Sina. – ‘All Alone’

sina. 2014

Irish producer Sina. introduced himself with his debut EP, From Love To Dust a few years ago – and the Belfast native is back with another exquisite effort in ‘All Alone’.

Sina., AKA Barry Gordon, continues to demonstrate a seemless ability to afford diversity in his sound, finding space to encompass all manner of genres. Blurring the lines between bass music, down tempo soul, hip hop and drum&bass, he manages to forge a glitching, entrancing and bewitching sound. ‘All Alone’ pops and clicks as it smoothly unfurls with dripping percussion and engulfing vocal snippets, to an almost three minutes of entrancing glitchy blissfulness. To complete the full package, ‘All Alone’ is accompanied by three reworked and re-imagined versions from Fybe, Silent Dust & Sun Glitters. Of the three offerings, Fybe’s ‘All Alone (One:Remix)’ is the standout – a lively surge of pops, clicks and rattles are blissed-out further to heavenly new reaches. Another fine bit of work from one of Ireland’s surprisingly overlooked producers, strange one that.

‘All Alone’ is out now via None60. You can give it and Fybe’s remix the once over below. Enjoy!

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