Pavel – ‘Alright’


Vancouver duo and purveyors of rich, melodic and rather exquisite electronica, Mesa Luna are currently on a bit of a break. One half of the dynamic duo, Alex Cooper, isn’t about to let this downtime stifle his own creative output.

Cooper’s ready to step out with a new solo project under the guise of Pavel, and we have been graced with debut track ‘Alright’. ‘Alright’ serves an intro to this new musical moniker, and how! It is a whimsical mix of pleasant synth warblings, shuffling drum machine beats, crackles and hazy vocals. It is a pretty infectious groover that espouses a playfulness amid its rippling saunter. ‘Alright’ is a wonderful introduction to Cooper’s new side-project and sure to keep us tide over till Mesa Luna get the bit between their teeth once again. Mesa Luna by the way, are not only a local favourite but one of the finest new discoveries from the past 12 months or so, and well worth some of your time.

Pavel will be supporting for Prince Rama and Dinner at Vancouver’s Cobalt on April 2nd, but for now, listen to the brand new single ‘Alright’ below.

David Harks – ‘Obey’


Following on from last December’s downtempo and sombre ‘Tripping Ghosts’, Brighton based David Harks returns with a more optimistic and chipper first release of 2016.

Written and produced by Harks and Miguel Toro, aka Royal Dust, ‘Obey’ is an incredibly joyful, slice of uplifting synth-pop. Slinking along a disco-infused-house groove, bubbling synths and shuffling rhythm, it is bubbly and light, and fizzes with optimism. It is a delicious tune with glossy production, and just sounds so hopeful. There are shades of Hot Chip or The 2 Bears to this one, and is as good as anything either of those have put our way, making for an ever so pleasant listen. Obviously. It’s always great to hear from Harks and this is right up there with the best of his work to date. An incredibly joyful listen.

‘Obey’ is out now 18th via JumJum Records, check it below:

Silverbacks – ‘Techno Dogs’


Dublin based indie/garage outfit Silverbacks have returned with a new single ‘Techno Dogs’, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming EP ‘No Duds Club’.

Silverbacks have made a solid rep for themselves when it comes to whipping up lashings of ’90s inspired lo-fi fuzz. ‘Techno Dogs’ does little to dispel this notion, as they continue along a similar path furrow; however their the slanted ’90s Pavement inspired sounds mix it up with the post-punk tones of Television and a touch of Talking Heads. Much like a Spring day, ‘Techno Dogs’ is simultaneously gloomy and sun-kissed. You know the sort of thing LCD Soundsystem always manage to do so well, yeah, just like that. O’Kelly’s low-toned and world weary vocals, bring a forlorn sense of being to a generally upbeat backdrop of chugging hazy bass-lines and rolling guitar riffs. This is a triumphant & confident return for the band, and easily one of their best tracks to date, and that’s saying something, given the ease with which they appear to be able to proliferate splendid singles.

You can check out new single ‘Techno Dogs’ now. And while we wait for the new EP, why not get acquainted with Silverbacks’ most recent album, ‘Hot Bath’, released last year, it is superb! You can get that for free from Bandcamp.

Helen Love announce new LP and share new single, ‘First Girl From Wales In New York’


With twenty one singles, three EPs and seven albums to their name, Welsh bubblegum-pop-punk outfit Helen Love have revealed details of their eighth LP. Entitled Smash Hits, the record will be released on May 20th via Alcopop! Records.

Ahead of its release in May, Helen Love have unveiled the first single from the forthcoming record, ‘First Girl From Wales In New York City’. Helen Love may have been around for more than two decades but their music has a youthful, carefree and fun air, and they are as catchy as any band on the planet. ‘First Girl From Wales In New York City’ stick with this tradition. Uniquely catchy mash-up of bubblegum-pop, punk, retro keyboards, colourful sounds, homages to The Ramones and an infectious giddiness.As is the norm with Helen Love, you’ve got one hell of an infectious and addictive racket on your hands.

Smash Hits is out on May 20th via Alcopop! Records and you can stream / download Helen Love’s brand new single, ‘First Girl From Wales In New York City’ below.

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Millions Like Us Podcast – Episode #13


We’re thrilled to share yet another Millions Like Us Podcast with you all. It’s great to back with the latest in a series of music podcasts hosted by Justin & I, in conjunction with Vancouver news & culture site 604now.

On a bi-weekly basis we aim to serve some lively and entertaining chat mixed with an eclectic selection of fabulous music from metro Vancouver and elsewhere. There’s plenty in there, well over an hour in fact, of great tunes and plenty of chat.

You can read more on it over here and of course, listen below (and the tracklist (with links) is after the jump too). You can subscribe to ‘Millions Like Us’ on iTunes & Podcast Republic, Mixcloud & SoundCloud, or find us on Facebook & Twitter. Or you can email us at millionslikeuspodcast[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks for all the support thus far and once again, thanks for listening! We hope you enjoy Episode #13. And last but not least, thanks to Caroline for the super image.

Episode #13 Track list:


Hannah Lou Clark – ‘It’s Your Love’


‘It’s Your Love’ is the exhilarating new single from London’s Hannah Lou Clark, the first lifted from her It’s Your Love EP.

Due for release April 22nd on her own label Quatre Femmes, the record was crafted while undertaking extensive touring in support of her debut EP Silent Type. Giving a fresh perspective on things, she toyed with new ideas and interesting sounds and textures, and the results are impressive. Title track, ‘It’s Your Love’ is urgent and tense, and ultimately catchy, bright and a cracker. Smothered by the roughness of the chugging guitars and propelled by kicking retro drum machine loops, these combine with Hannah Lou Clark’s angelic vocals to concoct a perfect rock-pop recipe. With nods to ’90s US guitar-pop, this is a catchy ditty as spring begins to reveal itself. A prime cut of unbridled brilliance from an artist in full command of her powers and knowing, seemingly, how and when you unleash them to full effect.

Check out ‘It’s Your Love’ below. The full EP is out on April 22nd.

Introducing: Games Violet

Games Violet Artist Photo (1000x699)

Games Violet is the Philadelphia-based Irish duo of Alexander Games and Emma Violet. Together the pair write, perform, record and produce ‘surrealist pop’ music in their home studio.

Originally from Dublin, they have just released their debut EP Nixie, into the world. Nixie is an elegant excursion into Games Violet’s surrealist and experimental world, littered with imaginative ideas and unique sounds. Otherworldly and eerily atmospheric recent single ‘Courtship’ demonstrates their raison d’etre, as it slips between beautiful and unsettlingly haunting. ‘Nixie’ is a similarly haunting piece of gothic pop that traverses an ominous mix of downtempo textures and atmospherics to remain peaceful yet simultaneously chilling. Closer ‘Gone’, is a downright unsettling and spooky, groove-driven wonky-pop. One other constant throughout is Violet’s ethereal vocals, which mesmerise and enchant in equal measure. Games Violet deliver more than their fair share of murky, chilling and foreboding qualities, but equally, there are utterly beautiful and spectacular moments too.

You can check out some choice cuts from Games Violet below and if they are to your liking, you can get at their debut EP Nixie, here.