Blimp – ‘Always In My Mind’

Blimp is a Dublin-based producer with a penchant for lush, warm and woozy slices of seductive house/electronica – attributes demonstrated in abundance by the beautiful, feelgood and sunny electronica escapism of new single ‘Always In My Mind’.

‘Always In My Mind’ follows debut single ‘Back To Me’ (feat. Kareem Ali) earlier this year, and delivers something deliciously seductive; marrying the exquisite elegance of electronica, dancefloor focus and seductive grooves of house music – and in doing so, crafting something we’d expect from far more seasoned hands. It is a lush, lavish and sunkissed affair as warm synths fizz with life and effervescence, gushing over soft beats, deep seductive grooves and sparkling spurts of electronics, amid an abundance of uplifting and sunny vibes. ‘Always In My Mind’ is a beautifully, uplifting and lush jam, bound together by a feelgood vibe, seductive groove, and peppered by bouts of mild euphoria and compulsion to dance.

One to get lost in as it forms a real sense of familiarity, oozing nostalgic feelings for hazy summer days and nights – and something that will keep you coming back for more.

Listen to ‘Always In My Mind’ below now:

Sakura & Aloa Input – ‘Another Rainbow’

Hong Kong via London to Vienna, musician and songwriter Sakura has joined forces with Neo-Krautrock outfit Aloa Input for new single ‘Another Rainbow’; and together this collaboration delights and enthralls with a sweetly hypnotic and spaced-out dreamer.

Driven by a gently undulating and hypnotic rhythmic groove, Sakura’s captivating, cool and hushed vocals snake above while guitars shimmer, flicker and twang amid the hazy world of lush and dreamy atmospheric splendor. It is sweet, cosmic and lavish psych-infused dream-pop perfection that dazzles and hypnotizes, grows and seeps into your senses with each and every listen, and leaving you better for it.

Nothing short of stunning, listen to ‘Another Rainbow’ below:

Zoee – ‘Fountain’

London-based musician Harriet Zoe Pittard aka Zoee has recently released her debut LP Flaw Flower.

Two years in the making, the album ushers us on an offbeat exploration of playfully imaginative, off-kilter sounds with nods to the avant pop of the 80s. ‘Fountain’ is the latest wonder to be lifted from the record and it exudes all the aforementioned playful, experimental pop prowess and leftfield vibes. It glides over soft pattering electronic beat as flickers of guitars and shimmering synths flutter amid an ethereal swirl of atmospherics with dramatic sax solo adding a glowing intensity as soft spoken vocals deliver a focused stream of consciousness, seeping into every corner and cranny of the ethereal otherworldly backdrop.

Listen to ‘Fountain’ below – the debut album is here too, and well worth your time.

Mazoulew – ‘Ki Lo’

UK producer Mazoulew has been crafting captivating electronic sounds since the mid 00s and drawing from a rich well of inspiration – trip-hop, jazz, downtempo, drum & bass and more – his sound has mutated, evolved and refined over time.

Continuing to transcend genres, Mazoulew is back with new single ‘Ki Lo’ – the third instalment lifted from his forthcoming Movements EP, out October 15. ‘Ki Lo’ sounds beautifully organic as it traverses the realms of techno, downtempo electronica with ambient touches. Heavy on mood, texture and atmosphere, carefully coaxed out, it builds slowly and smoothly as beats ripple and crunch softly while synths pulse and amid a spacious world of shifting atmospherics and frazzled electronics. A hypnotic and completely captivating intro to the forthcoming EP – and superb as usual from Mazoulew.

Listen to ‘Ki Lo’ below now:

Gushh – ‘Here We Are Still’

Gushh is the solo project of Bristol-based artist Richard Stockley who looks after everything involved; composing, recording, mixing, mastering and artwork.

Gushh revolves around the concept of looping elements and building tracks up whilst telling a narrative through old-timey samples from forgotten pieces of media and having introduced the project with ‘Drifting Through the Emptiness of Space’ back in June, Stockley has returned with new single ‘Here We Are Still’. Propelled by a hypnotic cosmic groove, steady beats build and build whisking us through a misty haze of psychedelic and ambient textures while bright, clipped riffs spark alongside shimmering guitars. Oozing with a cosmic aura, ‘Here We Are Still’ builds and builds to a triumphant explosion of epic proportions, marked with a real sense of awe, wonder and hope. Magnificent once again from Gushh!

‘Here We Are Still’ is lifted from a forthcoming – so far unnamed – EP due in the Autumn. Till then, give the single a spin below:

I, Doris – ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’

London’s I, Doris have re-written REM’s classic ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ to reflect the dystopian feel of the past few years.

Self-proclaimed ‘kitchenpop/mummycore’ outfit sprinkle some of their playful and infectious indie magic to craft a witty and poignant take on REM’s classic, bringing things up to date, with lyrics reflecting our present day issues; Covid-19 Brexit, Trump, Black Lives Matter, among others.

The track is part of a compilation entitled ‘A Carnival of Sorts: A compilation of R.E.M. covers by various artists’. It has been put out by God Is In the TV to raise funds for Help Musicians UK and I, Doris’ is but one of 40 (yes, 40!) covers from the likes of Desperate Journalist, Bandicoot, Bugeye, MIRI, Hadda Be, The Darling Buds and Piney Gir

There’s 40 tracks in all – all for a cool £6 – and you’re supporting a great cause. Grab the album from Bandcamp, and while you wait for that to download, enjoy the lyric video below….

Mailer – ‘Rokkaku Group’

‘Rokkaku Group’ is the debut single from new London-based producer, Mailer, who cultivates a compelling, concise and hypnotic sound.

Fusing elements broken techno, breaks, dub, and hip hop, Mailer crafts something we’d expect from far more seasoned hands, embracing experimental sound design to evoke vivid, dystopian imagery.

The single, ‘Rokkaku Group’, demonstrates these attributes in abundance driving the dancefloor dynamics through a deep, sparse and subterranean world. Crisp beats patter a groove while a winding atmospheric synth oozes an eeriness that joins with the sparse surrounding to engulf the refined bass work. There is a rather beautiful yet eerily sinister aura that marks ‘Rokkaku Group’ dominated initially by restrained percussion and a hollowed out, murky spaciousness – this dynamic does however, afford room for space, space that’s filled with hypnotic potency and rich atmospherics. As good a debut as you are likely to hear – this is sublime.

Listen to ‘Rokkaku Group’ below now: 

Hot Mustard – ‘Window Seat’

Hot Mustard are instrumental funky psych soul loving duo composed of artist/producer and guitarist Jack Powell and bassist Nick Carusos, together with trumpeter Jordan Mclean (Antibalas) and Dave “Smoota” Smith (TV On The Radio) on trombone; theirs in an eclectic mash-up of smooth beats and full-bodied horn sounds.

Drawing influence from mid/late 1960’s and early 1970’s funk and soul, the building blocks of first generation boom bap hip-hop, Hot Mustard will bring their debut album, Mother Sauce, into the world next month -and ahead of which, they are sharing seductive single ‘Window Seat’. It is a super smooth jam that saunters through the sunburned haze with a groove-heavy bassline and languid drum beat. Plucky guitars twang and chime amid the sun-kissed shimmering which is all topped off triumphantly by brilliantly warm all-brass horns. An undeniably hypnotic groover, it’s chilled sun-kissed vibes and seductive swagger will leave an indelible mark on ones soul.

Fresh yet familiar, ‘Window Seat’ offers a perfect view of what to expect from their debut album, and plenty of reasons to get excited.

Listen to ‘Window Seat’ below and keep an eye out for the album coming on September 3.

Sons Of Zöku – ‘Sacred’

Sons Of Zöku are Adelaide-based psych-rock outfit comprised of Portuguese-born Ricardo Da Silva and Ica Quintela, and Australian-born Jordan Buck, Oscar Ellery, and Eddie Hannemann.

They have been making waves in their native Australia (surely the most reliable source of modern psych) for a while with their free-flowing, energetic and colourful explorations and are now readying the release of their debut album and ahead of which, ‘Sacred’ is the first single lifted from the record.

In keeping with tradition, ‘Sacred’ draws influences from across the globe crafting a hypnotic haze of colourful kaleidoscopic sounds, wholly their own. Propelled by a lush, swirling groove and meandering rhythm it is adorned with languid guitars, sitar flourishes and dreamy, hushed vocals that drift melodically above the warm blanket of dreamy fuzz. Sons Of Zöku have struck gold once again and with a debut album on the horizon, it is a timely reminder of their prowess – hopefully the wait isn’t too long.

Listen to ‘Sacred’ below and get ready to be entranced. 

Havana Swim Club – ‘Lagoon’

Havana Swim Club is the alias of Seattle-based musician and producer Dan Koch (Sherwood), who has just this month released an audacious debut record to the world.

The self-titled debut took shape while on quarantine, Koch began crate-digging and experimenting with vintage samples of ska, disco, funk and jazz and the new record is the result. A world of lavish exploration through genres, styles and eras – it is fronted by majestic lead single ‘Lagoon’ – meticulously crafted with a breezy, feelgood freshness, combining breathtakingly lush layers, sumptuous strings and rich flourishes flowing above a bed of seductive beats. ‘Lagoon’ (like the album in general) is one to get lost in, fresh yet familiar, it oozed nostalgic feelings for hazy summer days and nights.

Listen to ‘Lagoon’ below and the album is available here.

(FFO Washed Out, Mr Scruff & Channel Swimmer)