Animal House – ‘No Mamma’


Brighton-based Australian indie-outfit Animal House have a knack in way of crafting tunes so ridiculously catchy, they get stuck in your head for days.

Animal House have just unleashed a super catchy new single ‘No Mamma’, which similarly to previous single ‘Coca Cola’, is overflowing with addictive qualities. It is a sunny, bouncy and vibrant blend of jangly melodies and immensely infectious hooks, alongside a hugely addictive refrain. While it will no doubt be bouncing around your head for days ‘No Mamma’ is also an absolute joy of sunny, summery bliss that will paste a broad smile on your face.

The good news is, if you like this, the new single is but the first off their project ‘Premium Mediocre’, a project from which the band will release a single every fortnight of this year. So, be ready for plemty more songs of garage-pop goodness, courtesy Animal House.

For now, check out ‘No Mamma’ below.

Terra Pines – ‘Dream Big’


Self-professed purveyors “sludgepop” and “grungegaze”, Terra Pines is an Australian trio comprised of Kelly Hanlon (guitar/vocals), Owen Dengate (guitar/vocals) and Cameron Smith (drums/vocals).

Playful genre descriptions aside, the Aussie outfit make powerful, fuzz-filled guitar tunes and just this month, have released their self-titled album. The album is fronted by rambunctious new single ‘Dream Big'; a perfect intro and one that will have you scooting straight over to the new album. An absolutely brilliant three minutes of fuzzed-up-noise, ‘Dream Big’ is tempered by her lilting vocals, while gritty guitars, heavy reverberating drums and rocking a crunchy, fuzz-heavy riff that rips through the track. For all the powerhouse pieces of post punk, shoegaze and grunge, there is a subtle seam of dreampop running through its core, eking out a near perfect space between sludge, fuzz and hazy pop.

Tune into ‘Dream Big’ below and if it is too your liking, why not check out Terra Pines’ debut record here.

Basement Revolver – ‘Baby’


Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canadian trio Basement Revolver are gearing up for the release of their debut LP, Heavy Eyes.

Slated for release on August 24 through Sonic Unyon, Basement Revolver’s debut promises 12 tracks of 90’s infused indie-rock and using lead single ‘Baby’ as a gauge, the record looks rather encouraging to say the least. A power brand of 90’s inspired indie-rock laced with layers of dulcet reverb, ‘Baby’ makes for compelling listening. It is dripping in atmospherics and smouldering with sadness, dissatisfaction and heartfelt longing, owing much to Hurn’s mournful delivery of sorrowful lyrics. Despite the doleful air, ‘Baby’ never flounders, swelling with a resolute anthemic power, and Hurn’s soar, far above. As compelling an intro as you’re likely to get – magnificent!

Listen to ‘Baby’ below now and keep an eye out for their debut LP.

Melting Order – ‘Walk Slow’


Melting Order is an Italian artist and music producer based in Boston who’s elegant compositions don’t adhere to genre boxes, preferring to indulge his creativity in exploration of genres, sounds and cross-pollination.

Melting Order’s latest release is ‘Walk Slow’ – and it is a humdinger. Opening with some choice whirring noises and some choice beeps and boops. It is when the vocals enter the fray, ‘Walk Slow’ really begins to take its shape. Around the minute mark it sparkles, or perhaps flickers, into a bouncy, synth-led piece, while remaining decidedly mellow but swaggering along with dulcet vocals (a la King Krule) and psych-tones. An innovative and exquisitely crafted exploration that rewards again and again with repeated listens.

Check out ‘Walk Slow’ below!

THYLA – ‘Blame’


Brighton foursome THYLA have steadily been building a rep for rousing indie-rock barnstormers and super new single ‘Blame’, thankfully does little to dispel this assertion.

Pairing biting pop hooks to soaring stellar indie rock riff, THYLA flit between grunge and dream-pop and charging forward with a thunderous bassline, ‘Blame’ packs quite a punch straight from the off. This thundering three-minutes is propelled onward on the back of crashing cymbals, energetic riffs and crisp guitar lines but Millie Duthie’s vocals – powerful, hard-hitting and self-aware – are equal to it all as they soar above; the icing on the cake. An all too alluring mix of power and precision, and the right amount of catchy hook.

Tune in now.