Party Hardly – ‘Terry Shure’


Following a string of singles, Leeds quartet Party Hardly are planning to release their forthcoming debut EP Cycle Of Life this autumn.

Ahead of the EP, Party Hardly have afforded us a sample of what we might expect courtesy of single ‘Terry Shure’.

It is a magnificently jaunty, melodic and off-kilter cut of woozy flavoured indie. Centred around the dual forces of drawling vocals and hazy guitars, and following a wonky trajectory ‘Terry Shure’ evolves and swells into something colourful, imaginative and extraordinary. Shifting along a bed of jaunty guitar and steady beats, after the four and a half minutes of shape-shifting, hazy indie ambiance we’ve something as infectious as any of the finest Super Furry’s sing-a-long moments and akin to an oddball, absurdist version of Modern Life is Rubbish era Blur.

Jaunty, wonky, dreamy and melodic yet jarring – ‘Terry Shure’ is a charm and idea-filled delight.

Tune in below:

Whyte Horses – ‘Never Took the Time’


Manchester psych-pop outfit Whyte Horses whisk us off to a land of blissful, dreamy psychedelia that sounds both familiar yet fresh.

Whyte Horses released their wonderfully uplifting and timeless second album Empty Words back in March and it sounds simultaneously like everything and nothing you’ve ever heard. ‘Never Took the Time’ is the latest single lifted from the record and it displays all the best of what Whyte Horses and their album has to offer you in under four-minutes. Filled with shimmery, wistful, ’60s pop hues, ‘Never Took The Time’ takes us on a swirling, kaleidoscopic journey through all lush psychedelic, hazy, dreamy melodies, eastern guitar twangs and sweeping grandiose orchestral pop. A final and crowning touch of enigmatic beauty is provided by the dual vocals of Leonore Wheatley (The Soundcarriers) and Mélanie Pain (formerly of Nouvelle Vague) – absolutely magical!

‘Never Took The Time’ and its video comes just a mere few weeks before members of The Go! Team will join The Whyte Horses Experience (alongside La Roux, Badly Drawn Boy, Melanie Pain and St Barts Choir) at their huge multi-media, special guest-laden headline show at Royal Festival Hall on September 13th.

As previously mentioned, ‘Never Took The Time’ comes with colourful video directed by James Slater, which you can also stream below. If it is to your liking, you can listen to the latest album here too. Enjoy!

October Fires – ‘Pray’


October Fires are Kildare-based alt-pop foursome of Carol Somers, Lisa Baker, Eoghan O’Neill and Eric Somers.

Their latest single is called ‘Pray’ and going by that, October Fires have found a perfect blend between beauty and otherworldy eeriness.

From the gentle harmonies and piano-led opening to ‘Pray’, you would be forgiven for expecting a full on folk ballad but as it develops, layer upon layer reveals itself to be a more thrilling and chilling beast. As it progresses, ‘Pray’ slowly shifts itself off to an otherworldy zone with a flurry of unsettling piano plonking and guitar notes beneath swelling percussion. The vocals, crystalline and soulful, rise from the unsettling, murky shadows and cut a sway through a majestic collage of spectral swirls, dark and haunting atmospherics, and trip-hoppy beats to top off this chilling, beguiling and beautiful song perfectly. With its spooky, gothic, haunting and otherworldly aura, altogether, it makes for a rather compelling listen.

Listen to ‘Pray’ below now:

wwoman – ‘FOA’


wwoman is the moniker of Pittsburgh artist Gi Smee, whose project is self-described as ‘depression pop’.

Smee’s distillation of psych and pop, is anything but depressing. While smouldering with an undercurrent of melancholy, it is smarting a peppy, upbeat psych-pop vibe and hypnotic allure – of which latest single ‘FOA’ is a prime example of. ‘FOA’ swirls together a soft atmosphere with piercing fuzz, and there’s a palpable, frenzied energy steering us through a sea of lush synths. The quivering synths invite us into a dimly lit world of late night street lamps and mid winter fog while the  breathy vocal whisper in to the ears. This is a sublime synth-pop groover with bouncy neon-bright beats and hypnotic allure to capture your imagination.

Listen to ‘FOA’ below:


Cellophane Sam – ‘The Gang’s All Here’


‘The Gang’s All Here’ is a new single by LA-based singer, songwriter Cellophane Sam aka Brian Saude.

Hailing from the deserts on the outskirts of LA, he grew up fairly isolated and finds his songwriting takes shape from those feelings of loneliness and introspection experienced through his childhood.

‘The Gang’s All Here’ is an enchanting and whimsical good old fashioned pop song, with a a 60’s vibe, filled with sinuous melodies and swooning arrangements. Ambling along, at its own unhurried pace, conjuring up visions of trekking way out west, it is a tender and lovable tune, packed with a heart wrenching emotional weight, with Saude’s vocal bringing life to these emotions. A charming and delightful easy-on-the-ear treat, Saude has an undeniable talent for crafting pop gems, and it is on full view for all willing to pay attention.

‘The Gang’s All Here’ is a sublime slice of classic popcraft. Tune in below: