Satin Jackets feat. Panama ‘Automatic’ (The Oddness Remix)

German nu-disco purveyor Satin Jackets aka Tim Bernhardt released his latest album Solar Nights a few weeks back on the Belgian label Eskimo Recordings.

A record littered with wonderful collaborations, it is in no way surprising that Satin Jackets is sharing some remixes of tracks from the album by established names and emerging talents. For the penultimate rework, emerging Melbourne producer The Oddness is on remix duties for Satin Jackets’ collaboration with Panama, ‘Automatic’. It is a transfixing sound loaded with echo and reverb and fuelled by a winding, hypnotic groove and chugging, relentless murmuring bass. The vocals from Panama are moody and emotive, adding an extra evocative and pensive touch as The Oddness dials down the tempo but ups the intensity, transforming the track into a cosmic, hypnotic wonder.

Tune in below and see for yourself.

Ynys – ‘Mae’n Hawdd’

Ynys (pronounced ‘un-iss’) is the moniker of Welsh artist Dylan Hughes, ex Race Horses and Radio Luxembourg, who introduced his new project back in April with mildly dizzying and waltzing psych pop song, ‘Caneuon’.

‘Mae’n Hawdd’ (which translates to “It’s Easy”) is another bona fide treasure and picks up where Hughes’ debut single left off; combining a supreme ear for melody and playful approach to song craft. Featuring long time friend Mali Llywelyn on vocal, an abundance of dreamy keys and glorious swooning strings provide a cinematic backdrop for the most seductive melody to lure you in as the warm and alluring vocal, shimmering synths and melancholic harmonies appear through the mist. ‘Mae’n Hawdd’ is richly melodic and charming, as psychedelic flourishes mingle with a classic pop twist, it is an utter joy to behold, and one that envelopes the listener entirely.

Ynys is one of the finds of 2019 – no question – listen to ‘Mae’n Hawdd’ below and tell me otherwise.

Trap – ‘I Want Moor’

Trap is a rapper / emcee from Long Beach, CA whose music explores a whole array of topics and themes, social commentary and cultural criticism but backed and complemented by sublime and seductive grooves and beats.

On his new single, ‘I Want Moor’, the latest lifted from recently released record, Young Basquiat 3: Lost Vibes, Trap brings out the revolutionary raps. There is a weight to his vocals, speaking with authority, an authority that makes you pay attention, his vision is delivered clearly and concisely, without ever sounding preachy or pretentious. His measured and melodic delivery adds lyrical depth and musical allure, it doesn’t miss a beat and the production, supplied by Chicago’s Jerrod Hinton, is of supreme quality. The beat is rooted in the blues, partially due to sampling Nina Simone but also because of its pace and general vibe. It is a heavyweight tune, and one that’s been on constant rotation the past month.

Check ‘I Want Moor’ below and you can listen to Young Basquiat 3: Lost Vibes here.

Captain Moonlight – ‘The Great Austerity Bake Off’

Kilkenny rapper Captain Moonlight, has long been one of Irish Hip Hop’s most prized possessions. Obsessive about politics, philosophy, literature, music and hurling, it has been nine long years since his last album, 2010’s On The Lough (Agroculture Pt 3).

This period of relative radio silence has been brought to a welcome and abrupt close by new single ‘The Great Austerity Bake Off’ – and it is superb. The beats are infectious and snappy, along with the hovering, soft synth provide an toe-tapping and contagious backdrop for his potent lyrical expanses. Moonlight is up there with the finest lyricist’s this country has produced, and ‘The Great Austerity Bake Off’ finds him in fine fettle – and as usual he doesn’t disappoint.

Although there have been singles here and there – incl. a track for our very own GruffWuff compilation (see below) – the new single also comes with news of new album called Offences Against The State Act 1, which is expected before the year is out.

I’ve long been a huge fan of Captain Moonlight and made no secret of this adoration over the years, so needless to say, it is great to have him back in action.

Listen to ‘The Great Austerity Bake Off’ below:

Lauran Hibberd – ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’

Isle of Wight native Lauran Hibberd has built a solid rep for irresistible fuzz-filled indie pop and even with just some fleeting attention to her recent output, it is easy to see why.

Following on from ‘Sugardaddy’ and ‘Hoochie’ – both wonderful slabs of melodic, indie-pop goodness – Hibberd’s continuing an impressive 2019 with ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’; a third track from her forthcoming EP, Everything Is Dogs. Marked by her now signature blend of sass, tongue-in-cheek attitude, quirky vibes and love of fuzzed-up meaty riffs, ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’ is so infectious and bursting with vitality and laced with delicious power-pop tones. It is sweet yet barbed, and all coated in a warm layer of delightful fuzz and distortion, ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’ is the right side of catchy.

Listen to ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’ below and it should get you in the mood for Hibberd’s debut EP Everything Is Dogs, set for release September 20, 2019.

Adam Singer – ‘Balance’

Adam Singer is an electronic producer / musician from San Francisco, who has been creating music for over 15 years. Singer’s output is marked by a full spectrum of sound, mood and emotions as tales and experiences are vividly depicted, leaving quite an impression.

His latest single ‘Balance’, the latest lifted from his 2018 album My Only Hope, is a perfect and exquisite example of his craft. It is immersive and hypnotic, majestically blurring the lines between exhilarating electro and subtly propulsive Krautrock leanings. Just shy of seven minutes, this dynamic and pulsing electronic life-force is spearheaded by a spectacular glistening air, warm melodic keys, soft beats and succession of lush synth, swishes and chimes which eventually become consumed by waves of crunching beats, liquid blissfulness and boundless flourishes of crystalline percussion. Lush, glistening and elegant, ‘Balance’ is a futuristic, vividly imaginative and thrilling sound.

Listen to the beautiful sounds of ‘Balance’ below:

Maddie Jay – ‘I Got You’

Maddie Jay is a Canadian musician, bassist, producer, writer and multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for jangle pop, experimental music, synthesizers and sloths.

Having grown up in the relative wilderness of the small mountain town of Smithers, British Columbia, Jay traded that for the warmer climes of Los Angeles, where she now resides, crafting music in her bedroom studio.

Jay introduced herself to use earlier in year with ‘Little Love’ – a gentle whirlpool of shimmering and lush dream-pop – and has returned with another suitably lush and woozy wonder in ‘I Got You’. Written for her roommate’s dog, it is a lush and alluring blend of irresistible slinky grooves and woozy tones as a soft wave of hypnotising shimmering synths cascade over a twinkling guitar. ‘I Got You’ is a lavish composition, one of breathtaking and beguiling beauty. The swirling textured haze mellow undulation is the perfect companion for for Jay’s soothing vocals.

Do yourself a favour, give ‘I Got You’ a spin below:

Who Boy – ‘Steve Reich’

Beginning life as a synth pop trio, Detroit-based Who Boy have grown to five – Max Stutz, Phoenix Eller, Sean Mackillop, Max Capasso & Maria French – and purveyors of lush dream-pop.

Following a couple of well received singles over the past 12 months – ‘Toy Plane’ & ‘Golden Reservoir’ – ‘Steve Reich’ is all kinds of wonderful and captures the very essence of the band in under three-minutes of beautiful splendour. It is a warm, woozy and serenely beautiful sound with a gently undulating groove bubbling away beneath the dreamy vibes, dripping melody and hushed, honeyed vocals. ‘Steve Reich’ is lush and alluring, sweetly melodious and glamorous, and smouldering with powerful emotion – utterly divine.

Listen to lush dream-pop personified below, a la ‘Steve Reich’.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – ‘Love Forever’

So good they named them thrice, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are a Cardiff foursome with a serious love and affinity for 70s rock.

The Welsh outfit strut into our lives with a sound heavily indebted to the ’70s and latest single, ‘Love Forever’ is a sumptuous slice of retro rock ‘n roll, and one that really feels like a labour of love. It is a hypnotic and gently swaggering jam with a seductive melodic allure, reverb-heavy guitar riffs, hooks you could hang your hat on and choruses that will, like those riffs, buzz around your head all day all while embracing a glam rock-esque spirit. The confidence and ambition of the arrangements and song makes ‘Love Forever’ an overwhelmingly joyous and infectious listen as they borrow from all the aforementioned bits and pieces, blend them together to create something that is fresh, fun and fuzzed-up, and importantly on the right side of familiar.

You can listen to their brand new track ‘Love Forever’ below as well as ‘Daffodil Hill’; the official song of the 2019 Homeless World Cup, taking place in Wales (July 27 to August 3), and commissioned by actor Michael Sheen.

Mat Creedon – ‘The Time Has Come’

Mat Creedon is an Australian artist from Melbourne with a penchant for dazzling, swirling synth-splashed psych-pop, or ‘Strange pop’ as he describes it himself.

Creedon’s latest single (a third in a trilogy of reworkings) ‘The Time Has Come’ sets out his stall for ‘strange pop’ as he ekes out a perfect balance with quirky and cool in an alluringly understated manner. A dazzling blend of parts Air, Beck, The Flaming Lips and Tame Impala, all wrapped up in delicious, swaggering pop package. ‘The Time Has Come’ is a colourful confection of quirky pop layered in psych brush strokes; it is transfixing, escapist and spacey odd-ball pop. Synths pulse as electronics fizz as we are moved along an alluring swagger groove washed with melody, hooks and harmonic qualities. ‘The Time Has Come’ is a joy as Creedon manages to create something on the right side of familiar.

Tune into ‘The Time Has Come’ below: