Courtney Barnett – ‘Pedestrian at Best’


Melbourne singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett has announced she will release her eagerly-awaited new album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, on March 24th through Mom + Pop Records.

The forthcoming new record follows up her marvelous debut, The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas, which cast a woozy spell with her hazy tales of vapid suburban life, aimless procrastination and her superlative way with words and glorious delivery; a charming record, filled with funny and sharp observations. To get us in the mood, as if we required any encouragement, Barnett has shared the first single from the record, ‘Pedestrian at Best’, with an equally brilliant accompanying video directed by Charlie Ford. ‘Pedestrian at Best’ is anything but pedestrian. Rumbling along a series of rocking riffs, brash percussion and general fuzz, serving as a sublime companion for Barnett’s signature lyrical stylings, astute and humorous observations and witticisms. It’s a magnificent, if slightly angrier return from one of the most exciting artists from the past few years.

New album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit  is out on March 24th. For now you can check out new single ‘Pedestrian at Best’ and for those of you back in the motherland, there’s an added treat. Courtney Barnett will play Whelan’s on April 4th. Tickets on sale next Thursday.

Drenge – ‘We Can Do What We Want’


Supreme noisemakers Drenge are back and confirm details for their new, second album, Undertow.

Due out on April 6th, the follow-up to the band’s self-titled 2013 debut is preceded by the explosive single, ‘We Can Do What We Want’. It takes the assertive force, aggression and exhilarating punk-rock fury of their debut before taking it up a notch, for a storming hi-octane blast of rock ‘n roll brilliance. In many ways, it’s the same old Drenge, which isn’t a bad thing at all. There is less of a menacing threat at play and it’s got more swagger and confidence, with more attention being played to stomping groove over visceral snarling. Whatever the case it makes the prospect of their upcoming new album even more tantalizingly exciting. Sit back. Turn the dial up to full blast. Enjoy. Repeat.

Undertow is due out on April 6th through Infectious Music with brothers Rory Loveless and Eoin Loveless are joined by Rob Graham on bass for three songs, adding a new member for the first time. For now though, there’s the not so small matter of ‘We Can Do What We Want’.

(Video) Only Real – ‘Yesterdays’

We’re in the silly season for album announcements, with hardly a day passing without news of a forthcoming release or other. That’s not a complaint by the way, it’s certainly offers a welcome respite and a distraction from the thrifty and austere month of January.

Looking forward in 2015 and it seems we’re set for a bonanza of ‘potentially’ sublime album releases, and few come with as much anticipation attached as Only Real‘s debut, Jerk At The End Of The Line. Having trailed a watchful eye over Only Real, aka Niall Galvin, since introducing himself with woozy slackerish, surf-rock inspired tunes, produced in his West London bedroom – it’s fair to say he’s endeared himself no end while not putting a foot wrong. Sticking to this script is latest single ‘Yesterdays’, a delightful prelude to his debut record. It is sugary, sun-drenched and somewhat unseasonal surf-rock goodness, better suited to sunny beaches than cold crisp days. Opening with a whirl of harmonies and charming samples before Galvin lays down typically telling half-rap/half-spoken word lyrics. Shimmering melodic guitars echo the laid back, nonchalant poise flourishing toward a woozy feel-good climax that ensures us that summer is not too far away. Accompanying the single is the Dexter Navy directed video which sees Galvin, eating some questionable eggs and donuts with altogether strange and unusual events unfolding. With relatively little time till the release of his debut LP, ‘Yesterdays’ keeps the woozy, chilled and feel-good vibes flowing.

Only Real’s debut album Jerk At The End Of The Line is out on March 30th.

The North Sea – ‘Drinking Alone’


Dublin based indie band The North Sea have announced their return with the unveiling of their forthcoming new single, ‘Drinking Alone’.

The five-piece will release the new single on February 28th via iTunes and will feature on the group’s long-awaited debut album. ‘Drinking Alone’ is in keeping with their previous work as they continue to embrace a collective love of ’80s and ’90s indie, with great effect. A pounding rhythm and post-punk inspired guitars deliver a rich and rounded indie-meets-post-punk sound as Kenny delivers a standout vocal performance. Ponderous and reflective, he shares a tale of alienation, realisation and separation between a couple (all comprehended fully while supping pints in solitude). A truly wonderfully stirring song, and a timely reminder of The North Sea’s prowess. Check it out below.

In conjunction with the new single, The North Sea will also head out on a five date Irish tour in support of the single’s release in February. See full list of dates below.

February 22: Crane Lane, Cork
February 25: Cobblestone Joes, Limerick
March 5: Voodoo, Belfast
March 6: Whelans, Dublin
March 19: Roisin Dubh, Galway

Jape – ‘Seance of Light’

JAPE-Press 2014-M&E-Web

Jape is, and has been, one of Ireland’s most talented musicians for sometime now and his much anticipated fifth album, This Chemical Sea, is out today (January 23rd).

‘Séance of Light’ follows ‘The Heart’s Desire’ as the album’s second single. It is more of a grower and less instantly infectious than it’s predeccesor but that said, it is synth-led pop of the highest caliber. It pulsates with a vital electronic beat, shifting through expansive and colourful production that intertwine with some wonderful euphoric undercurrents. It is all topped off to perfection by Egan’s intoxicating blend of soft vocals and exquisite harmonies which sit atop of the haze and swirling synth. A delightfully warm and hazy gem that offers yet another wonderfully compelling and colourful insight into the new record, The Chemical Sea, which is out today (so, many of you will have already heard the LP but I have not).

‘Seance of Light’ is below for your listening pleasure and check out the Dave Tynan directed video too. The Chemical Sea is available now from all the usual haunts.


Sake – ‘Lifted By The Sea’


Sake, the musical project from North Walian singer Chloe Leavers, has proven thus far to be a rather rich and rewarding experience.

Having released two stunning songs, ‘Stay With Me’ & ‘Almost Never’ last year, Sake has added ‘Lifted By The Sea’ to the fold. Combined they complete a rather spectacular three-track SAKE EP. ‘Lifted By The Sea’ is the most staggeringly brilliant yet. A quintessentially dreamy, understated affair, it unfolds slowly, gently introducing itself through a light acoustic strum and Leavers beautiful and evocative vocals. This alluring combination is embellished by some soft, atmospheric effects, flourishes of snappy drums and warm, hazy sounds. All melting together with a euphoric undercurrent flowing through it as she sings, hushed or soaring, her voice is always impeccable and utterly captivating. The icing on the cake for what is a spectacular, rich, intimate and rewarding experience that encapsulates all that is so truly wonderful about Sake. Indulge your ears in ‘Lifted By The Sea’ Below.

The SAKE EP is out now & available from iTunes.

(Video) Tuff Love – ‘That’s Right’


Everyone’s favourite Glaswegian scuzz-pop duo Tuff Love have previewed their forthcoming Dross EP with a brand new video for ‘That’s Right’.

Following on from ‘Slammer’, which was released toward the back end of 2014, Julie Eisenstein and Suse Bear once again reminded us of their endearing quality, and offer us some well needed new year cheer while they’re at it. Writing together in Suse’s bedroom and recording everything themselves, this musical pairing have already cooked up a flurry of addictive, perfectly formed alternative rock, and ‘That’s Right’ follows suit. Clocking in at just over two minutes, it’s a little fuzzy, distorted and rough around the edges, yet amid the searing, blistering riffs, fuzz and crashing drums, it is sewn together emphatically by their signature swoon-inducing pop harmonies and the beautiful breathy vocals floating over the top. Another absolutely brilliant two and a bit minutes of top notch indie/alt-rock from this increasingly promising and extremely exciting Glasgow pair.

‘That’s Right’ will feature alongside previous single ‘Slammer’ on the Dross EP, which is due for release on 10″ pink vinyl, via Lost Map Records on February 9th. Check ’em both out below.

Introducing: Graham Cooney


Graham Cooney is a young folk singer and songwriter from Cork, who, working from the comfortable confines of his own bedroom, produces earthy folk songs that posses an incredibly intimate sound and offering a beautiful yet gritty modern take on the genre.

Although drawing from a breadth of influences what really marks his work is the brevity of emotion and his wistful way with melancholy and melody. Combined with an evocative lyrical turn, these songs rely as much on his words as they do the arrangements to conjure up an atmosphere of warm conviviality. The usual pitfalls and clichés are avoided like the plague. If it’s happy-clappy-folk-hi-jinx you require; look elsewhere. For here we have absorbing, consuming and splendid pastoral folk with a dash of Americana, which is simply perfect in it’s imperfection. From the dusty yet gently soothing charms of ‘The Weather’ to ‘Sin’, which combines a nimble strum and static hiss for the most tender and touching of ballads. ‘North Star’ meanwhile, intertwines all the aforementioned elements with some melodious melancholy for an unforgettable, wistful rendition. Only in the dawn of his career he may be but Cooney has already amassed a rather wonderful collection of material.

Cooney is currently working on a debut EP but for now, there are some choice cuts from his existing wonderful collection below.

Fort Romeau – ‘Insides’


London producer Fort Romeau has a new album called Insides due on March 31st through Ghostly, and ahead of what will be his second album, he’s released the title track to provide us with an appetizer.

‘Insides’ is a perfect example of what Fort Romeau does best. A wonderfully immersive, slow-burning late-night house jam, relaxed and focused in its mood, it is both restrained and beautiful in its repetition. It slinks by with whooshing noises, horns sound above some delicate keys and a smattering of skittering beats and undulating beeps, for a classy, smooth six-minute instrumental. ‘Insides’ has been on constant rotation throughout the past week and it has set the bench pretty damn high for the follow-up to his 2012 debut album Kingdoms.

Anticipating a lot from the new album which is due on March 31st via Ghostly. And for now? Just the not so small matter of the title track below and it’s quite a tune!

Jinx Lennon – ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’

Jinx Lennon is the epitome of a modern folk singer, influenced as much by post punk and hip hop. Awkward and real, raw and righteous in his mode, he comes armed with songs of raw truths that kick back against the humdrum and bullshit of modern life.

Jinx is unique. A national treasure to be exact and rightly described by Christy Moore as the most important Irish singer/songwriter in the past 10 years. Whether it’s played on a one string guitar or sampled disco beat and raw garage noise and blues, these are songs to blow apart the chains in your head. While Jinx is currently in his HQ working on songs for his next album, working title Keep Sane In The World of Eager Smiling Pricks, an excellent brand new video for ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’ has emerged. Originally released in late 2013, ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’, in a distinctly and brilliantly Jinx manner, tells a tale about people who find themselves in a tight spot and being driven to behaviour they probably never expected themselves to be part of, touting on people for working while on the dole. Extremely catchy, powerful and brilliant as usual. Let’s hope we’re graced by a new Jinx Lennon album at some point in 2015.

You can check ‘Shop Thy Neighbour’ below & purchase it from here.