Cat Dowling – ‘Believer’


Cat Dowling’s latest single ‘The Believer’ is the title track from her debut solo album; a supremely confident effort full of twists and turns

‘The Believer’ was one of the standout from the aforementioned LP, which like it, has a certain PJ Harvey quality, as dreamy imagery shimmers through a murky shrouded darkness. It opens with a rollin’, ramblin’ western swagger, through a perfect blend of marching piano and guitar before unfurling quickly, adding more instruments as the melody builds further and further. It is the perfect backdrop for Downling’s greatest asset to shine; her voice. Her vocals are sublime. The sultry yet raspy tones carry tunes forward vigorously and with such an ease. A truly magnificent song which has eked out a perfect balance between emotional weight and feeling, and a rumbustious tune. No easy achievement. 

‘Believer’ is out now – as is the album of the same name and you can purchase both here.

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The Pictish Trail – ‘I’ve Been Set Upon’

The Pictish Trail 2014

Last week The Pictish Trail aka Johnny Lynch, brought us news that he has signed with Moshi Moshi Records, who will give a full release to his two albums to date, Secret Soundz Vol. 1 & 2, on June 9th.

To celebrate the news, The Pictish Trail is giving away Vol. 2‘s tender piano number ‘I’ve Been Set Upon’ for free. Secret Soundz Vol. 2 was a particular favourite from last year. A magnificent record, concerned with with life’s ups and downs, with Lynch in quite a contemplative, often melancholic mood. In contrast, musically it’s a rather chipper melange of oddball sounds, sparks of frazzled electronics and instrumental breaks. All the news is not simply confined to releasing his past work however. Along with the full release of his two previous albums to date, Lynch confirmed that a brand new album will follow on Moshi Moshi in 2015. Great news indeed.

Secret Soundz Vol.1 & 2 will get their full Moshi Moshi release on double vinyl, double CD and download, on June 9th. You can listen to ‘I’ve Been Set Upon’ & ‘Michael Prochet’ below. Two excellent reminders of how great a record Secret Soundz Vol. 2 is.

Only Real – ‘Cadillac Girl’


Two years after appearing online in demo form, ‘Cadillac Girl’, the track that introduced us to the hazy sounds of Only Real has received a polished re-release.

Polished it may be but the West Londoner, who’s now signed to Virgin EMI, maintains the lo-fi, hazy slacker pop vibe of the original. ‘Cadillac Girl’ is one of those tunes that gets inside your head and refuses to leave – sun-flecked and summery – it meanders along a lazy but catchy riff, steady drumbeat, and his signature, carefree and hazy vocal drawl. Two years on from sharing DIY bedroom productions with the world, he’s signed with Virgin EMI and is said to be currently working on an album for release this year. He’s headed for the big leagues it seems. If this is perhaps the first time you’ve crossed paths with Only Real, a date with his debut EP Days in the City is a must. A prefect intro to his charming sun-soaked sounds.

Only Real’s first release of 2014 ‘Cadillac Girl’ will be out on 12 May. Give it a listen below.

Introducing: Flann McMorrow


Flann McMorrow is a Dublin based electronic producer with a furtive side. Little or nothing is known about him, beyond his music, which was the first released on Dublin based art collective, Wonderfulgood which launched earlier this year.

McMorrow’s surreptitious jams from a clandestine Dublin location are outstandingly slick, snappy and melodic electronic jams. These slick productions are saturated with warm melodies, in turn painstakingly pieced together with snappy, frenetic beats. His latest and second EP, Mass is a pertinent example of his talents. Over three tracks – ‘Sighed a Sigh ft. Tara Masterson Hally (Airport Mix)’, ‘Your (Or Something)’ & ‘Mass’ – we a treated to a feast of wonderfully melodic, bright and inspired productions. Productions too that deserve to be noticed, far beyond what they’ve achieved to date. Hopefully 2014 is a good one for Flann McMorrow and it looks set to be rather busy as he plans to release of a third EP and soundtracks for two Irish films, and that’s not to mention a number of live shows.

For now though, there are some choice cut from his latest EP Mass, below, and it is available as a ‘name your price’ download from bandcamp. It comes wholeheartedly recommended.

Edit: Flann McMorrow is on the bill alongside Dorota Konczewska this Friday, March 28th in 12 Rutland Place, Dublin 1. Details here.

Dark Horses – ‘Live On Hunger’


Dark Horses have announced their return with the release of a brand new single ‘Live On Hunger’, as well as news of their second album Hail Lucid State, coming this May on Last Gang Records.

It’s 18 months since the release of their brooding, haunting and shadowy debut LP, Black Music, and on this evidence at least, the intervening time has done little to abate their predilection for shadowy darkness. Dark Horses have once again teamed up with Richard Fearless (of Death In Vegas fame) for production duties and Fearless’ stamp clearly discernible from the opening drone and thud of ‘Live On Hunger’. It’s an impassioned no-holds-barred anthem, packed with both precision and attitude, and embellished with swirling serrated guitars, waves of pulsating electronic and touches of psychedelia. The latter has been ever present but their sound has always been, and remains to stark to easily slide into that genre. A stunning return from Dark Horses.

You can check ‘Live on Hunger’ for yourself below before it’s released on April 9th, followed by LP, Hail Lucid State this May on Last Gang Records.