(Video) Gulp – ‘Vast Space’

Gulp - Mary Wycherley

Gulp, the musical project of Super Furry Animals’ Guto Pryce and Lindsey Leven, will release their debut album Season Sun on July 8th.

Ahead of the record’s impending release Gulp have kindly shared a music video for ‘Vast Space’, which we’ve heard before, and features on the LP. ‘Vast Space’ has a certain cinematic and ethereal charm. Leven’s cool, hushed vocals lightly coat the gritty, blues-infused psychedelia, and act as the perfect companion for those effervescent organ chimes. Driven by a rumbling, rambling bassline and a hypnotic rhythm; it’s got a solid sonic groove that brings to mind some of the slower Django Django moments. The video is stellar stuff, directed and animated by Ewan Jones Morris, it is the perfect visual companion. The visual, according to the band “takes its aesthetic from uhh, Greco-Roman architecture, Tetris and Microsoft Windows screensavers, maybe.” Whatever the case it’s a top notch track with an equally dazzling video, their debut record promises to be a delight.

Gulp release their debut album Season Sun on July 8th – until then sample the delight that is ‘Vast Space’.

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Introducing: Cape Grace

cape grace 2014

Cape Grace are the Electronica duo comprised of Dubliners Marc Scully and Eric English, who recently released their self-titled debut EP, and it’s pretty damn good.

The pair produce fairly ambient electronic soundscapes, often down-tempo, moody and deeply atmospheric – that’s not to say they’re listless – these are late night / early morning jams with an emphasis on mood, groove and rhythm. Unnerving, unsettling and eerie are the overriding vibe. Rich textures create dark atmospheres, emotion and a feeling of venturing into subterranean world of the unknown, or ghoulish dystopian future . Both ‘You’ll See’ and ‘HClarke’ exemplify this approach, the former steps out of first gear with spritely surges and changes. ‘Fluks’ is the pick of the pile, with it’s dripping beats, distant synths and low-fi crackle, combined with some warped vocal and echoey, chorally ambience culminating in an irresistible five minutes. ‘2MW’ isn’t far behind it with it’s ditzy analogue tape machine-esque wobbles parting way for a kind of African choir before razor sharp beats kick in. Excellent productions from a rather promising duo, hopefully there will be more where that came from soon.

There are a few choice cuts below. All you have to do to own your own copy is ‘name your price’ and download it via bandcamp. Simple.

Cave Story – ‘Richman’


Portuguese band Cave Story excited our ears last November when they released their quirky and playfully psychedelic collection of demos as an EP.

Kicking on from that, Cave Story have unveiled ‘Richman’, showcasing the sound they’ve been developing since last year. One would be forgiven for expecting the transition from the demo stage to witness a cleaner, polished and sheenier sound. Think again. ‘Richman’ is rough-around-the-edges, gruff, gritty and pretty sheen less indie meets garage fare. High on lo-fi distortion, drone and riffs, with little in the way of pop but remains appealing to the ears as an invariably captivating listen. It sounds as though their infatuation with the ’60s/70s has been swapped for another bygone era; the ’90s. Or not? Perhaps ‘Richman’ is, in name at least, their homage to Jonathon Richman. Or not.

There’s an EP promised in September but for now? You can listen to ‘Richman’ below or pop over to bandcamp and download it for free.

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Freedom Fry – ‘Home’


Freedom Fry’s tracks ‘Summer In The City’ (2012) and ‘Hanging With The New Crowd’ (2013) were decidedly brilliant cuts of infectious, indie pop of the highest order, so it is a pleasure to have the French/American duo back with new material.

Their latest effort ‘Home’, an ode to LA, is the first fruits of their labour having being holed in their home studio working on a next release. ‘Home’ is suitably laid-back, slow-grooving and dreamy number, combining a sombre and breezy vibe with some sun-kissed tones, perfect for consumption on long lazy summer days. An irrefutably loveable track with a touch of the irresistible.

Seemingly there is a new EP in the pipeline, but for now, you can listen to ‘Home’ below and make up your own mind. If it is to your liking, you can pick it up from bandcamp.

SertOne – ‘Mouthful EP’

shot by mumptown1

Liverpool-based Irish producer SertOne has been one of Ireland’s finest producers for sometime. Always fresh, original, innovative and thoroughly enjoyable; his new EP, Mouthful, is in keeping with this standard.

It’s a splendid collection of beat music, in SertOne’s slick and riveting style and inspired by the Chicago’s Drill & Footwork scene, it focuses on the more juke-indebted sides of electronic production. ‘Firewerks’ is the pick of an overwhelmingly impressive pile. Its layered warm textures, twitchy percussion and rhythms, stabs of synth and warped vocal whisperings, making for a wholly irresistible listen and demonstrate his supreme prowess as a producer. SertOne is a class act. No doubt about it.

SertOne’s Mouthful EP is out now through Fly High Society and available on both digital and cassette. You can buy / stream in full here. Check out ‘Firewerks’ below.

Bleached – ‘For The Feel’

bleached 2014

Bleached are the sibling duo of Jessie and Jennifer Clavin, who after impressing last year with their wonderful debut album, Ride Your Heart, are back with a new EP.

The new EP, For The Feel, is fronted by the song of the same name and was originally intended for last year’s LP, but instead it’s the lead track on a new EP. Apparently inspired by the sound of The Kinks, and recorded using The Kinks’ amp, ‘For The Feel, is quintessentially a ‘Bleached’ jam; with summery sun-kissed ’60s garage meets punk-rock, with a breezy jangle pop side. Yet another supremely tuneful and absolutely marvellous track from California duo, perfect for the warmer weather and sunshine of the summer months. And quickly before this is wrapped up. My gaze was was initially drawn to Bleached’s wonderful debut by the equally marvellous blog, Dukla Prague Away Kit, but for whatever reason time was never found to bestow deserved lavish praise upon their record. Needless to say you should check it out, if you haven’t already of course.

The EP will be released digitally on July 22nd, followed by a 7-inch single on September 16th via Dead Oceans. For now, sit back, relax and enjoy their latest single. (Stream Ride Your Heart on Spotify)

Boxed In – ‘Run Quicker’


We dropped in on London based trio, Boxed In, late last year with the release of their excellent debut single, ‘All Your Love Is Gone’/’Legacy’.

Well, Oli Bayston & Co. are back again with a new single, ‘Run Quicker’, and they are sounding super exciting and vital once again. ‘Run Quicker’ is a driving alternative pop track ushered forward by pulsating motorik rhythms, meaty bass and crisp jaunty piano, and filled with a host of other organic sounds. It really does get going. Quite similar in essence to watching a blurry world flash by from a train window as it hurtles along through the countryside. All in all, it is an exhilarating blend of inspiration, taking in the motorik rhythms of Can and Neu!, and touch of 80’s new wave a la New Order.

‘Run Quicker’ is the first single taken from their debut album, which is out later this year. Meanwhile, ‘Run Quicker’ is out July 14th through Nettwerk Records. Check it & the video (directed by Sam Mason) below.

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Death In The Sickroom – ‘Tonight’

Death In The Sickroom 2014 hi-res press shot

Death In The Sickroom aroused plenty of interest when they announced themselves with a tasty selection of sublime demos over two years ago. It has been interesting tracking their progress since then, albeit a quiet one for new material, preferring to take their time, playing gigs and honing tunes before treating us to a sneak preview of their work with ‘Brick To The Face’ late last year.

Now the young Dublin band have unveiled ‘Tonight’, the lead single from their forthcoming Brick To The Face EP, which is due out in August. ‘Tonight’ is jangly, upbeat and infectiously catchy. It swaggers along the most palpable of guitar jangles, that is sparking, blissful and sublime. This, combined with some snappy drumming, excelsior lyrics and delivery, sees their pop-sensibilities shine through a tune that bears all the hallmarks of an ‘indie classic’. Yes, we’ve been here before, albeit in demo form, but now fleshed out and polished, ‘Tonight’ has lost none of its former charm.

You can check out ‘Tonight’ and its video ahead of the forthcoming release of their debut EP, Brick To The Face.

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Fold – ‘Be Water My Friend’


Leeds based Fold certainly have the propensity for producing the magnificent. ‘Mr. President, We’re In Trouble’ and last years Salvation EP suggested as much, so it’s no surprise really that Fold’s latest release, ‘Be Water My Friend’, is an utterly stunning piece of work.

Initially written as a demo constructed only from samples, priding themselves as they do, on the production of live trip hop they decided to hit the studio, re-orchestrating and recording the whole track using live instruments. And oh my are we glad they did.  ‘Be Water My Friend’ oozes with positivity as a mellow vibe is mixed with a whole host of snappy, energetic and driving breakbeats, bass, guitar, shakers, haunting vibraphone melody and three-piece horn section. There’s a nod to 70s funk as it slinks along a natural funky groove before exploding into life with flurries of uplifting effervescent brass from the horn section. All in all, the perfect backdrop for Bruce Lee’s inspirational & humanitarian musings to shine (yes, that Bruce Lee). A stunning and grandiose exhibition of musical prowess from Fold once again. An excellent addition to their unique and growing catalog.

‘Be Water My Friend’ will be released as a split 7” with label mates Invisible Hands on June 23rd through Leeds imprint All My Friends.

Hyde & Beast – ‘Blue’ + ‘Keep Moving’

Hyde & Beast 2014

After a three-year absence, Sunderland duo Hyde & Beast strut back into view with some riffy new jams.​

David Hyde (The Futureheads) and Neil Bassett (Golden Virgins) last joined forces in 2011 and their debut album, Slow Down, was heavy on the retro ’60s/’70s vibe and had the feeling of two mates enjoying themselves in the studio, unperturbed with trends. ‘Blue’ follows suit, with a stomping riff and glam rock era groove reminiscent of T. Rex (or more recently The Black Keys), with Hyde adding some sweet, pastoral 60s-style pop harmonies to top things off. ‘Blue’ has been on constant rotation during my settling in period over here in Vancouver but with the long wait for new material over, a lack of internet meant this post had to be put on hold, till now. Every cloud has a silver lining though. This morning they shared their new single, ‘Keep Moving’ with the world. It continues with the glam-infused rock but slowed down, and zoned out into dreamier, psych filled pop pastures. No idea if and when a new LP is coming but for now there are two top quality jams to sink your teeth into.

You can download ‘Blue’ for free below while ‘Keep Moving’ is out July 28th. You can stream both below right now.