Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist #13


A new regular addition to blog, a relatively short weekly Spotify playlist featuring some of the finest new music to prick my ears over the course of past 7 days.

Clocking in at just over an hour, it’s an easily digestible slice of new music, just in time for the weekend. There’s a nice mix of genres and styles too, allowing me to share even more top tunes for your ears. Well, without further ado, here’s #13Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist #12. Enjoy the tunes & enjoy the sun!

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Morrissey & Marshall – ‘Hangin Around’


London-based, Dublin duo Morrissey & Marshall released their second We Rise back in May.

They previewed the record with single ‘She’s Got Love’ – a timeless, immaculately tailored, super catchy slice of and infectious indie-pop – and latest single ‘Hangin Around’, repeats the trick. Bright, cheery and brimming with moments of peculiarity, ‘Hangin Around’ is ’60s psych-pop indebted indie-pop with poptastic pastoral harmonies, enveloped intermittent giddy keys and rumbling riffs. Utterly infectious and irresistible indie-pop. This pair appear to possess an innate ability for crafting incredibly catchy indie-pop, and long may it continue.

Get acquainted with ‘Hangin Around’ and video below, meanwhile if that floats your metaphorical boat, Morrissey & Marshall’s latest LP is here. It’s a joy!

Safetalk – ‘Universal (Ténéré Remix)’


Back in March Anglo-French trio Safetalk introduced themselves with their debut release, a cosmic hymn to the ‘Universal’.

The continental trio have followed this first transmission of lush electronic-pop with a remix package; comprised of three wonderful and wildly imaginative remixes from JeanGa and George, Posthuman & Ténéré. Pick of the pile comes French artist Ténéré, who’s re-imagining of ‘Universal’ takes a more meditative approach, delivering an atmospheric take on the track that would be equally comfortable late at night or early in the morning, as dawn unfolds. It, like the original, is a blissed-out love letter of uplifting positivity, gently building until a warm rapture envelopes you and everything else around you. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Listen to Ténéré’s take on ‘Universal’ below. You can listen to the full remix package here.

Sorcha Richardson – ‘4AM’


While I might be a later arrival to Sorcha Richardson, the Dublin-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter has been carving quite a name for herself with a series of gorgeous slices of guitar pop.

Richardson’s latest single ‘4AM’ is nothing short of phenomenal. While this brooding, late-night anthem marks a significant sonic evolution, Richardson’s vocals and captivating storytelling remains front and centre. The track revolves around a contrast between sweetness and harsher production, as Richardson’s vocals teeter above booming piano, dizzying synths and antagonistic bass. A pensive, introspective and captivating cut with a hazy late night vibe (and the conversational chronicling also brings to mind Kate Tempest).

Better late than never, yeah? In fact my better half is responsible for putting me on to Richardson’s beguiling sounds; she’s got good taste obviously.

Listen to ‘4AM’ below. It does not disappoint.

Justina Shandler – ‘Creature’


‘Creature’ is the brand new single from Miami-based singer-songwriter Justina Shandler.

Between studies and work, Shandler spends whatever spare time she can find, penning music for her forthcoming album. Such is the stunning nature of ‘Creature’, one can only hope that it is a taste of things to come. Joined by Gene Knific, and Jackson Firlik, it is a potent song of enigmatic beauty. The striking vocal delivery sounds both wise and beautiful, imbued with a striking level of touching emotion. ‘Creature’ intricately weaves between the bright and dark, exquisite arrangements including cello, banjo, acoustic piano, and electronics, which swells to climax with an all consuming finale. Undoubtedly the power and purity of Shandler’s vocal is the undeniable focal point but the music too, is beautiful. She’s got such a knack for drawing out emotion without overcooking the song with flickering moments of warmth amid the haunting shadows.

Listen to the enchanting and entrancing ‘Creature’ below. Purchase it here.