Bearson – ‘It’s Not This (feat. Lemaitre and Josh Pan)’


With latest single ‘It’s Not This’ 24-year-old Norway native Bearson (Jakob Bjørn Hansen) is bringing all the deliciously catchy, colourful and chilled pop vibes.

Teaming up with Lemaitre and Josh Pan, Bearson’s latest is a gentle and dreamy piece of pristine pop. Playful piano chords and synth melodies dance over a bouncy hip-hop indebted beat as ‘It’s Not This’ slithers along a smooth slinking groove as Josh Pan muses in a relaxed contemplative daydream manner with crisp, soulful vocals. Fusing bright pop hooks with an irresistible groove and hip hop beats, Bearson and company serve up an unbelievably catchy three minutes of electronic pop heaven.

Tune into ‘It’s Not This (feat. Lemaitre and Josh Pan)’ below and judge for yourself:

The Magic Es – ‘Fine Lines’


Since their formation in 2014, Norwich-based trio The Magic Es set themselves an enviable quest, namely to create “original rock ‘n’ roll reminiscent of a time when guitar pop dominated the charts and the terraces”.

So far, in releasing a debut LP and a string of super singles, they have proven more than adept in brewing upbeat bursts of melodic, infectious indie that sticks like glue – something the trio’s latest single ‘Fine Lines’ demonstrates in abundance. It is a britpop era indebted indie rocker bursting with melody and infectious energy. With nods to ’60s pop too, it is supremely catchy, melodic and anthemic as guitars twang and shimmer, as all roads lead to a memorable, rousing chorus. Quite reminiscent of Shack, ‘Fine Lines’ is just very easy on the ear and you know what, sometimes that is quite enough.

You can listen to ‘Fine Lines’ below:

Niki Moss – ‘There Must Be Something In The Water’


Hailing from Portugal, Niki Moss is the musical guise of Miguel Vilhena, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, lead vocalist for the psych-rock band Savana and founder for the record label Pontiaq.

The playful, off-kilter and uber-catchy ‘Soylent Green’ was his opening introduction and now Moss has shared ‘There Must Be Something In The Water'; the second single lifted his debut album Gooey, penned for release in early 2019. It is an effervescent piece of luminescent psych-pop that is colorful, vibrant and fizzes with vitality. Skirting the border between psych and avant-pop, it storms off at breakneck speed with a whirlwind of frantic rhythms, racing synths, buzzing riffs and vivacious drums. ‘There Must Be Something In The Water’ is a four-minute excursion to a flashy, neon bright world of experimental pop that gets its hooks in nice and early, and doesn’t let go.

‘There Must Be Something In The Water’ indeed, tune in below.

Improvement Movement – ‘It’s a Situation’


Improvement Movement are an Atlanta-based psychedelic-pop outfit, comprised of Anthony Aparo (guitar, vocals), Zach Pyles (keys, synth), and Tim Friesen (bass).

Formed from the ashes Culture Culture (a synth pop band also based in Atlanta), the trio have earmarked 2018 for releasing a slew of singles, to be followed by a full-length record sometime next year.

It is their most recent single ‘It’s a Situation’ which draws our attention today and in just over three and a half minutes, it encapsulates everything that is endearing about their enigmatic, intriguing and playful approach to kaleidoscopic psych-pop. Flashing along a frenetic drum & bass, coruscating colours, bubbling bassline, spacey synth and all manner of frazzled sounds are thrown about in merry abandon. While musically it is labyrinthine and hypnotic, up top floats soft, hushed and mellow vocals, adding a perfect balance to this whimsical sonic expedition. There is no doubting ‘It’s a Situation’ is unusual but it works, and how!

Listen to ‘It’s a Situation’ below.

Ducks! – ‘Pinprick In’


Formed in 2014, Ducks! are the Berlin-based Australian pairing of Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan who employ all manner of wizardry to bring about their spacey synth-disco.

Their latest single ‘Pinprick In’ is the third song released from Ducks!’ forthcoming album, the duo’s third LP and expected in early 2019. A slick, slinky groover, crisp, neon beats and reverberating bass blast a path through the glittering phasing synth, sizzling percussion and heavenly vocals as ‘Pinprick In’ oscillates onto the dancefloor and beyond. A tantalizingly marvel, ‘Pinprick In’ is a slinky, hazy and hedonistic indie disco adventure so strap in, Ducks!’ sizzling, spacey synth-disco is one hell of a ride!

Check out the beautifully crafted interstellar disco sounds of ‘Pinprick In’ below: