Black Beach Baby – ‘All I Know’

Black Beach Baby are Stockholm-based duo of Andy and My, who since forming in 2017, have been bringing all the gorgeous, dreamy indie-pop vibes – and with their single ‘All I Know’ delivers all that and more.

We got acquainted with the Swedish pair through previous single ‘Loser’ – a magnificent slice of melodic guitar pop – and ‘All I Know’ follows a similarly joyous path. It is bright, breezy and dreamy as hazy guitar, jangling riffs and snappy beat set the lush and alluring backdrop for the hushed and airy vocal tones to thrive. Dripping with a rich melody, ‘All I Know’ is buoyed by irresistible hooks and pop sensibilities as they charm our ears with their warm and infectious brand of lo-fi indie-pop. What they do is deceptively simple and that is by no means a bad thing; they just craft great songs.

Listen to the beautiful and sun-kissed sounds of ‘All I Know’ below:

Springfield Elementary – ‘Machine Fiend’

Springfield Elementary are Manchester-based post-punk powerhouse comprised of Billy Goodwin (Vocals/Guitar), Brad Lewis (Lead Guitar), Liam Moffat (Bass) and Chris Tomkinson (Drums).

The foursome introduce their raw, raucous and thrilling post-punk (with an underlying garage-rock and punk element) sound with new single ‘Machine Fiend’. A frantic and exhilarating opening offering, it explodes into life with a meaty guitar, chugging bassline and furious crashing drum combo, like releasing a coiled up spring. Searing riffs, fuzz, distortion and furious fast-paced insure it becoming even more brash, jagged and caustic as it shoots off with volatility as vocals spat out with venom. It is a short, sharp and muscular intro that is exhilarating and bursting with vitality and will have you headed straight for repeated plays.

Tune into ‘Machine Fiend’ below:

Introducing: Memes

Memes are Glasgow lo-fi post punk noise-making duo of cousins John and Paul McLinden.

The pair introduce their fast, furious and feisty post-punk with double A-side debut single, ‘Blah Blah Blah‘ and ‘Funny Man‘ – a thrilling, raw and exhilarating opening salvo. ‘Blah Blah Blah‘ is dismissive and prickly as crunchy guitar, winding riffs, mesmerising meaty bass and furious fast-paced beat provide the backdrop for the barbed tones of the frantic, volatile and sardonic vocals. ‘Funny Man‘ meanwhile, is even more brash, jagged and caustic as it shoots off with a jerky and hyperactive fervour while vocally it is even more agitated and spat out with an increased bite and bark – while tempered with a wee bit more of a melodic sensibility. Two short, sharp and thrilling blasts of attitude filled post-punk vigour (with flashes of parts Sluts of Trust, The Fall & HMHB) that will have you stretching for the repeat button.

Listen to ‘Blah Blah Blah’ & ‘Funny Man’ below:

Strange Neighbors – ‘Hilltopper’

Strange Neighbors are indie-pop foursome – Aidan (vocals), Tracey (drums), Dana (bass) and Zach (guitar) – based in New York.

Together, they craft effervescent guitar-pop that is sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, and sometimes somewhere in between, but always the sweet sort of sound to paste smiles of faces. Definitely of that ilk is ‘Hilltopper’ – the first lifted from their forthcoming debut album How to Human – and its a bright and breezy three minutes of pristine guitar-pop that cruises along with infectious ease. Bright, buoyant and infectious, it builds upon an enchanting flair for pop and lush, sinuous melodies, and met with an irresistible guitar-jangle, sweet, honeyed vocals and a delicious layer of The Primitives-esque sparkle. A bright and breezy slab of fizzy, energetic guitar-pop – pop perfection personified; it is an allure that is charming, enchanting and altogether impossible to resist.

Tune in below:

BDRMM – ‘Question Mark’

BDRMM are a Hull based 5-piece who reside in a world blurring the lines between ‘90s indie-rock, shoegaze, psych and slacker dream pop.

They introduced intricately weaved dreamy sonics and sentimental tales with singles ‘C.U’ and ‘Heaven’ over the past nine months, and they are back new single ‘Question Mark’. Teaming up with Sonic Cathedral’s Singles Club it is slowburning, gently anthemic and highly evocative as we take a slumbering stroll through a woozy world of layered swirling textures. Anchored by shimmering guitar, ‘Question Mark’ floats like a lackadaisical daydream, the delicate instrumentals the bouncy for the dreamy vocals and bittersweet lyrics. A moving, evocative and elegant slice of dream-pop perfection, yet another exquisite single from BDRMM.

Listen to ‘Question Mark’ below:

Heavy Heart – ‘Cry Ice’

London dream-pop outfit Heavy Heart draw their 2019 trilogy of singles to a close on thrilling fashion with ‘Cry Ice’.

Like the previous two transfixing and beautiful singles, ‘Dowsabel’ and ‘Bed Bug’, ‘Cry Ice’ yields marvellous results. Drifting seamlessly along, ‘Cry Ice’ brings an even more intimate and emotive flavour to their vivid songwriting and luscious dream pop. Keyboards gently flicker and guitars glisten as Vincent’s velvety vocals soar above the steady beat, warm blanket of fuzz and melodic allure. It is a heady and potent mix that is fragile yet powerful and forceful yet melancholic, that leaves you powerless as it pulls heavy on the heartstrings. While all three singles arose from the demise of lead singer Anna Vincent and guitarist Patrick Fitzroy’s seven-year relationship, ‘Cry Ice’ feels much more personal and emotional, as it tells a tale of two lovers slowly and painfully freezing to death on a mountain, side by side, but unable to reach the other. Like the previous singles, this one was mixed and co-produced by Gabe Wax (The War On Drugs, Palehound, Soccer Mommy), and is utterly divine.

Tune into ‘Cry Ice’ below:

James Leonard Hewitson – ‘Deader’

Hartlepool native James Leonard Hewitson is an artist with a flair for fuzzed-up, infectious slices of slacker(ish) indie-rock; a rep fleshed out with a series of well-received demos.

James Leonard Hewitson has a debut LP called Only The Noise Will Save Me coming in the Autumn via Butterfly Effect Records and lead single ‘Deader’ is a charming bopper adorned with all the aforementioned attributes, and more. Buoyant yet sombre, ‘Deader’ is constructed around buzzing bass lines, crunchy riffs, raucous guitar, smashing drums, and all treated to a lavish lashing of warm fuzz. It is upbeat and bright pop song armed with hooks you could hang your hat on and the most alluring, singalong chorus you’ll hear this year; “I’m feeling deader, deader, deader.

Listen to ‘Deader’ below (you will feel better for it) and keep an eye out for that album come Autumn.

Wilding – ‘Speed King of the Commonwealth’

Melbourne psych-pop purveyor Wilding – aka Justin Wilding Stokes – has charmed us with gloriously playful, jovial and off-kilter pop at every given opportunity but over the past few years, all has been quiet on the music front.

However, Wilding has broken this unholy vow of silence with new single ‘Speed King of the Commonwealth’, the lead track lifted from his forthcoming third LP The Death of Foley’s Mall. Wilding has become synonymous fabulous, charming and sprightly indie-pop and his return marks no deviation from this rich vein of form. A two-and-a-half minute pop nugget, ‘Speed King of the Commonwealth’ whizzes and fizzes by with scuzzy guitars, smiley melodies, charming hooks and his signature preference for playful, jovial and off-kilter pop, and all covered in delightful layers of fuzz. Infectious doesn’t even cover the half of it; this is sparkling indie-pop perfection – one to be treasured and enjoyed, no question!

Listen to ‘Speed King of the Commonwealth’ below and keep an eye out for the new record later this year.

Elly Swope – ‘Habits’

Elly Swope is a multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, Oregon. Swope’s sound is a rambunctious, off-kilter and colourful confection of art-punk hi-jinx and indie-pop brilliance; think St. Vincent and Courtney Barnett, with a touch of The Futureheads and early day The Strokes.

Swope introduced herself towards the end of last year with wonderful debut EP It Feels the Same Everytime and has returned with a brand new single, ‘Habits’. Propelled by a muted guitar riff and driving synthesizer line, Swope’s lilting, fractured vocals tackle the intricacies of codependency. It is mellow yet meaty, confident while introspective and the synth/guitar combination is ever so seductive. As is its penchant for off-kilter, playful bouts, especially the charming melody and frazzled synth squiggles; both have their own bewitching allure.

Tune in below:

Sid Steppes – ‘Tiny Pieces of Belief’

Sid Steppes is a musician and songwriter from Southern California, whose dreamy psychedelic-pop sound is born from a penchant for DIY, writing and recording as he has in various bedrooms and makeshift studios.

Inspired by heartache, depression and the path towards rehabilitating the mind, Steppes’ debut album Trails came out at the end of May, and ‘Tiny Pieces of Belief’ is the latest single to be lifted from it. Like the album, ‘Tiny Pieces of Belief’ is marked by a deep fondness for ’60s and ’70s psychedelia. It is a woozy tune, meandering along a waltzing rhythm and joined by an intimate acoustic strum, bright guitar chimes and mellow undulations; ‘Tiny Pieces of Belief’ is richly melodic, lush and alluring. Much of the later is due to the heartfelt, smouldering emotion and reverb-laden vocals, radiating a powerful sense of melancholy and nostalgia. ‘Tiny Pieces of Belief’ is charming and utterly irresistible.

Listen to ‘Tiny Pieces of Belief’ below and if that is to your liking, check out the new album here.