Introducing: Forrests

The Dublin duo, working under the name Forrests, have been making all sorts of waves lately. Debut track ‘Billions’ received lots of attention, as has their latest track ‘Tarifa’ – this recent acclaim is not without merit.

‘Tarifa’ is an upbeat and bright with little sparkles of vocal chinking through a wonderful haze of fast paced electronic goodness while ‘Billions’ is a much deeper, compelling flood of electronica sounds which soar over the thumping beat. Two stunning slices of electronic goodness, washing over you, inducing something of an atmospheric dreamlike state.

Owen O’Mahony and Paul O’Reilly have certainly been putting good the time allowed to them with Channel One on hiatus. They are playing Electric Picnic this weekend, Nialler9’s Minimim Maximum shows on the 29th of September and Hard Working Class Heroes in October. An album is expected soon too.

Introducing: Myronik

Myronik (aka Liam Myers) is 21-year-old producer from Dublin now living in Celbridge, Co. Kildare, taking his cue from the likes of Four Tet, Flying Lotus, Burial and Caribou.

Myronik’s slick productions contain real fluidity and organic feel, bringing us on a journey through very different atmospheric environments of sound; close your eyes and be lulled into a world of escapism. ‘You Me You’ is dark and doom laden, with snappy beats engulfed by murky subterranean low bass rumbles. ‘Joyless’ and ‘Sloppy Jane’ are more breezy cuts, the latter in particular is one of airy ambient tranquility. Myronik’s work is one of diversity but a corner stone for all his work is the inclusion of inescapably infectiousness of head nodding beats.

There’s is a remarkable amount of  top quality electronic music being produced in Ireland right now and Myronik can be added to that ever growing roll of honour. One to watch out for no doubt.

H. Hawkline – ‘Black Muck’

Welsh folk eccentric H. Hawkline released his brand new EP, Black Domino Box, this week and has unveiled another choice cut from the EP, ‘Black Muck’.

There is something really special about H. Hawkline’s rough ‘n’ ready fusion of experimental whims and gentle, somewhat surreal lyrics, of which his new EP exhibits with style. In keeping with ‘Black Domino Box’, ‘Black Muck’ seems on the surface to be upbeat and bright, but do not let that fool you. On closer inspection it is a 7-minutes folk rumble, jolty, abrasive and with a dark lyrical core, allowing his penchant for veering off into a slightly warped, oddball territory to unfold.

Check ‘Black Muck’ and lead track ‘Black Domino Box’ below and you will get the picture.

The Joy Formidable – ‘Wolf’s Law’

The Joy Formidable have been busy touring and working on the follow-up to their marvelous 2010 debut The Big Roar.

Last week the Welsh rock trio decided to share the fruits of their labour, new track ‘Wolf’s Law’. The rampaging guitar heroics and emphatic wall of sound has taken a temporary back seat. A relatively somber, piano-led arrangement is preferred, which builds gradually to a climactic finale, enabling an appreciation of Ritzy Bryan’s wonderful breathy vocals. Excellent stuff but let’s hope they haven’t put the guitars away for good.

Whether or not ‘Wolf’s Law’ will actually appear on the album is unclear but you can download it for the small price of an email address here.

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The Lost Brothers – ‘Now That The Night Has Come’

The Lost Brothers have announced they will release their new album, The Passing Of The Night, on September 21. With that in mind the Irish duo have decided to treat us to ‘Now That The Night Has Come’, the first cut from their forthcoming new album.

There are no major surprises with ‘Now That The Night Has Come’. It is a wonderful timeless folk song, soft and delicate, it is underlined by delicious, harmonious vocal interchanges between Mark McCausland and Oisin Leech as we are presented with the soothing ponderings and observations provoked by the setting sun. It, and the forthcoming album, look like they will fit nicely into the storybook of songs which already includes two great albums; Trails Of The Lonely (parts I & III) & So Long John Fante

It sounds as though The Lost Brothers are continuing to do exactly what they do best – making timeless acoustic songs that demands you stop and listen.  Have a listen to Now That The Night Has Come below and you’ll get the idea.