Wovoka Gentle – ‘Peculiar Form Of Sleep’


Wovoka Gentle are Imogen Mason, Ellie Mason and William J. Stokes, a trio from London, they craft a colourful confection of neon bright sounds as they hop between genres and styles drawn from a melting pot of influences into a striking blend of understated indie, with an electro groove at its heart.

The trio’s latest single ‘Peculiar Form Of Sleep’ captures this aesthetic perfectly. Effortlessly catchy, upbeat and bursting with vitality, wonderful vocal harmonies float above a relentless, surging synth pulse and dance beat. as it saunters it’s way along a slinky electronic groove. Anchored by alluring sunny harmonies and infectious, off-kilter melodies, not only is it a real groover but this is electrifying, neon bright indie music to dance to – and pure magic!

Their latest single is a real doozy and should feature on their debut album which is penned release via Nude Records in early 2019. Listen to ‘Peculiar Form Of Sleep’ below now:

Nicolas Kluzek – ‘Dublin 6′


Nicolas Kluzek is a Parisian born, Dublin-based artist and producer who’s sounds will, as we found out with previous single ’95to78′, delight – although not exclusively – the children of the night.

Kluzek’s preference and/or penchant is for flavours of a slower tempo, slumbering nocturnal electronic delicacies – as evidenced by the aforementioned previous single and new one, ‘Dublin 6′. Moving at a slumbering pace, it is a chilled and tranquil ode to his Irish home that gives on a reassuring aura of pure calm. Peaceful chimes mingle with flourishes of soft hip-hop beats, vocal samples, flute and washed out fiddle tune, ‘Dublin 6′ will leave you dreamily drifting in a state of blissful relaxation. Kluzek has served up yet another majestic track, one that washes over you with ease and leaves you all the better for making its acquaintance.

Listen to ‘Dublin 6′ below and if that is to your liking, there are more of that ilk right here.

Tomos – ‘Surface Tension’


Originally from West Wales, Tom Morgan aka Tomos traded these quiet peaceful surroundings for the vibrant streets of South East London, and it is a transition which is reflected in his elegant blend of electronica.

Drawing from the calmness of the countryside and the spirited energy of the city, Morgan alludes to the often overlooked simple pleasures and narrow slices of life in his music. Tomos’ captures this juxtaposition of calm and energy with perfection on his debut single ‘Surface Tension’. A wonderful piece of lush, elegant, bright and soul soothing electronica that oozes with feel-good vibes that glide gracefully across dreamy surroundings and a soft tempo. A perfect companion for Tomos’ soft, soothing and transfixing vocals which are engulfed in ethereal tones and tranquil textures.

Sit back, relax and tune into ‘Surface Tension’ below.

Safetalk – ‘Static’


Anglo-French trio Safetalk – comprised of two Parisian producers Hugues Tonnet and Thomas Desnoyers and Berlin-based British vocalist, David Harks – have released a stellar new single ‘Static’.

It is the title track from their debut EP which collates previous singles, ‘Universal’, ‘Gold of the Highest’ and ‘Mimic’ into a nice, neat package of cosmic electronic-pop. Brooding gloom-pop with murky electronic production, ‘Static’ is a hypnotic fusion of pulsating electronic rhythms, radiant synths and tender vocals combining to create interstellar psych-electronic music brimming with an abundance of heart and soul. The continental trio have delivered yet another compelling and transfixing electronic excursion that will leave an indelible mark on ones soul.

Listen to ‘Static’ below and Safetalk’s EP shall be with us in mid-November.

Blue Realization – ‘Longing’


Blue Realization is the Toronto-based project of Oscar Ota, whose musical manifesto proclaims to “express the beauty of infinite consciousness in a form of indie music”, which he does from his home studio.

The latest release from Blue Realization is ‘Longing’ and it is a beautiful, lush representation of his tranquil sounds. It is all deep chilled vibes as it slinks along at its own, unhurried pace. Shuffling onward with steady, dripping liquid beats that are joined by twinkling keys and gentle guitar create a gossamer back drop for Ota’s elegant and icy vocals to transfix. Blissfully atmospheric throughout, the elegance and dreamlike state of ‘Longing’ is a beauty to behold.

Listen to ‘Longing’ below:

Bels Lontano – ‘At the Horizon’


Bels Lontano AKA composer/producer Bret Bohman is an electronic music project from the US.

Taking his inspiration from a wide variety of musical and non-musical sources – love, anxiety, beats and ambience – the project explores concepts of liminal spaces, natural beauty, therapy and personal growth. A steady bass thump and crunchy beats carve a way through the ambient atmospheric soundscape and silky melody. Glistening strings mingle with glitchy sounds and a winding intensity as elegance co-exists with a foreboding sense of mild eeriness lurking in the background. A rich sonic creation, it finds a sweet spot between beauty and terror, and downtempo ambient sounds and chugging intensity of techno. Magnificent!

Listen to ‘At the Horizon’ below and it is but one facet of his forthcoming EP Kind Decade.

Pines – ‘Glisten’


Aussie duo Pines – aka Adam Dormand and James Kenneally – hone a fusion of blissful relaxation and lush electronic sounds.

The Adelaide pair’s latest single is the aptly named ‘Glisten’ and will take its place on Pines debut record, which is due sometime in the new year. Inspired by a high-speed journey train across Germany in 2017, providing the perfect explanation for its ebb and flow, as it draws you in with magnetism before fully enveloping you in its blissful creation. A subtle melody is joined by pitched vocal chops as a delicate arpeggio creates suspense and teases the space for a flurry of swirling synths, hard-hitting beats and delicate vocal to breathe, and create a beautiful sense of euphoria. Precise, pristine and enthralling – it ekes out a space where colour and warmth can coexist with a glacial but imperious ambience.

Listen to ‘Glisten’ below – and keep an eye (and ear) out for Pines’ debut in the new year.