Fold – ‘Be Water My Friend’


Leeds based Fold certainly have the propensity for producing the magnificent. ‘Mr. President, We’re In Trouble’ and last years Salvation EP suggested as much, so it’s no surprise really that Fold’s latest release, ‘Be Water My Friend’, is an utterly stunning piece of work.

Initially written as a demo constructed only from samples, priding themselves as they do, on the production of live trip hop they decided to hit the studio, re-orchestrating and recording the whole track using live instruments. And oh my are we glad they did.  ‘Be Water My Friend’ oozes with positivity as a mellow vibe is mixed with a whole host of snappy, energetic and driving breakbeats, bass, guitar, shakers, haunting vibraphone melody and three-piece horn section. There’s a nod to 70s funk as it slinks along a natural funky groove before exploding into life with flurries of uplifting effervescent brass from the horn section. All in all, the perfect backdrop for Bruce Lee’s inspirational & humanitarian musings to shine (yes, that Bruce Lee). A stunning and grandiose exhibition of musical prowess from Fold once again. An excellent addition to their unique and growing catalog.

‘Be Water My Friend’ will be released as a split 7” with label mates Invisible Hands on June 23rd through Leeds imprint All My Friends.

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