The Mexican Walking Fish – ‘Plain Old You’

the mexican walking fish 2014

The Mexican Walking Fish (formerly Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish) and their utterly lovable alt-country ballads came in for a ringing endorsement when they first appeared on the site last year.

Not much has changed in that regard, except for a new leaner name but the Bangor outfit’s latest track, ‘Plain Old You’, suggests the music remains similarly great (albeit in demo form). ‘Plain Old You’ is a gently strummed folk-country ditty whose combination of subtle instrumentation and soft hushed vocals creates an air of soothing calm. The rustic production too, adds a degree of intimacy, warmth and a comforting air. Demo or not, it sounds mighty fine. Beautiful, simplistic and assured – let’s hope there’s plenty more from The Mexican Walking Fish throughout 2014 and beyond.

For now at least there is ‘Plain Old You’, below for your listening pleasure and if it’s to your liking, there’s more here.

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