(Video) Ghost Estates – ‘Winter’s Day’


Things have been relatively quiet in the Ghost Estates‘ camp this year, by their standards certainly. The last we heard from Ghost Estates was with ‘In Waves’, as part of a their split single with Twin Rakes for Record Store Day. The reason for this relative quite? They’ve locked themselves away and are studiously working away on their second album.

In the meantime, Ghost Estates have broken radio silence to unveil new single, ‘Winter’s Day’. One of the standout tracks from their excellent self-titled debut album, ‘Winter’s Day’ is a racy, euphoric and athemic mix of reach for the sky guitars with a twinkly electronica edge. It’s pretty characteristic of what you’ll find throughout their debut record, which as it goes, has generously been made available for free for a limited time. Being one of last years finest domestic records, you can’t say fairer than that, can you? 

You can check out the excellent Ruairi Galavan directed video for ”Winter’s Day below & you can download Ghost Estates’ debut record for free from bandcamp

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Acts Announced for Hard Working Class Heroes 2013


Hard Working Class Heroes have announced the acts lined up to play the annual festival later this year, taking place from Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th October in various venues in Dublin. 

At first glance, Anderson, Biggles Flys Again, Spies, Ships, Reid, Silverbacks, Tandem Felix & Lasertom all stand out. But, with a hundred or so acts playing, there are bound to be plenty of hidden gems in there too. Earlybird weekend tickets are €35 (ending August 23rd). Normal priced tickets will be €45 for weekend tickets or €20 for nightly tickets. Get your tickets online from here

There’s a full list of acts playing after the jump, with links to their Breaking Tunes page so you can gander at their music ahead of HWCH.

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(Video) Moodoïd – ‘Je suis la Montagne’

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Moodoïd is the solo project of Parisian multi-instrumentalist Pablo Padovani from Melody’s Echo Chamber and  ‘Je suis la Montagne’ is the first single to emerge from the project. 

‘Je suis la Montagne’ or ‘I am The Mountain’ in English, bares a certain similarity to his day job with Melody’s Echo Chamber. It’s hardly surprising given his role in the band, and it’s mixed by Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, who producer MEC’s debut record last year. Padovani’s psychedelic terrain is one of exhilarating experimentation, as ‘Je suis la Montagne’ wanders through a blissed-out and warped plain of swirling guitar-pop, limber harmonies and an insatiable laid-back bass groove. It’s a rather stunning debut track, hopefully there’s much more to follow this early promise.

‘Je suis la Montagne’ is taken from Moodoïd’s forthcoming debut EP, released September 2nd via French label Les Disques Enterprise. Have a wee peek at it up above.

Mr Huw – ‘Cariad Afiach’


It is hardly stretching the bounds of reality to suggest that for many people outside of Wales, their first introduction to the Welsh language in musical form, was with the release of Super Furry Animals’ album Mwng. Welsh is a language that lends itself to music rather well, regardless of whether you can understand what the lyrics are all about.

In a roundabout sort of way that brings us to Mr Huw, a rather prolific Welsh language musician, and his fourth album in six years, Cariad Afiach. Mr Huw’s formula is pretty straightforward, write a catchy tune, sing lyrics over a catchy melody and hey presto, an album. It is an approach happily embraced by Mr Huw, and one that rewards with serious dividends on Cariad Afiach (or ‘Sick Love’ in English). The album remains accessible to non-Welsh speakers through of combination of tight arrangements and melodic bliss, and you can pick up on the mood of the songs/album even if when the lyrics remain a mystery.

There’s something familiar and retro-leaning about the songs throughout Cariad Afiach, while at the same time, it sounds entirely unfamiliar. The likes of ‘Cerrig Beddi’, ‘Cariad Afiach’ or Cyfrinachol set the tone, ragged, raw and edgy indie/post-punk tunes, filled with pointed riffs and broached with some swoonful melodies. Every track on here is so catchy, Mr Huw is perhaps the closest modern-day relative to the off-kilter genius of HMHB.

Cariad Afiach is an album filled with so many beguiling qualities. Regardless of whether you’re a Welsh speaker or not, it remains a fine indie/alternative record, just give it a chance. [Buy / Stream]

Manor – ‘Architecture’

Manor - Promo Photo

‘Architecture’ is the latest single from Melbourne alt-pop duo Manor, and one of the most effortlessly catchy tracks you’re likely to hear for quite some time.

Together this duo, comprised of Caitlin Duff (vocalist) and Nathaniel Morse (multi-instrumentalist), have managed to pull off something rather special. ‘Architecture’ is a compelling slice of alt-pop and one that’s utterly intoxicating. It’s a dreamy slow-burner, crafted around a chugging bass line and spacey synths, with Duff’s enchanting vocals atop Morse’s swirling guitars. It is just such a wonderful song. There’s chat that a debut EP is in the pipeline from Manor too and if ‘Architecture’  is anything to go by, it should be one to keep an eye out for. They’ve gone and set the bar rather high with this one.

‘Architecture’ is out now digitally from all the usual haunts. You can give it a spin below. 

Crystal Stilts – ‘Future Folklore’


Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts are back with news of a new album, entitled Nature Noir, it comes out on 16th September via Sacred Bones.

Crystal Stilts’ previous two records, Alight of Night and In Love With Oblivion were both excellent, so it’s hardly being harsh to expect more of the same from the forthcoming album? ‘Future Folklore’ offers a glimpse into what’s to come and it goes someway to satisfying such lofty expectations. ‘Future Folklore’ thunders along from the off; a rumbling bassline, muffled drums, organ and snappy guitar solos are met with touches of blues, swamp rock, psych and post-punk. This all provides the perfect platform for Brad Hargett’s baritone croon to float upon as the music thunders along. Clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, nothing is left to waste, this is a good old fashioned rock ‘n roll jam. Magnificent! 

You can listen to ‘Future Folklore’ below, along with fellow taster ‘Star Crawl'; hazier and more psyched out yes, but it’s got that recoginsable post-punk drone.

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Introducing: Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish


Hailing from Bangor in North Wales, Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish carefully crafted beautiful, soft acoustic (predominantly) alt-country ballads.

Now, Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish isn’t likely to be a name you’ll forget in hurry but reassuringly, the music is just as memorable as their handle. The likes of ‘Humble Human Being’, ‘When we’re Lost’ and ‘Things Never Change’ flow gently by, amid a sea of subtle instrumentation and soft lilting vocals. Backed by The Mexican Walking Fish, Lee’s soft whispering lyricisms are shrouded in melancholy, adding a comforting air of vulnerability which binds everything together beautifully. There is a willingness to branch out beyond the relative simplicity of ballads, ‘Humble Human Being’ is peppered with brass, organ and banjo, lifting it to lofty heights. To put it simply; these are beautiful, simplistic and assured songs.

You can listen to a few choice cuts from Kyle Lee and the Mexican Walking Fish below.