Martha Ffion Announces Debut LP; Shares ‘We Make Do’


Irish-born, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter, Martha Ffion is set to release her debut LP Sunday Best early next year, through exceptional Welsh indie-label Turnstile Music.

Last we heard from Ffion was with wonderful debut EP, Trip about this time last year but she’s broken the silence with this album news which is accompanied by new, and lead single, ‘We Make Do’. It is a melodic piano-led pop song with a slight ’60s twist, as lush instrumentation combines with soft shakers, piano melodies and mellow acoustic guitars to create gentle surroundings for Ffion’s utterly compelling vocals; delivering detailed and uplifting lyrics. As ever, Martha Ffion beautifully crafted a wonderful, compelling and memorable song – delivered with aplomb. It is both familiar and warm; akin to being perched in front a glowing fire on the coldest of winter’s eves or an embrace from a cherished old friend.

You can listen to ‘We Make Do’ below – and keep an eye out for the LP in the new year – it promises to be a rather wonderful record.

Milano Sun – ‘Eldorado’


We might be in the depths of December but Swedish foursome Milano Sun are still chasing the summer with their shimmering new single, ‘Eldorado’.

Milano Sun – David Axelsson, Johan Jonasson, Love Sivik & Zackarias Ekelund – have served us with an unseasonably sunny slice of summery, psych-infused indie-pop. ‘Eldorado’ bobs along a snappy Peter, Bjorn & John-beat and bubbling bassline which mingles with an utterly infectious confection of swooning melodies, dreamy hooks and warm, delay-drenched vocals. A gleaming, bright and irresistible piece of psych-pop perfection, ‘Eldorado’ will have you pining for sunnier climes and paste smiles on faces, no doubt about it.

 ‘Eldorado’ is out now on VÅRØ as a double a-side single, backed by ballad ‘Romeo & Juliet’.

Milano Sun are planning the release of a full-length album in 2018, and in the meantime check out ‘Eldorado’ below.

AKWUAR – ‘Millions Of Same Faces’

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AKWUAR is the kaleidoscopic-pop project of Patrick Braun, hailing from Cologne in Germany.

Braun is taking his first furtive steps as AKWUAR with an eponymous LP penned in for release on January 8 2018. Ahead of its release in the new year, AKWUAR has shared lead single and the album’s opening track, ‘Millions Of Same Faces’. It is three-and-a-half-minutes of dream inducing, melting instrumentation, frazzled electronica and twinkling synth filtered through a gauze otherworldly textures and layers of mild fuzz and topped off with drifting, soft focused vocals. ‘Millions Of Same Face’ is an always welcome wave of calmness and tranquility that will have you suitably reclined and refreshed as it washes over you with a gentle, fresh breezy brilliance.

You can listen to ‘Millions Of Same Faces’ and ‘Do You Deserve My Mind’ (equally delightful) below.

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Eyal Pik – ‘Day by Day’


‘Day by Day’ is debut single from Eyal Pik, a London based singer/songwriter, who is priming the public for his fleeting forary into the world of music with forthcoming EP, Nothing but Sound.

As an opening introduction, one couldn’t ask for finer. ‘Day by Day’ is a three-and-a-half minute divine, colourful confection of jangly, melodic and infectious psych-pop perfection. It danders along at a cantering carefree pace, imbued with a shimmering, sunny disposition and heartfelt vocals – which when they shift through the gears and soar, well, oh my. A delectable slice of heart-strung and buoyant indie/alternative indebted greatest to Blur perhaps, conjuring up similar feelings to ‘Coffee and TV’ (and Seazoo’s ‘Dig’). A joy, no question about it.

You can check out ‘Day by Day’ below, along with its visual companion, crafted by Ron Davny and starring Pik and award winning actress/director Lana MacIver.

Los Espinas – ‘Feels Like a Punch In The Face…’


Although their handle may might suggest a likeness to a seven piece mariachi band from Latin America, Los Espinas are a fearsome foursome based in Sydney, Australia.

With influences including artists like Elliott Smith, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Something for Kate, Los Espinas could be described as indie with a thirst for alternative garage rock. Los Espinas’ latest single ‘Feels Like a Punch In The Face…’ is straight-up rock and roll goodness that rides on a soaring vitality of a gripping grunge-tinged vocal delivery, meaty riffs and crunchy guitars; all charging toward a captivating climax of that is simultaneously muscular yet emotionally sincere. What Los Espinas do a steady trade in is suavely served alt-rock, tinged with garage, psychedelics and a knack for a catchy tune. And you know what? What more can you ask for?

You can listen to ‘Feels Like a Punch In The Face…’ below – it’s a beaut! And if that is to your liking, why not give their new EP a blast – it’s here, in all it’s glory.