XMELT – ‘We Won’t Go Back’


Created the day after the verdict of the 2016 US election, ‘We Won’t Go Back’ is a raucous, rock and roll anthem of defiance.

The creators, XMELT (the ‘X’ is silent) are Portland all-female punk trio of Jen Neitzel, Tonya Breaux and Tuesday Teal, who have no problem kicking up a rock and roll storm. Their new single ‘We Won’t Go Back’ represents a feeling of angst and a need to fightback for liberties under present US political administration.This political manifestation is done in the best way possible; with explosive guitar, meaty chords, powerful vocals and wild drums, with a double kick bass drum. Angry, assertive, raspy and pumped, and of course very importantly, rockin’.

XMELT are currently working on their debut LP but for now, ‘We Won’t Go Back’ should satisfy your need for a rock and roll thunderbolt. Tune in below.

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