The Bug – ‘Void’ & ‘Function’


The Bug is set to release his first new album in six years, the forthcoming Angels & Devils is due out August 29th on Ninja Tune, and follows 2008′s unforgettable, London Zoo (and last year’s superb Filthy EP notwithstanding).

Angels & Devils is said to be split into two distinct themes, exploring light and dark, and boasts a rather large list of collaborators – including Liz Harris of Grouper, Death Grips, Flowdan, Warrior Queen, and Manga among others. To get us even more in the mood The Bug has released two tracks from the new record, called ‘Void’ and ‘Function’. On ‘Void’, Grouper’s Liz Harris provides the angelic side, whose ethereal abstract vocals drift over an unusually restrained, almost ambient instrumental Bug backing. Uncharacteristic as it maybe, it works decidedly well. If ‘Void’ is the admittedly softer side to The Bug’s psyche, ‘Function’ is diametrically opposed, as we head into more familiar territory. ‘Function’ is an absolute beast. A brash, bruising beast of uncompromising rawness complete with huge distorted horns, hard-hitting drums and slick and frantic rapping from Manga. Together, the two songs demonstrate the diversity we can can expect from the Bug’s upcoming LP. Effortless originality and attitude, as ever from one of the most exciting producers on the planet.

Angels & Devils is out through Ninja Tune on August 25. Till then? Cast your eyes (and ears) below to stream ‘Void’ & ‘Function’.

Spies – ‘Moosehead’


Spies have been one of the most promising young bands in Ireland for quite sometime and have always sounded like seasoned professionals, even back in their earliest beginnings around 2011/2012.

The Dublin five-piece Spies are back with a single called ‘Moosehead’, which is accompanied by b-side ‘Yearner’. The new single adds further dynamism, taking their searing post-punk/indie-rock sound toward the expansive, dark and dissonant regions of post-punk. The late ’80s style guitars soar epically above the krautrock-esque rhythm section that rumbles along at pace, giving it one hell of a groove, all the perfect backdrop for Broderick’s powerful and commanding vocals. Having been partial to these guys for quite sometime now, yet say apart from a fleeting mention here and there, Spies have remained rather bizarrely absent on here. Hopefully this goes some way to rectifying that situation. This is the sound of a great band, oozing with confidence and delivering with style.

‘Moosehead’ is released on August the 4th and you can listen to it, and b-side ‘Yearner’ below.


Gaz Coombes – ‘This Time Tomorrow’

Gaz Coombes 2014

Earlier this summer former Supergrass head honcho Gaz Coombes stepped out with a delightful cover version of ‘This Time Tomorrow’ by – who else? – The Kinks.

Over the years Coombes has proven he’s good value of a tasty cover, or a few, most notably on his thoroughly enjoyable covers side-project band Hot Rats, with fellow Supergrass man Danny Goffey. He’s also had no aversion to ads in the past, having appeared in a Toyota Yaris advert a few years back, and what does this have to do with anything you may ask? Well, this song is part of a series of ads celebrating department store John Lewis’ 150th birthday, which is of little personal interest. Coombes’ version of ‘This Time Tomorrow’ on the other hand, yes please.  While largely remaining faithful to the original, this take is a brisk run through with plenty of Coombes’ traditional energy and distinctive voice, and he’s arrived at something that sounds utterly delightful, noticeably British and joyously nostalgic in the best way possible. Who ever said covers are a waste of time? Maybe no one did? But, anyway, they were wrong whoever they were.

Coombes is reportedly in the studio working on his second solo album, and follow up to Here Comes The Bombs. You can preoccupy yourself meanwhile with ‘This Time Tomorrow’.

(Video) Jamie T – ‘Don’t You Find’

Jamie T 2014

Jamie T has signalled his return with a new single ‘Don’t You Find, and about bloody time, too.

It’s been almost five years since the release of the Londoner’s excellent album Kings & Queens, far too long an absence. And one that’s been thankfully been brought to an abrupt halt. With ‘Don’t You Find’ we find Jamie T in a much more downbeat and melancholic mood, somewhat different to the vast majority of his previous body of work, but it’s not a ‘bad different. ‘Don’t You Find’ is a lush composition with his smooth vocals floating nicely over some sumptuous strings and a distant sounding guitar pitted with beautiful female vocals. As one of my favourite artists over the past eight years or so, it’s really great to have him back, and with an album confirmed too, this Tuesday is certainly looking up.

‘Don’t You Find’ will be released on July 21st with an album to follow at a so far unknown date.

SlowPlaceLikeHome – ‘Luna’


After a series of sublime EPs exploring  synthesizer driven electronic music, Donegal’s SlowPlaceLikeHome (aka Keith Mannion) has been building toward this point for sometime, and is finally poised to release his debut album called Romolo with Bluestack Records.

His latest offering ‘Luna’ provides an further insight to the forthcoming LP, following first single ‘She Comes In Colour Stereo‘, which was releasing roughly a month ago. Nurtured and influenced by his surrounding in the scenic countryside on the Atlantic North West coast of Ireland, ‘Luna’ is a woozy and smooth flowing track, combining soothing, sombre tones to create a ghostly and hypnotic shoegaze electronic vibe. While retaining the soft glowing haze of his previous work, the sort of bedroom-feel recordings that marked his EPs has been dispensed with somewhat, preferred instead is something more attune to a live sound. Having tracked SlowPlaceLikeHome for sometime, the impending release of his debut LP is one to keep an eye out for.

You can listen to ‘Luna’ below, and pre-order Romola, which is due out August 11th via Bluestack Records, here.

Introducing: JUNK.


The weather’s been amazingly good over here, so to complement the clement climes, there has been a lot of cheery, sunny sounds on the go.

One perfect example of this approach are York trio JUNK., who are anything but what their self-deprecating name would suggest. Rather they specialize in charming, extremely catchy and glorious lo-fi indie pop songs, which litter their debut EP, Car. Clocking in at around the three minute mark, Junk. create short and sweet darts of harmonising happiness; a jangly lo-fi racket coated with fuzz but the pop sensibilities are there for everyone to hear. Their glorious lo-fi indie pop is made exponentially more loveable by the stunning the blend of male/ female vocals, delivered with expert precession, they could warm the  of the most miserable of hearts. That’s more or less the treats that await you on their wonderful four-track EP of ‘Matches’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Polystyrene’ and ’Car’ which has a fine succession of ‘bap bap ba da da da’s' that you will be singing away for the rest of the summer.

The York trio’s debut EP is out now and you can sample some choice cuts below, and if they are to your liking, you can pick the EP up here.

Attaque – ‘Only You’


Electronic producer Attaque has been hidden away in his studio for the past 12 months working on the follow up to his debut album, When Light Falls, which is set for release in October.

Already a quite well established name within the world of techno, Colchester based Dominic Gentry has shifted the focus of his Attaque project towards something somewhat different, far more subtle, melodic and endearing with mesmeric new track ‘Only You‘. It hits that woozy sweet spot between techno and electronica, and in marrying the two, he gracefully traverses between subtly euphoric and twinkly ambient. Dazzlingly infectious and meticulously crafted, ’Only You’ is brimming with life and energy yet throughout the melodic and majestic twists it manages to remain relaxing and bright – as bright as the sun rising on early on a summers morning. ‘Only You’ marks a marvellous return from Attaque and is also the perfect introduction to his new direction.

You can stream ‘Only You’ in full below. The new album, also called Only You, is penned in for an October release through the ever interesting Bad Life Records.

Sliab Cuinciu – ‘No Way, You’ll Never’

Sliab Cuinciu

Last year Wicklow native Sliab Cuinciu added his name to a growing list of talented homegrown electronic producers with the release of his 8-track collection, ####.

Mr. Cuinciu, aka Ross McDonald, is back with his latest musical offering, ‘No Way, You’ll Never’, ahead of a forthcoming, as yet untitled EP. Like his previous work ’No Way, You’ll Never’ remains heavily indebted to raft of sounds and styles, influenced by hip hop, synth pop, disco and a wealth of electronic music. Saying that, it offers a slightly different side to his talent, in his own words, it’s “a distinctive mix of paranoia, self loathing, synthesizers and hip hop.” Add to that a persuasive array of  head nodding beats, sustained smooth-as-fuck groove and warped, twisted vocals, including some borrowed from Gang Starr’s ‘Mass Appeal’. It is as shadowy and eerie as we’ve heard Sliab Cuinciu but importantly it comes together ever so well and it works.

Not fixed date for Sliab Cuinciu’s next release but for now, there’s ’No Way, You’ll Never’. You can stream and download it for free below.

Moodoïd – ‘La Lune’


Parisian psychedelic pop purveyors, Moodoïd, headed up by Melody’s Echo Chamber guitarist Pablo Padovani, have announced details of their debut LP, Le Monde Möö.

The album follows the band’s fine debut self-titled EP, which was released last year and the first single, ’La Lune’, continues with the same blissed-out, floating and insatiable laid-back grooves as the magnificent ‘Je Suis La Montagne’. Some soft-psych touches, Saxophone flourishes, climaxing sweet melodies and soaring, honeyed vocals culminate into a rather uplifting and bizarrely engrossing cut of psychedelia. Moodoïd’s debut LP, Le Monde Möö, will be released on September and is produced and mixed by Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors and Deerhunter). If ‘La Lune’ is anything to go by, their debut record should be one to keep an eye out for.

You can listen to the first single, ‘La Lune’, below.

Introducing: David Harks

david harks 2014

Hailing from Brighton in the UK, David Harks, is a singer-songwriter who creates lush elegant electronic-pop music.

Harks’ already turned heads with debut single ‘Sirens’ on Kitsune Maison 15 last year, and on listening to his well-whisked blend of soul and pop, with electronic undertones, it is easy to understand why many were so enamoured. His latest single ‘Illusion’, is his finest effort yet. Hushed, inviting and transfixing vocals float upon a beautifully warm melody. Flowering beats and percussion, usher a soft hypnotic psychedelic feel and a simply irresistible listen. Harks’ previous releases are no slouches either. ‘We’ is imbued with many similar qualities as ‘Illusion’; infectious, upbeat and colourful, with tender vocals, it is a soul-filled, synth-kissed, soothing sound with flourishes of warmth. What’s not to love about these tunes? If you’re not one for beautiful, blissful and uplifting sounds, perhaps steer well clear. Ba-bap ba-bap baa.

Harks has four new singles penned for release this year, of which we have the first two, so only half way there then. Keep your eyes peeled for more. For now, get yourself accustomed to ‘Illusion’ & ‘We’ below.