Electric Picnic 2013: Irish Acts Mixtape

The wait is almost over. Electric Picnic 2013 is almost upon us, with just days separating us and a weekend of  green fields, blue skies, sunshine and great music (who said I wasn’t an optimist?).

One of the Picnic’s big pluses is, in my humble opinion, sprinkled among all the international acts are plenty of top notch homegrown acts too. There is a fine array of local talent on show over the weekend; The Mighty Stef, Raglans, Adultrock, The Lost Brothers, The Dead Heavys & Lethal Dialect to name but a few. In an attempt to provide a flavour of what to expect from some of the Irish acts playing this year, I decided to put together a wee mixtape (I use both terms rather loosely). You can download the mix and listen to it before going, or on the way to EP – you know the kind of thing. Or you can ignore it entirely, that’s your prerogative. 

The tracklisting with stage times/days is after the jump. All the stage times for this weekend’s festival (so far) are available for the ever reliable GoldenPlec too. 

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Trojan Warriors 3 Mixtape (Ska, Reggae, Dancehall & Rocksteady)

When I did the first ‘Trojan Warriors’ mixtape I never envisaged doing any more than that. Lo and behold, here we are with ‘Trojan Warriors 3′, completing the most unlikely of trilogies.

It’s been great fun putting all three together and the previous two have proved far more popular than I had ever imagined. Anyway, the third and final mix is much the same as before; a selection of Jamaican sounds ala Ska, Reggae, Dancehall, Rocksteady etc. compiled of favourites from various albums, compilations and box sets acquired throughout the years. Some are fairly well known, others less so. As with the previous two, I can’t guarantee that all these featured on Trojan Records (I’m pretty sure quite a few didn’t) but ‘Trojan Warriors’ has a nice ring to it. 

That’s enough waffle. I hope you enjoy the mix below and if you haven’t heard Part One & Two, check them out here. If you’re digging the tunes and happen to be going to Electric Picnic this weekend, why not swing by Trenchtown. And finally, credit for the image goes to my very talented cousin(t), Kevin Squires. Enjoy!

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Only Real – ‘Get It On’

Only Real (Photo by Carolina Faruolo)

Only Real (aka Niall Galvin) has impressed no end with a slew of top quality singles over the past 12 months or so.

The young man from West London has proven quite a talent for crafting infectious, feel-good, lo-fi indie-pop and ‘Get It On’ compounds this growing rep. ‘Get It On’, much like what we’ve heard from Only Real before, has the uncanny ability to worm its way inside your head and stay there. Permeated by a lazy slacker kind of vibe, a free flowing, nonchalant vocal drawl are set to some catchy riffs, steady beats and some woozy atmospherics. Through a combination of a purposely unpolished, lo-fi approach, calculated laziness and youthful indifference, he’s forged a great sound and found his own perfect space on the musical landscape.

‘Get It On’ is taken from Only Real’s forthcoming EP Days in the City, set for release via Luv Luv Luv Records on 7 October,

(photo by Carolina Faruolo)

Yuck – ‘Middle Sea’


Yuck‘s self-titled debut album was a dashing reinvention of alternative ’90s rock, and one of 2011’s most enjoyable records to boot.

Now, two years on, the London based trio are back with a new track, ‘Middle Sea’, taken from their forthcoming second LP Glow & Behold. If you were into the first record, chances are you will dig the new tune as it sees them sticking to familiar waters. ‘Middle Sea’ is a fuzzed up alt-rock anthem with distorted vocals and crunching guitars piled on top of each other, before some lavish flourished of brass kick in toward the end, lifting it to a whole other level.  This is a top notch return from Yuck, no doubt about it. Hopefully the album reaches a similar standard.

Glow & Behold is out September 30th. 

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Candelas – ‘See​-​saw Sinner’

candelas wales

Candelas have been making a bit of a ruckus in their native Wales over the past year or so with their explosive live shows.

Plenty of bands will claim this and that but on hearing ‘See​-​saw Sinner’, the opening track from North Wales five-piece’s self-titled debut album, it’s easy to imagine how and why. ‘See​-​saw Sinner’ is a noisy concoction of fired up garage, punk and rock ‘n roll. Opening with a monsterous riff before descending into a furious whirlwind of scuzz; it’s fast, loud and rockin’, and bound to get the heart racing. This sort of thing can often suffer when moved to the studio but Candelas have found a fine balance, retaining the energy and vitality of their down & dirty scuzzy rock ‘n roll sound. It is a exhilarating introduction to the Welsh five-piece’s impressive, cacophony of noise, although it is quite different to their previous Strokes-ish sounds (in terms of style, not quality).

You can listen to ‘See​-​saw Sinner’ below, along with the older ‘Symud Ymlaen’. Hit up Candelas’ Soundcloud for a whole host of other tracks too.