Velvet Morning – ‘Barrett Land’


Velvet Morning and their self-coined ‘smooth psychedelia’ sound were introduced to us last month, and now 19 year old Samuel Jones and company are back with a brand new track called ‘Barrett Land’.

‘Barrett Land’ sees Velvet Morning proliferate their dreamy slumbering wonderland – it’s a wonderful piece of alluring, swirling psychedelia that is every bit as seductive as any of their previous work. An eerie guitar line, rumbling bass and loping melodic guitar jangle, gently spill and sprawl over one another in slo-mo fashion, whilst the washed-out, whispery vocal sit upon dense, reverb-clad soundscape to evoke a hazy serenity. Just throwing it out there but perhaps ‘Barrett Land’ is Velvet Mornings homage to the late great Syd Barrett, or perhaps not. Either way, it is yet another woozy, spaced-out psych-pop gem from an ever growing collection of stellar songs from Velvet Morning, who, on this evidence are going from strength to strength – and long may it continue.

Check the tranquil ‘Barrett Land’ below.

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