Wolf Section – ‘Your Face Will Be My Downfall’


Wolf Section is an indie-pop outfit from Hastings, UK – the project of one man, Andy Murrell.

From the confines of his bedroom, Murrell has taken to whipping up some fabulously endearingly rough and ramshackle guitar-pop sounds; something Wolf Section’s aptly titled EP The Bedroom Demos is testament to.

Lead track ‘Your Face Will Be My Downfall’ offers us a lovable three-minute insight to his, and the EP’s charms. A beautiful song – musically and lyrically – it whizzes and fizzes along. Chiming and smile inducing mix of guitar and keyboard noise, a mild dose of delightful fuzz and catchy melodies coalesce while Murrell’s slightly mournful accented brogue endeavours to raise his lyrics to pride of place – emblematic of the song’s stirring and rousing nature. An ever so charming, endearingly rough-and-ready and ramshackle three-minute slice of guitar-pop; like a bedroom-pop version of Billy Bragg playing with The Strokes.

Listen to ‘Your Face Will Be My Downfall’ below and the entire EP can be found here.

Koloto – ‘Lyra’


Koloto is the moniker of Canterbury based producer Maria Sullivan who has treating us to first-rate glitchy, homemade and hand-crafted electronic sounds since 2013.

There has been a flurry of Koloto related activity of late, with Sullivan sharing singles ‘Alatheia’, ‘Hana’ and most recently, ‘Lyra’. It is the latter with which we turn attention to today, and it is a typically intricate and delicately woven, beat-driven nugget of gorgeous, glitchy, electronic music. Profoundly wonderful and imaginative, it opens with a sense of awe and wonder as sounds drip, splash and twinkle amid the chiming tones, glitchy sounds and flourishes exuberant light. ‘Lyra’ is simply divine, leaving us in awe at its Majesty and expansive beauty. For me personally, it brings back fond memories of N64’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; an equally magical experience.

Listen to ‘Lyra’ below – and if that is to your liking, there is more where that came from here.

Lupine – ‘Tell-Tale Heart’


Formed in 2012, Melbourne garage band Lupine began as the solo project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Thomas James.

The current fully-fledged five-piece took shape after James recruited buddies Dean Tosis (bass), Lily Sawenko (keys), Tom Putland (guitar) and Jake Leahy (drums/production) as it grew beyond its fledgling origins. In the intervening years the band is a well oiled machine and have released two EP’s under their belt and with third on the way.

It is the latter that concerns us on this occasion, or to be more specific, lead single ‘Tell-Tale Heart’. It whizzes and fizzes along with an effervescent energy and you’re immediately sucked in, powerless to resist the tantalising allure of jangly hooks, surf-pop riffs and garage-rock reverb. This is easy on the ear, chorus-drenched and melodic guitar-pop that bounces along on a fast-paced, giddy, skittish rhythm through a playfully infectious and sunny melodies and perfectly complimented vocals leaving us with something that is fantastically infectious and approaching guitar-pop perfection.

You can listen to ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ below – you definitely should, it is fantastic!

Whenyoung – ‘Given Up’


We’ve been keeping tabs on London-based Irish trio, whenyoung – Aoife Power (Vocals/Bass), Niall Burns (Guitar) and Andrew Flood (Drums) – for a while now and they have charmed us at every given opportunity thus far.

Following a string of sublime singles, the trio will release their debut EP on November 9 – entitled Given Up, it is preceded by the title-track. ‘Given Up’ is pristine, irresistibly hooky indie pop of the highest order – their most instantaneously lovable release yet, and that’s saying something. A rumbling bassline, quickfire rolling drumbeats, post-punk-edged guitar and shimmering choruses conspire to create a sweetly infectious three-minutes of gold. Powers’ vocals meanwhile, are, as always the pièce de résistance, sweet, yet punchy vocals bristling defiance leaving you utterly powerless in their wake. Sweet, melodic and pristine it might be, but it packs plenty of punch too.

Jump below to listen to ‘Given Up’ – which is out now. The EP will be with us on November 9th

They’ve a very busy close to 2018 with pile of live dates incl. a wee tour of Ireland in November; Dublin, The Workman’s Club on November 2nd, Limerick, Dolan’s on the 3rd & Cork, Cyprus Avenue on the 4th.

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Dioscó na mBó – ‘Tea Song’


Sligo natives Dioscó na mBó have been turning heads and filling floors with their insanely catchy, extremely addictive and pretty brilliant mix of funky, disco inspired electronic jams for a while now.

In short, the pair, now based between Dubai and Madrid, make music designed and destined to make people dance. ‘Tea Song’ strides into view, strutting its funky wares like a beautiful love child of Mr Scruff and Public Service Broadcasting. Skipping along a contagious groove, arm in arm with big banging beats, exquisite electronic flourishes cascade and delight as ‘Tea Song’ utilises some old-time, PSB style samples explaining the secrets behind a perfect cup of tea. An astonishingly infectious and flamboyant big beat beauty – without sounding hyperbolic, this is one of the best tunes from 2018.

Listen to ‘Tea Song’ below and make up you own mind – also, heed the message, if you can make a decent cup of tea, you will go far in Ireland.

The Buoys – ‘Arm Wrestle’


Equal parts sweet and savoury, Sydney foursome The Buoys – Zoe (vocals), Anthea (guitar), Ros (bass) and Tess (drums) – have released a brand new single called ‘Arm Wrestle’.

The track will take its place among others on their second EP, Split Lip, which is penned for release before the year is out – and ‘Arm Wrestle’ is a doozy! Scuzzy guitars cut through a thick gauze of fuzz, as powerful vocals and meaty riffs soar above the fuzzed-up distortion and pounding percussion below. A fuzz-filled, loud and infectious anthem with an unforgettable chorus fuelled by crunchy, grungey guitars and the riffs, man, they are sensational. Just sensational!

There is a lot of love for The Buoys in their native Australia and on this evidence it is easy to see why. Check out ‘Arm Wrestle’ below:

Tia Gostelow – ‘Phone Me’


Australian singer-songwriter Tia Gostelow introduced us to her indie folk / pop stylings with the tender-toned dreamy sounds of ‘Giants’ earlier in the summer.

With the release of her debut album Thick Skin, Gostelow has unveiled another single ‘Phone Me’. A mix of retro Americana-tinged jangle and exquisite pop finesse, vocals ebb and flow from silky lilts to arresting smokey timbres, amid a hypnotic and shimmering haze as ‘Phone Me’ shuffles along a groovy drum beat, bubbling bass and impressive pop melodies. ‘Phone Me’ is is utterly compelling craft; the balance of pop sensibilities with the pure rich songwriting technique really shows what she is made of – this one resembles latter day Tennis at their finest; not a bad thing at all.

You can listen to ‘Phone Me’ below, and it is easy to see how she has built up quite the reputation in her homeland. You can check out the album here.

Giraffic Apartment – ‘Waiting’


Giraffic Apartment are Madrid-based Irish pairing going by the monikers Domenico De LA Vega and Vicente Nueve. Having shared an apartment with a wooden almost life-size sculpted Giraffe bought in Kenya by their landlord, the band was formed and they had their name.

There is something off-kilter, peculiar or left-field about their brand of indie, exemplified by latest single ‘Waiting’. While melodic and heavy on harmonies, there is a peculiarity to combined draw of scratchy production, carefully picked guitar, reaching harmonies and the flurry of beats, crashing symbols and whirl of distortion which leaves a lasting, curious impression.

Check out ‘Waiting’ below:


The Lavender Scare – ‘Buried Behind Monet’


The Lavender Scare is the work of Los Angeles-based pair James Delos Reyes and Luis Servin.

Inspired by years of following Radiohead on tour together, the pair decided to form The Lavender Scare and craft their own musical agenda by similarly enveloping catchy, brooding melodies with lush arrangements – and their most recent release ‘Buried Behind Monet’ does that, and more. The single casts a long spooky shadow built on melancholy and tension. It is equally elegant and chilling with mid-eighties Bunnymen-esque sweeping, dramatic grandeur combining with spectral-like vocals and subterranean cavernous guitar and synth.’Buried Behind Monet’ is eerie and lonely, yet compelling, defiant and emphatic.

Listen to ‘Buried Behind Monet’ below.

Introducing: Jesse Jo Stark


LA-based Jesse Jo Stark makes compelling, guitar-noir songs that draw power from across the stylistic map.

Stark works in a world of gently psychedelic 1960’s pop, spooky indie folk and reverb-heavy garage converging, conspiring and coexisting while covering everything in her own sinister Gothic shade. Stark’s new single ‘Rot Away’ offers an intriguing glimpse into this world. The strobing darkness and light that plays at the centre of ‘Rot Away’ makes for an almost otherworldly character, with an overriding sense of unease. ‘Rot Away’ opens with twanged guitars and persistent rock-steady beats before contorting, obscured by all manner of noise and spooky tones with brief hints of sonic clarity as Stark’s stunning smokey voice rises above the flickering tones and textures. Meanwhile, ‘Wish I Was Dead’ is another bolt of gothic-toned rock ‘n roll sorcery. Revolving around an explosive hook and addicting raucous riff, ‘I Wish I Was Dead’ like ‘Rot Away’, is given it’s final shroud of gothic darkness by Stark’s seductively smoky delivery. Two compelling and thrilling cuts of strobing darkness and light.

Listen to the two tracks below now and Jesse Jo Stark heads out on an 11 date USA tour with The Vaccines in October, before a 12 date UK tour in November with Sunflower Bean.