Terra Pines – ‘Dream Big’


Self-professed purveyors “sludgepop” and “grungegaze”, Terra Pines is an Australian trio comprised of Kelly Hanlon (guitar/vocals), Owen Dengate (guitar/vocals) and Cameron Smith (drums/vocals).

Playful genre descriptions aside, the Aussie outfit make powerful, fuzz-filled guitar tunes and just this month, have released their self-titled album. The album is fronted by rambunctious new single ‘Dream Big'; a perfect intro and one that will have you scooting straight over to the new album. An absolutely brilliant three minutes of fuzzed-up-noise, ‘Dream Big’ is tempered by her lilting vocals, while gritty guitars, heavy reverberating drums and rocking a crunchy, fuzz-heavy riff that rips through the track. For all the powerhouse pieces of post punk, shoegaze and grunge, there is a subtle seam of dreampop running through its core, eking out a near perfect space between sludge, fuzz and hazy pop.

Tune into ‘Dream Big’ below and if it is too your liking, why not check out Terra Pines’ debut record here.

THYLA – ‘Blame’


Brighton foursome THYLA have steadily been building a rep for rousing indie-rock barnstormers and super new single ‘Blame’, thankfully does little to dispel this assertion.

Pairing biting pop hooks to soaring stellar indie rock riff, THYLA flit between grunge and dream-pop and charging forward with a thunderous bassline, ‘Blame’ packs quite a punch straight from the off. This thundering three-minutes is propelled onward on the back of crashing cymbals, energetic riffs and crisp guitar lines but Millie Duthie’s vocals – powerful, hard-hitting and self-aware – are equal to it all as they soar above; the icing on the cake. An all too alluring mix of power and precision, and the right amount of catchy hook.

Tune in now.

The Pink Dust – ‘Mary Weather’


The Pink Dust is an alternative rock band formed by Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas and Cliff Littlefield in 2014, the same year their self-titled debut album was released.

Together, the Pink Dust create a big, full-blooded indie-rock sound, propelled by winding, mind bending and meaty riffs that tread where others dare not. Their latest single ‘Mary Weather’ is a raucous, fuzz-filled two minutes forty five of screeching riffs, pummelling drums and crashing symbol, and this freewheeling frenzy tempered perfectly by the melodic and hushed vocals above. There are touches of The Vines, Royal Blood and The Rascals in parts – the former’s ability to make super catchy but rockin’ tunes is especially prevalent.

‘Mary Weather’ is lifted from the duo’s third album, Ming, which was released on April 5, 2018.

If you haven’t done so already, you can check out the mighty ‘Mary Weather’ now, just hit play below.



Lord Salamander – ‘Sun Circle’


I feel compelled to point you directly in the direction of this track for fear of losing you in the preamble, and thus you losing out on hearing this tune. Bear with me, it will be worth it.

Itching out from slabs of solid rock, burnt inside-out by the Southern-California-chemical-sun, comes the manic music of Lord Salamander – a foursome with devilish knack for cooking up powerfully potent and unconventional, yet irresistible psych-rock. Their latest ‘Sun Circle’ – lifted from their debut split with Garm will be out via Data Room Records on June 22 – sprawling barrage of relentless, spiralling freakout with the devil. Extraordinary searing riffs, unnatural rhythms cut through swaying bass lines, while a caustic barrage of drums keeps the unrelenting electrifying juggernaut on track, screeching through serrated layers of sonic energy. ‘Sun Circle’ is breathtaking, potent and feverish – and best consumed at high volumes.

Lord Salamander’s debut split with Garm will be out via Data Room Records on June 22. Tune into ‘Sun Circle’ below:

Melody’s Echo Chamber Announces New Album; Shares ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’


Melody’s Echo Chamber aka Melody Prochet has announced that her long-awaited second album, follow up to her sublime, self-titled 2012 debut, will be released in June.

The first sampling of the new material is ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’, and it all that we would have hoped for and some. Losing none of it’s predecessors preference for dreamy and psychedelic sounds, ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ is an imaginative and colourful psychedelic pop song with layers of shimmering synth, frazzled electronics, fuzzed-up guitar and gritty bass tones. Echoing much of Prochet’s previous work, it is a song as joyous as a summery breeze as her recognisable soft but euphoric vocals flutter above the glittering floods of surging psychedelia which veer off into a cascading mesh of experimental, spaced-out sounds. A tremendous return which lives up to all that came before while promising much, much more.

‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ comes with an animated video from Daniel Foothead. Watch and listen below.

New album Bon Voyage will be released on June 15 via Domino / Fat Possum Records.