Modeselektor – ‘I’m not into Twerk, I’m into Kraftwerk’


Any news that involves Modeselektor and new music is good news –  all the more pertinent being that they’ve been a favourite Electronic act over the past six or seven years or so.

Anyway, the German duo have shared their new pun-tasticly titled track ‘I’m not into Twerk, I’m into Kraftwerk’. The track is taken from Bleep:10, a compilation celebrating the 10th anniversary of UK online music store, Bleep. The compilation will feature new and exclusive tracks from an all-star cast which includes Fuck Buttons, Shackleton, Nathan Fake & of course, Modeselekor. Their inclusion, ‘I’m not into Twerk, I’m into Kraftwerk’, is a techy number with a nice fidgety bassline, bouncy rhythm and drum machine claps. This is combined with their signature playfulness, fun side and preference for packing a punch…… actuuuuuaaaally…… it’s much easier to simply put it this way: it’s that quintessential ‘Modeselektor sound’. Top quality stuff!

You can check out ‘I’m not into Twerk, I’m into Kraftwerk’ below. Bleep: 10 is out on May 5th and all the details you need are here.

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Introducing: Loop Culture

Loop Culture by Luke Fallon

Loop Culture are an indie five-piece – Oisín Ó Tarráin, Mark Leonard, Ronan Murphy, Nathan Griffin & Andy Helbert – from Dublin.

Loop Culture are a playfully casual band unconcerned with tying up all the loose ends. Here is a quirky, low-key, lo-fi delight. Their scratchy, rough and ragged home recordings are rich, pleasing to the ear and an eminently repeatable experience. They are at their very best when they keep it loose, unpolished and remove any hint of glossy production. As is the case with ‘Why Can’t We Be Like Them’ & ‘See You There’, which wholeheartedly embrace this scrappy imperfection. The gritty raw materials are moulded with some off-key vocals and slant-edged rhythms to bloom into something decidedly beautiful and pleasing to the ears. What Loop Culture have arrived upon here is something strange but familiar, bemusing yet dazzling. Their preference for imperfection adds character and while the shadow of two classics, The Strokes (Is This It) and Tapes ‘n Tapes (The Loon), loom large in the background, there is a certain unique feel to what they’ve released.

You can listen to a couple of choice cuts below and Loop Culture’s self-titled debut EP is available to download for free from soundcloud.


TRWBADOR – ‘Breakthrough Ft. ESSA’

trwbador breakthrough 2014

Since forming in 2010, Welsh duo Trwbador have forged a distinctive and fruitful partnership for producing serenely beautiful, otherworldly music, merging folk and glitchy electronica with near perfection – a trend carried through their excellent debut LP from last year.

With their new single, ‘Breakthrough’, the duo of Angharad Van Rijswijk & Owain Gwilym have teamed up with London rapper Essa (formerly known as Yungun), as they push their folky origins to new far-flung reaches. It’s hypnotic, captivating and all absorbing as Essa rhymes over looped harps, pulsing bass and crunching beats, which all add weight and resonance to Essa’s verses. ‘Breakthrough’ is a first taste from the duo’s second album, which is set for release in late Summer along with another single following in September. Very good news indeed.

‘Breakthrough Ft. ESSA’ is released digitally on May 26th and the 7″ follows one week later. For now? Check it out below.

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The 2 Bears – ‘Angel (Touch Me)’


Comprised of Raphael ‘Raf Daddy’ Rundell and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, The 2 Bears rightly rose to prominence with their excellent 2012 album, Be Strong.

Two years on and The 2 Bears are back with news of a new album entitled The Night is Young, which is penciled in for release in September, again through Southern Fried. That might seem like a long while away, but the pair have very graciously shared the lead single ‘Angel (Touch Me)’, with us, and it sounds as though they’re up to their old tricks again. ‘Angel (Touch Me)’ is a playful, bumping piano house tune which radiates a feel-good and summery vibe. It seems The 2 Bears will be delivering plenty more fun filled party tunes this year, a very welcome return indeed.

Check out  ‘Angel (Touch Me)’ below. It will be released on June 30th ahead of The Night Is Young, which follows in September.

Introducing: Galants

GALANTS - Photo: Jose Altamirano

                                                                                                                                                                               Photo: Jose Altamirano

Dublin trio Galants – David Kennedy, Peter Savage and Martin Fagan – serve up a lovely helping of melodic indie with a shoegazy side on their guitar heavy, debut double a-side ‘Howling / Silver’.

Produced by Ghost Estates’ Dan Doherty, ‘Howling / Silver’ emphatically sets their stall out. The double a-side displays a real fondness for melodic ’90s indie (pre-britpop) with an added shoegazey twist. Take ‘Howling’ for example, it encapsulates the very essence of what Galants are all about. Opening with a sudden squall of noise, intertwined by soft and dreamy vocals, fuzzy guitars, a hum of mild distortion which collide head on with soaring riffs and crashing drums, and propelled ever forward by a driving, surging rhythm. While the past looms rather large with Galants, they sound fresh and vital, more so perhaps than their retrospective influences may suggest. This is a blast from the past, but one that packs a hefty modern day punch.

You can give their guitar heavy debut double a-side ‘Howling / Silver’ the once over below and you can download it for FREE from here. Now, you can’t say fairer than that!



Sina. – ‘All Alone’

sina. 2014

Irish producer Sina. introduced himself with his debut EP, From Love To Dust a few years ago – and the Belfast native is back with another exquisite effort in ‘All Alone’.

Sina., AKA Barry Gordon, continues to demonstrate a seemless ability to afford diversity in his sound, finding space to encompass all manner of genres. Blurring the lines between bass music, down tempo soul, hip hop and drum&bass, he manages to forge a glitching, entrancing and bewitching sound. ‘All Alone’ pops and clicks as it smoothly unfurls with dripping percussion and engulfing vocal snippets, to an almost three minutes of entrancing glitchy blissfulness. To complete the full package, ‘All Alone’ is accompanied by three reworked and re-imagined versions from Fybe, Silent Dust & Sun Glitters. Of the three offerings, Fybe’s ‘All Alone (One:Remix)’ is the standout – a lively surge of pops, clicks and rattles are blissed-out further to heavenly new reaches. Another fine bit of work from one of Ireland’s surprisingly overlooked producers, strange one that.

‘All Alone’ is out now via None60. You can give it and Fybe’s remix the once over below. Enjoy!

Guest Post: Johnny Feeney Picks 3 Albums – [St Vincent, Real Estate & Eagulls]

St. Vincent Press Shot - Throne.jpg

The ever knowledgeable (and the guy largely responsible for the relocated and revamped site) Johnny Feeney frequently pops up on the blog to share some albums which are catching his eye. So here are three albums have caught his attention, thanks as ever to Johnny and with that I leave you in his very capable hands.

St Vincent – ‘St Vincent’

Now on her fourth solo studio album, Annie Clark, aka St Vincent, returns with a collection of tight, muscular, finely wrought art-rock/pop songs brimming with intent. Clark has never seemingly been short of musical ideas but her songwriting here seems to have gone up a level or two since her previous solo album, 2011’s Strange Mercy. Perhaps her collaboration with David Byrne on 2012’s Love This Giant has given her renewed confidence to dare to be bolder. Whatever it was, it has certainly worked.

‘Huey Newton’ explodes from a slightly plodding mid-tempo number into a stomping rocker with Clark’s riotous, squelching guitars and snarling vocals. ‘Digital Witness’ is the album centrepiece – a blast of skronking horns, funk guitars and an incredibly catchy chorus. There is also some great electro-rock in the form of the menacing ‘Bring Me Your Loves’ and the dreamy ‘Psychopath’. Another gem from the consistently excellent Clark.

Real Estate – ‘Atlas’

New Jersey indie rockers Real Estate returned earlier this year with their third album ‘Atlas’, not veering too far from the style of their earlier work. Their trademark breezy, multi-layered guitars and woozy lyrics are prevalent throughout with meandering guitar solos making for seriously easy listening. The instrumental ‘April’s Song’ is spellbinding while the jangling ‘Crime’ is an album highlight.

Lyrically it’s a little bit darker in places than normal, but even the melancholic nostalgia of ‘Past Lives’ (“I can not come back to this neighbourhood, Without feeling my own age”) or ‘Crime’ (“Toss and turn all night, don’t know how to make it right, crippling anxiety”) is accompanied by such gorgeous, weaving guitars it’s hard to feel glum. Real Estate have always been a summertime band and this is truly a summertime album – a perfect backdrop to barbecue and a beer in the sunshine, but a great album in its own right.

Eagulls – ‘Eagulls’

Eagulls, the five-piece post-punk band from Leeds, certainly know how to make a racket. On their self-titled debut album the songs are loaded with anger as vocalist George Mitchell rages and Tom Kelly’s bass pulsates relentlessly. Thankfully, amid all the clatter, it’s quickly discernible that they also have an ear for a quality tune. It’s a welcome change of pace from the middle of the road indie rock bands that are getting all the radio play. They may be from the same town, but Kaiser Chiefs these are not.

It might take a few listens to untangle the layers of guitar, bass and vocals but it’s certainly worth the effort. The effervescent ‘Yellow Eyes’ gallops along breathlessly. ‘Tough Luck’ sizzles with its mazy guitars and infectious hooks. There are also elements of shoegaze and psychedelic rock on here – ‘Possessed’ channels My Bloody Valentine, while ‘Soulless Youth’ wouldn’t sound out of place played by Primary Colours-era the Horrors. Refreshingly exhilarating.

Imploded View – ‘Withering Lights’

Imploded View 2014

Since his emergence on the scene in 2011, Imploded View (AKA Jerome McCormick) has proven to be a reliable resource of exciting, experimental and interesting electronic music.

McCormick too, has been one of Ireland’s most prolific producers, if somewhat overlooked or under-appreciated (call it what you will), with two albums, Picnics with Pylons (2012) & Anomaly Domine (2013) , a couple of EPs and a scattering of singles. All that said, his new single ‘Withering Lights’ is one of his finest moments to date. It’s a tad different to what he’s done before, yet still quite similar too, especially McCormick’s preference for analogue synths and tape machines. ‘Withering Lights’ is gentle, elegant and immersive. It sprightly pops and bubbles through a world lacking cares or worries, arrived at along a light and airy, hypnotic groove. One of his most outstanding works so far. Marvelous.

Anyone off to Phase One Festival in Carrick-on-Shannon this weekend? You catch Imploded View on Sunday Saturday. Check out ‘Withering Lights’ below & you can pick it up from here.

BarryGruff Unplugged #4: Jinx Lennon + Appo :: Thursday, April 24th :: The Liffey Studio, Newbridge

Jinx Lennon Newbridge 2014 Liffey Studio

So, we’re back with part four of the series on Thursday, April 24th, and we welcome the legendary Jinx Lennon and Appo to the intimate surroundings of The Liffey Studio, Newbridge.

To say we’re excited by this one would be putting it mildly. At the beginning, before we’d organised a gig, Stevie & I sat down to ponder what we could do, during this pipe dream exercise there were maybe three acts we agreed ‘had’ to play. Jinx Lennon was one of them and why not? Jinx is an absolute genius, a national treasure and rightly described by Christy Moore as the most important Irish singer/songwriter in the past 10 years.

Jinx Lennon is the epitome of a modern folk singer influenced by post punk and hip hop. Awkward and real, raw and righteous in his mode, he comes out of the northeast lost province of Oriel armed with songs to blow apart the chains in your heads. Songs about kicking against the bullshit of life .Whether it’s played on a one string guitar or sampled disco beat and raw garage noise and blues – Jinx’s music is sure to make the atoms on your skin surface vibrate externally for eternity. Jinx is currently in his HQ working on songs for next album working title ‘Keep Sane In The World of Eager Smiling Pricks’.

Support comes from Newbridge’s very own diamond in the rough, Appo, a one man bluesy-folk explosion. The gravelly voiced troubadour has also been busy in the studio working on a new album.

BarryGruff Unplugged #4: Jinx Lennon + Appo | Thursday, April 24th, The Liffey Studio, 1 Main Street, Newbridge, Co. Kildare (Above Johnson’s Pub) – Doors 7:30 | Admission: €8/€10.

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Metronomy – ‘Love Letters’ (Soulwax Remix)


If there is one name that garners intrigue and excitement when it comes to remixes, it’s Soulwax. And of course, this isn’t without merit, Soulwax never disappoint.

For the guts of 10 years or so their’s is a name which has become synonymous with top notch reworks, so it comes as no surprise that their remix of Metronomy’s new single ‘Love Letters’ is nothing short of brilliant. Their rework retains the best bits of the original, the elegance and smooth soul-infused allure, only to be transformed into disco-funk dancefloor filler with a a heavy hypnotic bassline. From the mild opening with frantic tapping of typewriters to the jazzy horn solo toward the conclusion, this is pure and divine disco hypnosis.

Check Soulwax’s rework below and Listen to Metronomy’s Love Letters on Spotify.