Deep Water – ‘I Can Feel’


Deep Water is LA-based producer Dylan Connor. Little else can be found in the way of background info, say for the fact that he’s got a flair for fantastic hip-hop inspired electronic productions.

Exhibit A – debut single ‘I Can Feel’. Shuffling along some stuttering, strutting beats and hip-hop influenced grooves, eerily distant vocal samples shimmer in the distance amid a crisp glacial ambience.Frosty to the touch, Deep Water has crafted something rather chilled, captivating and seductive. ‘I Can Feel’ is elegant, fresh, imaginative and thoroughly captivating; one can only hope that his time spent in the shadows will yield some similarly bewitching productions.

Listen to ‘I Can Feel’ below.

Patatwawa – ‘Wires’


UK trio Patawawa spent the past 18 months or so carving out a rep for sublime, sassy and infectious, disco-infused charmers – and they are signing off on 2018 in similar fashion.

It’s been a good year for the trio and Patawawa are ending on a high with floorfiller ‘Wires’. Armed with colossal four-on-the-floor beats, bouncing disco synths, bustling beats, funky organ and horns, ‘Wires’ brings the party vibes. Highly infectious and unequivocally danceable, it radiates an air of unquestionable coolness as it swaggers on a funky bassline and buoyant melody. And last but certainly not least, lead singer, Beth Garrett’s melodious vocal glides effortlessly over this solid disco groove. With a string of infectious, danceable disco groovers behind them already, hopefully we are hearing more of the same in the new year – and perhaps an album beckons for Patawawa?

Listen to ‘Wires’ below:

Vanity Fairy – ‘Loverman’


The cleverly named Vanity Fairy – musical alter-ego of Daisy Capri – has shared new single ‘Loverman’, the second offering from Capri’s forthcoming Lust For Dust EP.

In much a similar vein to debut single ‘He Can Be Your Lady’, we are ushered to an offbeat exploration of imaginative, off-kilter sounds – albeit with less of a disco-danceable vibe. The latter’s aesthetic maybe scrubbed somewhat but ‘Loverman’ glides along a slinking synth line with a glowing intensity as her eccentric and trembling vocals seep into every corner and cranny of the lush backdrop provided by her ethereal slo-mo disco-influenced sound. Suffice to say, it’s a catchy, fun, and just a little bit peculiar, in the best way possible.

Check it out for yourself below, and stay tuned for more from Vanity Fairy soon; a debut EP is expected before the close of 2018, or early in 2019.


R. Seiliog Announces New Album; Shares ‘Opal Drift’


Welsh producer R.Seiliog aka Robin Edwards has announced he will release a new album Megadoze, on November 30 via Turnstile.

With this most welcome news comes lead track ‘Opal Drift’ which suggests subtle shift from the sonic palette of previous albums Doppler (2013) and In Hz (2016) – both masterful works. ‘Opal Drift’ is a wonderful slice of deep flowing ambient techno that opens with a gently evocative sound of trickling water that flows through ambient textures and synth waves along a subtle beat and gentle pulsing rhythm, swelling to softly envelope all in its carefully sculpted surrounding. Mesmerising stuff that certainly adds to the excitement for the forthcoming album.

Get hypnotised below with ‘Opal Drift’ – Megadoze is out on November 30 via Turnstile.

Pablo Zuazo – ‘Macaco Nu Jazz’


Pablo Zuazo is a Brazilian-born jazz pianist, singer and songwriter who’s genre-defying sound zigzags between bossa nova, MPB, jazz, samba, hip hop and electronica.

This genre hopping approach is demonstrated expertly and with precision by single ‘Macaco Nu Jazz’. An astounding and meticulously crafted affair, it is a lavish exploration of genres, styles and eras. Macaco Nu Jazz’ is a super cool, gloriously smooth and funky head nodding adventure, spliced and diced into an infectious beat filled jam. You will be lost in a sea of breathtakingly lush layers, choice samples and irresistible beats and groove. Maintaining chillout and feelgood vibes, Zuazo has created a sound which oozes nostalgic feelings for all manner of hazy summer days and nights. An exemplary display of his deft skills.

Fall in love with ‘Macaco Nu Jazz’ below:

Ten Fé – ‘No Night Lasts Forever’


Ten Fé have been teasing the follow-up to 2017 debut album Hit The Light with singles ‘Not Tonight’ and ‘Won’t Happen’ but they have finally announced some concrete details.

The London-based outfit will release their forthcoming new record Future Perfect, Present Tense on March 8, with a world tour to follow. With a release date now firmly established, Ten Fé have shared another taster in the form of ‘No Night Lasts Forever’. Now a fully-fledged five-piece with Rob Shipley (bass); Johnny Drain (Keys) and Alex Hammond (drums) coming on-board full-time last year, the chemistry between songwriters Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan – evident throughout their debut – continues to shine bright in this latest offering. Lush, expansive and cinematic, it carries with it a longing and optimism in equal measure on a wave of lush synths, shimmering guitar and bubbling bassline. Finding a sweet spot somewhere between the woozy optimism and taut melodrama – ‘No Night Lasts Forever’ is a fine addition to the Ten Fé collection and it certainly bodes well for next year’s new record.

Listen to ‘No Night Lasts Forever’ below.

Whettman Chelmets – ‘Alas…’


Whettman Chelmets is a Missouri-based producer with a preference for pensive, ambient and deeply atmospheric compositions.

Whettman Chelmets’ new single ‘Alas…’ – the latest lifted from the recently released EP Alas… The Sun is Shining, and You Are Still Alive – is an immersive, atmospheric and elegant and all-consuming track. A steady 4/4 beat pushes through a slowly building, all enveloping meditative vibe as the melodic interplay between the twinkling guitar chimes and glistening synth comes to the fore amid heavenly chanting and ebb and the flow of sound and emotion to create a mildly euphoric and uplifting swell. A blissful, enthralling and beautiful track.

Listen to ‘Alas…’ below & if you like that, you can fine the entire EP here.