Sake – ‘Lifted By The Sea’


Sake, the musical project from North Walian singer Chloe Leavers, has proven thus far to be a rather rich and rewarding experience.

Having released two stunning songs, ‘Stay With Me’ & ‘Almost Never’ last year, Sake has added ‘Lifted By The Sea’ to the fold. Combined they complete a rather spectacular three-track SAKE EP. ‘Lifted By The Sea’ is the most staggeringly brilliant yet. A quintessentially dreamy, understated affair, it unfolds slowly, gently introducing itself through a light acoustic strum and Leavers beautiful and evocative vocals. This alluring combination is embellished by some soft, atmospheric effects, flourishes of snappy drums and warm, hazy sounds. All melting together with a euphoric undercurrent flowing through it as she sings, hushed or soaring, her voice is always impeccable and utterly captivating. The icing on the cake for what is a spectacular, rich, intimate and rewarding experience that encapsulates all that is so truly wonderful about Sake. Indulge your ears in ‘Lifted By The Sea’ Below.

The SAKE EP is out now & available from iTunes.

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