying something purposeful and meaningful.

Listen to ‘I Don’t Know How Long’ below. Ferrio’s new album, Have a Nice Day, is out on September 28th. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.