Moving on…. er…. over… er…. across the sea!


So, some of you are might already be aware that myself and my partner in crime Caroline, are relocating to Vancouver this week, but others are perhaps not. While I don’t  normally share much other than my musical musings on here, this is a biggie.

Rest assured I intend on continuing with the blog and updating as much as possible. There’ll be a bit of a break in posting but normal service shall resume, albeit on Canadian time, once I get settled in etc. It’s all very exciting and pretty nerve racking at the same time but hey, that’s what life’s about surely? Anyway, I won’t take up too much more of your time & I hope to be back sharing new and exciting music with you all very, very soon. Thanks to everyone who’s help make the blog what it is, readers, bands, frequent and infrequent contributors alike and a super extra special thanks to those of you who made the BarryGruff gigs possible and ever so special. I salute you!

So, before leaving you, here’s ‘Gallant Foxes’ from Neil Davidge and featuring the wonderful Cate Le Bon, who I’ve been obsessed with since the turn of the year. An amazing song with Le Bon’s stunning vocals matched by Davige’s pristine production. See you on the other side.



The Pictish Trail – ‘Wait Until’


With the reissue of his albums Secret Soundz Vol. 1 & 2 on Moshi Moshi Records fast approaching on June 9, The Pictish Trail has kindly given us a first glance at Alan Cameron and Ben Cowie’s new video for Vol. 2 track, ‘Wait Until’.

‘Wait Until’, is a tender, slow building and softly blossoming hazy piece of ambient pop. Amid the hazy cloud of electronics and layers of vocals it is imbued with a weight of melancholy, sadness and loss that comes from being the first song that Lynch penned following the passing of his mother. A carefully tempered and marvelous piece of folk-influenced balladry and warm electronics. Although Vol. 1 has remained elusive (that’ll be put right on June 9th) Secret Soundz Vol. 2 is a magnificent record and was a particular favourite from last year on it’s original release. Hopefully this new found partnership with Moshi Moshi sees The Pictish Trail reach a far greater audience, and one befitting of his supremely creative talent.

Check out ‘Wait Until’ below. Eigg-cellent!

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Introducing: Oxygen Thieves


Oxygen Thieves are snarling alt-rock quartet – Alex Fewtrell, Rob Fewtrell, Dan Tilling and Alex Rose – from the Wirral.

They take their influences not only from their surroundings, and my there are many to work with on Merseyside, but also from bands like The Pixies, Television and Sonic Youth to create  raw, intense, snarling alt-rock, filled with intense, dark, apprehension. The dark, deep, gritty and raw grind of ‘To Boast’ captures the essence of Oxygen Thieves perfectly. Layers of dissonant guitars, constant driving rhythms and drawled, gritty vocals with a scouse lilt perfectly project dark overtones and add a sense of gripping intensity to proceedings. ‘To Boast’ is but one of many great tracks from their excellent debut EP, We Found the Thieves. Oxygen Thieves ferociously excel with an eruption of vitriolic disillusionment amid wailing guitars, bass riffs and doom laden noise.

We Found The Thieves EP is out now via their own Secret House Records. Stream it in full here.

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Courtney Barnett – ‘Anonymous Club’



Having only recently unearth the rambling, freewheeling anti-folk of Courtney Barnett‘s, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, any excuse has been sought to wax lyrical about this wonderful artist and record.

In pairing a few jangly chords with her lazy drawl, Barnett cast a woozy spell over listeners with her hazy tales of vapid suburban life and aimless procrastination. The Melbourne native has a marvellous way with words and an equally glorious way of delivering them, the record is charming, funny and filled with sharp observations. So, yeah, that ‘excuse’. Well, Barnett has recently released ‘Anonymous Club’ along with it’s beautifully animated visual companion, and provided the aforementioned opportunity. It’s a slow-burning, tender folk lullaby, with a warm, faintly glimmering feedback-kissed strum that matches melancholic romanticism and longing depicted of her a night in with a lover. ‘Anonymous Club’ is but one of many absolute gems which litter The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas.

You can check out ‘Anonymous Club’ & ‘Avant Gardener’ another fine example of her superlative ability, and a sure fire future classic, below. You can stream The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas in it’s entirely here too.

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Eugene McGuinness – ‘Godiva’


Eugene McGuinness has announced his return with news that he’ll be releasing a new album, Chroma, on July 7th via Domino Records.

Chroma, the follow up to the strutting, self-assured indie of 2012’s Invitation To The Voyage is said to be “a direct, stripped-back guitar album”. Lead single ‘Godiva’ suggests as much. The polish of last album has been dispensed with somewhat, and replaced with the twisty and much more scuffed up indie that is ‘Godiva’. Saying all that, it still contains all the components which make his previous work so endearing; namely melodic guitar pop, a harmonious melody but treating it to a blaze of distortion. McGuinness has always been able to eke out a perfect balance between catchy pop and exhilarating indie and it looks as though he’s continuing that tradition.

Chroma, which also features ‘Fairlight‘, the single he released last year, is released on July 7th, the same date as ‘Godiva’. Of which you can check out for yourself below.

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