Frankie Knight – ‘Even Though’

Hailing from the South Coast of the UK, Frankie Knight is an electronic pop artist that delves into a dreamworld of haunting melodies and waves of lush tones.

Drawing from a deep well of influences – electronica, hip hop, electro-pop and folk – Knight crafts her brand of beautifully sculpted electronic pop. This propensity for the exquisite is evidenced by new single ‘Even Though’, a second lifted from her forthcoming debut album expected before the close of 2019. It is a bittersweet electronic pop tune built on a bed of skittish hip hop infused beats, while the pop sensibilities are never far away as an elegant shimmering haze of synths and cracking electronics illuminate the path for her vocals to float elegantly overhead. ‘Even Though’ is a transfixing beauty that whisks us away on a dreamy meditative journey that is expansive, fragile and experimental, while simultaneously lush, warm and filled with pop goodness.

Don’t just take my word for it, tune into ‘Even Though’ below, and keep an eye out for the debut album later in the year:

The Nice Nice – ‘Out Of Ideas’

So good they named them twice, The Nice Nice is Munich-based Australian / German duo Tim Sullivan & Tom Appel who have a penchant for pristine pop of the cosmic variety.

The pair are prepping the release of a forthcoming second EP, aptly titled EP II and it is preceded by stunning new single ‘Out Of Ideas’. It is an elegant, breezy and quirky slice of dreamy indie-pop. ‘Out Of Ideas’ drifts along a rich dripping melody with sweet and subtly seductive groove to a lush, blissful spaced out world. Heavenly harmonies and big pop hooks pull you in, and don’t let go amid that shimmering synths and frazzled electronics engulf you in the rapturous allure. This is utterly beautiful, beguiling and all together divine pop perfection – no question.

Tune in below:

Satin Jackets feat. Panama ‘Automatic’ (The Oddness Remix)

German nu-disco purveyor Satin Jackets aka Tim Bernhardt released his latest album Solar Nights a few weeks back on the Belgian label Eskimo Recordings.

A record littered with wonderful collaborations, it is in no way surprising that Satin Jackets is sharing some remixes of tracks from the album by established names and emerging talents. For the penultimate rework, emerging Melbourne producer The Oddness is on remix duties for Satin Jackets’ collaboration with Panama, ‘Automatic’. It is a transfixing sound loaded with echo and reverb and fuelled by a winding, hypnotic groove and chugging, relentless murmuring bass. The vocals from Panama are moody and emotive, adding an extra evocative and pensive touch as The Oddness dials down the tempo but ups the intensity, transforming the track into a cosmic, hypnotic wonder.

Tune in below and see for yourself.

Adam Singer – ‘Balance’

Adam Singer is an electronic producer / musician from San Francisco, who has been creating music for over 15 years. Singer’s output is marked by a full spectrum of sound, mood and emotions as tales and experiences are vividly depicted, leaving quite an impression.

His latest single ‘Balance’, the latest lifted from his 2018 album My Only Hope, is a perfect and exquisite example of his craft. It is immersive and hypnotic, majestically blurring the lines between exhilarating electro and subtly propulsive Krautrock leanings. Just shy of seven minutes, this dynamic and pulsing electronic life-force is spearheaded by a spectacular glistening air, warm melodic keys, soft beats and succession of lush synth, swishes and chimes which eventually become consumed by waves of crunching beats, liquid blissfulness and boundless flourishes of crystalline percussion. Lush, glistening and elegant, ‘Balance’ is a futuristic, vividly imaginative and thrilling sound.

Listen to the beautiful sounds of ‘Balance’ below:

Safetalk – ‘I Know’

Since introducing themselves in 2017, Anglo-French trio Safetalk – comprised of two Parisian producers Hugues Tonnet and Thomas Desnoyers and Berlin-based British vocalist, David Harks – have yet to disappoint.

A slew of seductive singles – ‘Universal’, ‘Static’ & ‘Layback’ to name a few – served as a nexus to their lush electronic-pop; of cosmic vibes, inspirational lyrics and shimmering synthesis. The trio’s latest ‘I Know’ is cut from a similar exquisite cloth. It is sonic sculpture that slinks along in a slow mo fashion with some deep heavy future R N B overtures and skeletal beat coupled with a passion for surreal storytelling. Harks’ hypnotic vocal transmit a tale of digital darkness amid gloriously lush backdrop of enveloping flickers of light and shimmers of warm synth. It is a seductive slice of lush and transfixing electronic-pop; and one that will leave you all the better for making its acquaintance.

The superb ‘I Know’ is out now – tune in below:

Private Agenda – ‘Ultramarine’

Private Agenda is the eclectic, eccentric electronic-pop project of Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe. Based between London and Berlin, the pair have honed their alluring and elegant sound culminating in 9-track LP Île de Rêve.

The pair’s debut album is an exquisite, escapist excursion to a blissful world of stunning, downtempo ambiance, and most recent single, ‘Ultramarine’ is the perfect introduction to both Private Agenda, and their album. At almost eight minutes, ‘Ultramarine’ slowly unfurls, washing over you with an ease and breeze, wit each passing moment revealing itself blissfully surreal, immersive and idyllic. Synths shimmer and squelch as bass lines bubble up to the surface while the shuffling, filtered percussion trickle beneath a cascading wave of warm electronics; it is a heady mix of ethereal, exquisite and heavenly electronica.

‘Ultramarine’ is taken from their debut LP Ile De Reve which was released through Lo Recordings in June – check it out here.

Introducing: K J M

K J M is the moniker for Irish musician and producer Kevin James Murphy (who also records as The Key Rocks).

The K J M project offers a series of thoughtful and cinematic explorations of electronic sound, utilising only sounds and loops available on Garage Band, as evidenced on debut album Jelacate. The album traverses various electronic musical landscapes, exploring themes of melody and mood as a gorgeous confection of ambient instrumental music that ebbs and flows through lush, atmospheric, cinematic drifts of retro futurism as it depicts a trip to Tokyo. Take ‘Divide’ and ‘The Sea’ as examples. ‘Divide’ harnesses a deep, warm, winding synth, hypnotic phasing sound and floaty atmospherics to create a gripping, transportive and transfixing track; moody, atmospheric and elegant, it will consume you. ‘The Sea’ hypnotises as it opens softly, lapping like its namesake but propelled forward by tidy percussion as a steady release of shimmering warm sounds, cloudy atmospherics and gentle guitar chords complete the lush picture. As an experiment, one could only say it is a success, delivering as it does, an abundance of ethereal beauty and cinematic escapism.

You can check out ‘Divide’ and ‘The Sea’ below and if they are to your liking, you can check out the album here.

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MARTH – ‘Golden Hour’

MARTH is a multi-Instrumental producer/composer from Netherlands who’s sound is born from a preference for Future Beats with hip hop, electronica and jazz influences.

Utilising a mix of electronic and live instruments, with an emphasis on trumpet, MARTH creates a chilled sound brimming with positivity and natural rhythm, and latest single ‘Golden Hour’ is a perfect case in point. Inspired by a painting from Van Gogh, it a trumpet focused chilled three-minutes. A laid-back groove slides along lulling you into this relaxing world, making your mind susceptible the serene mixture of soulful electronics, 90s chill, jazzy vibes with an added hip-hop pulse, and funky, brazen beat beneath. It is quite wistful and thought provoking, set to a scene of serenity, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and chilled.

Tune in below:

Kastane – ‘Shimmers’

Kastane is an electronic music project from Irish producer and drummer Alan Walsh, and beginning life as a side project while in Berlin, he has two EPs to his name Tunnels EP (2017) and Trang EP (2018), with a third expected in the future. 

With the latter in mind, Kastane has released ‘Shimmers’; a sophisticated, transfixing and melodic eight-minutes. While heavy on mood, texture and atmosphere with relentless oscillations transfixing, given that he is a card carrying member of drummers union, ‘Shimmers’ true strength and allure is sourced from its rhythmic and percussive power. As it unfolds, layer upon layer of sound evolves, the rhythm remains focused as beats are unleashed with pinpoint precision, while tight drum pads and sharp synth notes dual to create an alternate beat. ‘Shimmers’ is elegant, bewitching and sophisticated and will bend you to its mighty will, leaving you utterly powerless to resist it’s tempting allure.

Listen to ‘Shimmers’ below: 

Mindchatter – ‘Kerosene’

NYC producer Mindchatter has been dazzling us with genre-hoping aural delights; ‘Trippy’, ‘Blood’ & ‘Tough as Nails’.

Mindchatter is back with a similarly seductive single ‘Kerosene’. It is a sombre, slumbering sound that gentle meanders through a rich and textured soundscape marked by a bittersweet feel as hushed tones hover above the shimmers of synth and soft, popping beats. There is a tension and unease at play here but it is nicely cushioned by a sweetness and charm, creating a dremay and effortlessly chilled musical atmosphere. ‘Kerosene’ has a devastatingly powerful magnetism and becomes increasingly addictive and alluring with each and every listen.

Listen to ‘Kerosene’ below and if you like what you hear, you can check out previous single here too.