Millions Like Us Podcast – Episode #9

We’re thrilled to share yet another Millions Like Us podcast with you all. It’s great to back with the latest in a series of music podcasts hosted by Justin & I, in conjunction with Vancouver news & culture site 604now.

On a bi-weekly basis we aim to please, providing relief from all life’s toils* with some lively and entertaining chat and eclectic selection of fabulous music from metro Vancouver and elsewhere. There’s plenty in there, well over an hour in fact, of great tunes and plenty of chat.

You can read more on it over here and of course, listen below (and the tracklist (with links) is after the jump too). You can subscribe to ‘Millions Like Us’ on iTunes & Podcast Republic or find us on Facebook & Twitter. Or you can email us at millionslikeuspodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.

2016 has been good to us so far, so thanks for all the support thus far and once again, thanks for listening!

 *May not actually do that.

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Allure – ‘Divine’


Parisian producer ALLURE (aka Lorris Piasco) is planning to release a brand new EP in early in the year, ahead of which, he’s unveiled ‘Divine’.

‘Divine’ is the second track taken from the aforementioned EP, following ‘By Surprise’, last month. It is hard to resist the ‘allure’ of this one, a bouncy, playful and funky manifestation of pulsing electro house. ‘Divine’ is bright, upbeat, espousing a joyful union of crisp beats, infectious synth and an irresistible groove, all tempered with a sort of frosty elegance. Allure’s more recent work has somehow eluded my gaze, an excellent re-introduction with the Paris-based producer & a choice tune to boot.

‘Divine’ is below for your listening pleasure and the new EP is pencilled in for release early this year. Keep your eyes peeled.


Seazoo – ‘Telephone Jones’


‘Telephone Jones’ is the new single by North Wales’ SEAZOO, and out on February 22nd.

Over the past few years we become accustomed to Seazoo serving up some of the most fabulous, charming and sprightly indie-pop on the planet, and the North Walian five-piece’s return, marks no deviation from this rich vein of form. A three-and-a-half minute pop nugget, ‘Telephone Jones’ whizzes and fizzes by with skuzzed guitars, delightful fuzz, smiley melodies and charming. Infectious doesn’t even cover the half of it; this is sparkling indie-pop perfection. A band to be treasured and enjoyed, no doubt about it.

New single ‘Telephone Jones’ is released on February 22nd via Bandcamp and is taken from a so-far-unnamed forthcoming EP, which shall be with us in late March. Till then? well, there’s ‘Telephone Jones’ of course. Check it out below now.

Applescal – ‘Leone Highway’


‘Leone Highway’ is the new single from Dutch producer, Pascal Terstappen aka Applescal.

Set for release before the end of this month, ‘Leone Highway’ is the Dutch master’s first new material since last year’s wonderful album, For. Just like the aforementioned album and previous productions, we’re presented with another stunning piece of work. A lushly produced patchwork of melodic sounds, it naturally glides along an addictive synth-line embellished along its way by all manner of assorted samples, chimes and stabs of synth. ‘Leone Highway’ is as dazzling display of Applescal’s savoir faire as anything he’s done before. Top class!

‘Leone Highway’ is out on January 22nd via Atomnationand accompanied with a B-side track titled ‘Isomethyl’. Check the former below.


Introducing: Bousada


Bousada is an electronic producer based out of Victoria, BC (as in Canada, not before Christ, obviously).

Over the past 10 years, he’s gradually drifted from writing and performing music on the guitar, to electronic productions with an emphasis on dancefloor readiness, synths and bass sounds. This passage and exploration toward the world of electronics has been beneficial to say the least; arriving at something of a rather natural electronic sound. It’s all sultry, smooth and seductive electronic music, with so many interesting and layered sounds and noises, steady piano (often quite dubby) chords and permeated, ultimately with rather cool vibes. This cool and select backdrop is just the ticket for Bousada’s voice to take centre stage; his smooth, soulful and melodic vocals are the icing on the cake, something his most recent singles ‘Cast In Gold’ and ‘Shake’, will testify to.

Check out ‘Cast In Gold’ and ‘Shake’ below, and there are a whole host more tunes on his SoundCloud.