Introducing: Silica Angel


Silica Angel is the moniker of New York-based musician and producer Evan-Daniel Rose-González. Under this alias, we are spirited away on an electronic excursion to an unhinging subterranean world that while edgy, it is completely captivating.

Silica Angel’s latest single ‘Faustian Botany’ captures this chilling approach with perfection. Like entering some demented underground labyrinth, the overriding vibe is unnerving, unsettling and eerie. While both bizarre and jarring, it is utterly compelling as rich textures create dark atmospheres, emotion and a feeling of descending to subterranean world of the unknown, or ghoulish dystopian future. The b-side ‘Cicada Cartridge’ (feat. SadoSan) meanwhile, ups the ante all together. A sprawling 10-minute barrage of dark, subterranean noise, it harnesses the two pronged feverish approach of manic, bubbling percussion and demented vocal chants. The result is something even more unnerving and unsettling, yet somehow makes for even more compelling listening. Silica Angel’s music is discordant and strangely cinematic, and you won’y forget it in a hurry.

Tune into ‘Faustian Botany’ & ‘Cicada Cartridge’ (feat. SadoSan) below.

Kan Wakan – ‘Unlucky’


After a quite a wait, Bulgarian born Los Angeles-based artist Gueorgui Linev, aka Kan Wakan, has delivered Phantasmagoria, Vol. 1 to the world, the first part of his album trilogy.

Recorded with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, the calming and enveloping record features some of the sublime singles that held our attention until its release; namely ‘Molasses’ & ‘I Would’ among others. To mark the album’s release, Wakan has shared the opening track ‘Unlucky’ as his latest single. It encapsulates the record perfectly, using a gorgeous blend of organic and electronic layers to create a dark sultry pop sound with a breathy enticing vocal. The tension, the progression and perfect arrangement as it swells beyond any early indication – Wakan’s music just requires your time and patience. Sublime!

Listen to the ‘Unlucky’ below and you can check the album out over here.

Jai Piccone – ‘Care’


Jai Piccone is a producer hailing from Byron Bay in Australia. He is one fourth of the band ‘Tora’ who have already ventured as far afield as London and Berlin but it is his solo, producer project we are primarily concerned with.

The project and debut EP Movers came about through a desire to create more dancefloor orientated tracks. Following an emotionally turbulent period in 2017, Piccone followed his impulse to translate the feelings and ideas that arose and the result was lead-single ‘Care’. It is a deep and gently melancholic nocturnal house track merging deft percussion, sweeping synth, smooth bassline while threaded with a breezy, laid-back vibe. It’s light but still driven, a track comfortable for late night listening or enveloping the dancefloor.

A deft tune – you can listen to ‘Care’ below now:

Koresma – ‘Canyon Walls’


Koresma (aka Ryan Lindberg) is an electronic producer based in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

Koresma creates a blend of chilled electro-acoustic music grounded by strong grooves and inspired by the natural world around him, and latest single ‘Canyon Walls’ is testament to this. Centered around a strong slinky drum groove, precise, crunchy beats maneuver us through sea of tranquil vibes as flourishes of elegant strings and acoustic strums coalesce with a light rain of electronic crackles for a chilled, pleasant and easy on the ear escape. An utterly beautiful composition.

Koresma is currently working on a four part album based on the theme of a compass. The first EP of four, East, is out now and available here, with West is on the way.

Check out ‘Canyon Walls’ below now.

Ten Fé – ‘Not Tonight’


Ten Fé have been busing themselves in the studio working on a follow-up to their 2017 debut album Hit The Light.

The London-based outfit have shared new single ‘Not Tonight’, affording us a first glimpse at how the new record is shaping up. While now a fully-fledged five-piece outfit with Rob Shipley (bass); Johnny Drain (Keys) and Alex Hammond (drums) coming on-board full-time last year, the chemistry between songwriters Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan – evident throughout their debut – continues to shine bright in this latest offering. Lush, expansive and cinematic, their brand of ‘indie-music-to-dance to’ continues to blend Springsteen-esque guitar lines with uplifting, Screamadelica-era style vibes and all delivered through the band’s uplifting popcraft. Brooding tension ricochets off euphoric heights and heavenly vocal harmonies, while the production of long-time collaborator Luke Smith adds characteristic electronic flourishes and motorik groove. Living in a sonic world of their own, Ten Fé prove yet again to be masters of doing their own thing.

Sounds like that new record is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Listen to ‘Not Tonight’ below: