Nicola Carrara – ‘Tobogán’


Nicola Carrara is a Buenos Aires-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and musician who’s latest single spirits us away to a world of warmth, nostalgia and psychedelia.

‘Tobogán’ is the first single lifted from his forthcoming new album. Introducing itself all lo-fi and minimalist but warm and inviting, it slowly develops and morphs into something rather different from where we began. Combining acoustic guitar, synthesizers, dry drums and a touch of psychedelia it swells into a frazzled, washed-out Supernova of colour. ‘Tobogán’ is a pure ear-worm; the hook, luscious melody and irresistible dandering groove – just fantastic! Carrara has hit on something rather special here, combining the purity of acoustic sounds with frazzled, psych-saturated synthesizers and hitting the sweet spot to craft a warm, real and emotional song too.

Listen to ‘Tobogán’ below and keep an eye out for that forthcoming album too.

Altvater – ‘Moonbird’

Altvater River 3

Earlier this year, producer Altvater introduced us to his downtempo fusion of electronica, trip hop, and dark synthwave.

Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, Altvater’s style is marked by an ability to blend colour and warmth to a glacial but imperious ambiance, as evidenced by his Walking Creatures EP, and indeed, new single ‘Moonbird’. The latest cut is super chilled and silky smooth as it slinks on by at its own pace, unhurried or bothered by anything else. This beautiful aura of tranquility is mesmeric and further illuminated by glacial twinkles and and crystalline chimes. Precise, pristine and wholly beautiful – it is yet another spectacular single from Altvater.

Get a glimpse of ‘Moonbird’ below:

Estrons Announce Debut Album; Share ‘Cameras’

Estrons 2018

Welsh indie-rock powerhouse Estrons have announced their debut album will be released later this year.

Titled You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough, the album is due out on October 05 via The Orchard / Gofod Records.

We’ve been keeping tabs on Estrons for quite a while and they impressed on every given opportunity, reminding us what a very, very exciting proposition they are. Going by taster track ‘Cameras’; their debut promises to come good on all that potential. ‘Cameras’ is very much what we’ve come to expect from the Welsh outfit; a powerful, passionate and compelling indie-rock masterclass. It is a muscular and melodic mix of riffs – soaring, scintilating and bruising, pounding drums and Källström’s incredibly powerful, searing vocals cutting through the feedback and fuzz. ‘Cameras’ is gripping, somewhat cathartic and an emphatic example of Estrons’ powerfully emotive rock ‘n roll. Stirring stuff indeed.

You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough is released on October 5th, for now, listen to new single ‘Cameras’ below.

Jude Woodhead – ‘For The Birds’


Jude Woodhead is a 20-year-old classically trained producer and DJ hailing from South London.

Woodhead’s latest release, double single ‘For The Birds / Beautiful Rain’, finds a producer at the peak of his powers with a sound that defies easy categorisation.

‘For The Birds’ is a great song, something you’ll agree with, once you press play and become entranced by the melodic sensibilities and slick electronic production. Enveloped around a tender Arabic vocal line, ‘For The Birds’ builds subtly with a transfixing and hypnotizing progression taking hold as a four-on-the-floor beat and beautiful synth hooks float out to create a sonic state of mild euphoria.

While ‘For The Birds’ draws inspiration from Arabic culture, ‘Beautiful Rain’, equally as hypnotizing and based on an afrobeat-infused vocal sample, directly nods toward his dad’s music collection loaded with Congolese and South African records as well as classic songwriters. Woodhead is evidently a skilled producer with a love of what he’s doing, his is the sound of embracing a world of music that knows no boundaries.

‘For The Birds / Beautiful Rain’ is out now via Just Off Pop. Tune in below.

Tempesst – ‘Doomsday’


London-based Aussie quintet Tempesst are gearing up to release their new, and second, EP Doomsday, next month through Pony Records.

With this news comes lead and title-track ‘Doomsday’, which in just shy of four-minutes, juggles the meaning of life, death and one’s mortality with a backing combination of old fashioned psych, ’70s folk-pop and rock. ‘Doomsday’ is a bold statement of intent, with orchestral strings, raw percussion, jarring guitar twangs converging as lead singer Toma Banjanin’s vocals shift from croon to soaring, with an effortless ease. It’s a real groover that oscillates on a whirlwind of hypnotic percussion.

Listen too ‘Doomsday’ below – it is lifted from their forthcoming EP Doomsday, which will be out on August 3rd via Pony Recordings.