King Willow – ‘Talk Like That’


Revolving around sisters Amanda and Julianna Salguero, King Willow are San Francisco-based purveyors of sweet indie-pop sounds, or “sister-pop” as they like to call it themselves.

The sibling pair released their self-titled EP in March 2017 and new single ‘Talk Like That’ is the first new material since. ‘Talk Like That’ is pure indie-pop heaven. An upbeat, melodic and irresistibly catchy number brimming with shimmering harmonies, catchy hooks, a seductively addictive groove and toe-tapping and infectious goodness. Harking back to classic tunes of the ’50s and ’60s, this is pop at its finest; rich, harmonious and completely and utterly beautiful.

Listen to ‘Talk Like That’ below now:

Accü – ‘Crash To Kill’


Cardiff-based artist Accü aka Angharad Van Rijswijk will be releasing her long awaited and much anticipated debut album Echo The Red at the end of October.

With Accü’s debut on the horizon, she has shared ‘Crash To Kill’, the third single lifted from the record, out October 19. It is a gentle whirl of beautiful imaginative ideas and colourful, kaleidoscopic sounds bound together in hypnotic majesty. It’s an eccentric Technicolor pop adventure of playfully experimental arrangements and sounds. Waltzing along a steady beat and playful synth, an off-kilter, peculiar ambiance is joined by an undercurrent of mildly ominous tones. Van Rijswijk’s haunting voice slinks its way through ‘Crash To Kill’, which fizzes and flickers with light as a peppering of frayed, frazzled electronics emerge from the swirling atmospherics. ‘Crash To Kill’ is supreme electronic pop, and one that manages to display a fun, playful side while at the same time captivating your attention completely.

Listen to ‘Crash To Kill’ below – and keep an eye out for debut album Echo The Red at the end of October.

Thomas Dooley – ‘Rosy Retrospection’


Thomas Dooley is Philadelphia musician with a penchant for woozy, interstellar psychedelic-pop sounds.

Dooley writes and records all his music, late at night, in a room he shares with his younger brother which might explain the relaxed, lullaby vibes emanating from his debut single ‘Rosy Retrospection’. All spacey, celestial wonderment and awe, ‘Rosy Retrospection’ blends woozy keyboard lines, playful synth effect with a harmonic and hushed, lilting lyrical sensibility. A dreamy pastoral, tranquil undulating tune that twinkles with its majestic sparkles, proggy tones and sweet 60’s orchestral pop charm. A beautiful, melodic and interstellar psych-pop exploration that is a joy to behold.

Tune into ‘Rosy Retrospection’ below, it is magnificent.

Psychic Love – ‘Go Away Green’


The LA-based trio Psychic Love – spearheaded by Laura Peters along with Max Harrison (guitar) and Liam McCormack (bass) – have returned, releasing new material for the first time since their 2016 debut album.

The new single ‘Go Away Green’ sees them resume their love affair with woozy, dreamy indie stylings. Swaying with a woozy, mesmerizing melodic quality as it ebbs and flows through hazy surroundings of reverb and mild distortion. Amid the dreamy guitar and propulsive surges of drums, Peters’ smokey vocals bristle with nostalgia and melancholy, yet with an undercurrent of defiance. An atmospheric, woozy cut that oozes a richness and a compelling, smouldering emotional weight. A fantastic return from Psychic Love and one that will take its place on a so far unnamed EP.

For now, Check out ‘Go Away Green’ below:

The Family Knife – ‘Don’t Wanna Give Up’


The Family Knife are an indie/electronica outfit from Dublin and these siblings are the purveyors of hopeful tunes, tinged with sadness – an aesthetic set out rather beautifully on their self-titled debut LP.

The album is a collection of 12 organic and electronic driven tracks, influenced by everyone from Deerhunter and Yo La Tengo, to Stereolab and The Beta Band, and its lead single is album closer, ‘Don’t Wanna Give Up’. Slowly building from mellow origins, it introduces itself with a breezy jangle, deftly plucked strings and soft, semi-hushed vocals before the drums make a splash, joined in turn by a whispers of vocal samples and a full on synth-driven finish. A beautifully mournful and melancholic tune, like a November sun breaking through a dreary dusky sky.

You can listen to ‘Don’t Wanna Give Up’ below – and if that is floating your boat, the album is available to stream here.