Cellophane Sam – ‘The Gang’s All Here’


‘The Gang’s All Here’ is a new single by LA-based singer, songwriter Cellophane Sam aka Brian Saude.

Hailing from the deserts on the outskirts of LA, he grew up fairly isolated and finds his songwriting takes shape from those feelings of loneliness and introspection experienced through his childhood.

‘The Gang’s All Here’ is an enchanting and whimsical good old fashioned pop song, with a a 60’s vibe, filled with sinuous melodies and swooning arrangements. Ambling along, at its own unhurried pace, conjuring up visions of trekking way out west, it is a tender and lovable tune, packed with a heart wrenching emotional weight, with Saude’s vocal bringing life to these emotions. A charming and delightful easy-on-the-ear treat, Saude has an undeniable talent for crafting pop gems, and it is on full view for all willing to pay attention.

‘The Gang’s All Here’ is a sublime slice of classic popcraft. Tune in below:

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