Moving on…. er…. over… er…. across the sea!


So, some of you are might already be aware that myself and my partner in crime Caroline, are relocating to Vancouver this week, but others are perhaps not. While I don’t  normally share much other than my musical musings on here, this is a biggie.

Rest assured I intend on continuing with the blog and updating as much as possible. There’ll be a bit of a break in posting but normal service shall resume, albeit on Canadian time, once I get settled in etc. It’s all very exciting and pretty nerve racking at the same time but hey, that’s what life’s about surely? Anyway, I won’t take up too much more of your time & I hope to be back sharing new and exciting music with you all very, very soon. Thanks to everyone who’s help make the blog what it is, readers, bands, frequent and infrequent contributors alike and a super extra special thanks to those of you who made the BarryGruff gigs possible and ever so special. I salute you!

So, before leaving you, here’s ‘Gallant Foxes’ from Neil Davidge and featuring the wonderful Cate Le Bon, who I’ve been obsessed with since the turn of the year. An amazing song with Le Bon’s stunning vocals matched by Davige’s pristine production. See you on the other side.



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