Introducing: Clara Marie


Originally from Fermanagh, Clara Marie’s fledgling musical steps began singing la chanson française during a seven year sojourn in gay Paree. Inspired by the timeless nature of Parisian culture, her music carries with it the surreal quality of her time spent there.

Having returned to Ireland and now residing in Dublin, Clara teamed up with musician and producer Kayak (Hugh Cresswell) to fuse electronic elements with her classical style and in doing so, managed to create something rather special.

The first fruits of their labour is Clara Marie’s debut single ‘Boat or Bike’. Conjured up on a bridge in Amsterdam, it is a whimsical daydream of a song, with more than a mild dose of avante garde surrealism. It gently bobs along a steady waltzing beat, joined by spooky, twanging guitar and dripping keys and compelling, somewhat haunting, fluttering vocals completing the edgy fairground surrealism. ‘Boat or Bike’ is beguilingly hypnotic, tiptoeing the listener delicately into a transfixing haze. A spellbinding introduction to the delectable talents of Clara Marie.

You can treat yourself to the wondrous ‘Boat or Bike’ below now. And for those of you in Ireland, you can catch Clara Marie at Body & Soul and Electric Picnic this summer.

OMALOMA – ‘Bubblegum’


Beginning with ‘Ha Ha Haf’ in 2016 and ‘Aros O Gwmpas’ and ‘Eniwe’ a year later, Omaloma have carved out special space on the musical landscape with a series of blissful, spacey psych-pop singles.

Omaloma aka Welsh artist George Amor – formerly of now defunct Welsh psyche supremos Sen Segur – has added ‘Bubblegum’ to this burgeoning list of stellar singles.

‘Bubblegum’ is Amor’s first on vinyl, released as a 7″ single and download, it is utterly divine and arguably marks the high point of the project thus far. Sung in English and Welsh, ‘Bubblegum’ is a four minute sojourn to a spellbinding interstellar paradise. It coolly swaggers as it moves on by, leaving us in a dream-like state, with an alluring blend of slinky, synth-pop with psych brush strokes, woozy synth lines and Amor’s soft, soothing bilingual vocals. Instantly lovable, it breezes gracefully by with a seductive soulful underbelly and charm to woo you, so powerful is this that it will have you headed straight for repeated listens.

Tune in to ‘Bubblegum’ below and the 7″ and download can be found here.

No Volcano – ‘M-Ocean’


‘M-Oceans’ is the new single from Phoenix foursome No Volcano – lifted from their recently released third record, Envy in the Valley.

Comprised of Chris Kennedy (drums), Jim Andreas (guitar/vocals), Jeremy Randall (guitarist) and James Karnes (bass), together they appear to have an innate ability to find that sweet spot between pop and indie, so splendidly well. ‘M-Oceans’ bright, infectious and exudes a smiley sense of fun. It grooves along with a joyful swagger, abundance of melodicism and pop appeal as catchy riffs made out of strange chords provide the electrical jolts that zaps an undeniable flair for pop, blurring with a quirky sense of experimentation and eclecticism. In short, No Volcano showcase a brilliance for crafting an immaculate pop song

Listen to ‘M-Ocean’ below and check out the new album here.

Introducing: Winter


Winter are an LA-based foursome who delight, excite and enthral with their shoegaze-meets-dream-pop sound.

Fronted by Brazilian born songwriter Samira Winter, who’s love for guitar music and nostalgic imagery inspires their dreamy cuts of pop perfection. Winter are set to release their forthcoming new album Ethereality on April 6 and judging by the singles ‘Zoey’ and ‘High School’, we may be in for quite a treat.

‘Zoey’ is blissful, beautiful, dream pop that washes over you with such an easy breeze that it is hard not to be utterly refreshed as a result. Opening with a mellow trickle and longing vocals it quickly expands, with burning guitars and steady beat engulfed in a sea of beautiful fuzz swelling to an epic climax in a quite cinematic fashion. ‘High School’ is less of a glistening daydream and more heartfelt, hazy indie-pop dripping in irresistible melodies and feelings of nostalgia. Two charming and beautifully crafted fuzzy indie-pop gems that should have you more than mildly excited about the prospect of more of the same.

Listen to ‘Zoey’ and ‘High School’ below – and keep an eye out for the new album on April 6.

Desert – ‘Sense Likes’


Desert are Barcelona-based producers Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé.

Buoyed by a flair for rich, dreamy soundscapes, the Catalan duo reside in an enchanted world that is all their own; of sunny beaches, shimmering sands, calming seas and long summer nights. The pair’s latest single ‘Sense Likes’ drifts from a dreampop influenced origin, to traverse altogether more electronic and experimental regions. Opening with a beguiling, textured haze of dreaminess it shifts seductively, as subtle as shifting sands, through flourishes of electronics, Balearic touches to pounding electronic thumps and accelerating ravey tones. A lavish composition with what feels like a lifeblood of its own, it is utterly transformed. With breathtaking dexterity, ‘Sense Likes’ evokes a mixture of romance and melancholy.

‘Sense Likes’ is the lead single from their upcoming three-track release for singles label, CSCN.