Drenge – ‘Face Like a Skull’


Drenge have impressed no end since the turn of the year – it’s been track after track of exhilarating bluesy punk-rock fury. 

Anyway, the brothers Loveless are releasing their self-titled debut album next month. The latest jam taken from it, ‘Face Like a Skull’, lines up pretty well with all that’s gone before it. Leaning in a more grungey direction, the adrenalin fueled ‘Face Like a Skull’ is unsurprisingly rammed with vicious hooks, infectious melodies and shed-loads of swagger and primal energy. Drenge certainly sound as though they have plenty of fire in their bellies. Two lads who make a whole pile of noise, what’s not to like?

‘Face Like a Skull’ is released on August 26th, taken from their self-titled debut album, which arrives on August 19th. You can check all that they’ve released to date here. S

Johnny Flynn – ‘The Lady is Risen’ + New Album


Easily one of the most talented members of the so-called folk resurgence in the UK, Johnny Flynn, graced us with news of a forthcoming third record, Country Mile, which will be released in September. 

The new album follows the two rather excellent records, 2008’s A Larum and 2010’s Been Listening – it is hardly overzealous to expect more of the same from Flynn? Not really if we use ‘The Lady is Risen’ to quantify the situation. This first taste of things to come only compounds expectation, it’s typical of what we expect from Flynn. ‘The Lady is Risen’ is a roving folk song with carousing brass and rattling guitar, the perfect backdrop for Flynn’s voice and skills for an evocative lyrical turn. All good news.

You can listen to ‘The Lady is Risen’ below, before Country Mile is released on 30th September through Transgressive Records. He’s announced two Irish dates too; October 16th in Whelan’s, Dublin & October 17th in Belfast’s Limelight.  

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Cian Ciaran – ‘Sewn Up’


Cian Ciaran of Super Furry Animals is gearing up to release his second solo album and follow up to last year’s excellent Outside In. The album is called They Are Nothing Without Us and Ciaran himself has proclaimed it as his ‘protest album’. 

The first track from the album to surface is ‘Sewn Up’. It got it’s first airing on Marc Riley’s BBC 6 Music show last night and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The romantic overtures of his debut have been stripped away in favour of scathing politically charged lyrics, mean guitar riffs (very The Velvet Underground meets The Jesus and Mary Chain), while retaining the same lavishly layered vocals that marked Outside In. It is purposely filled with anger and rage at a world where the gulf between the haves and have-nots is widening, and at the system which perpetuates this exploitation. Powerful stuff indeed, which sets things up nicely with regard to the forthcoming album, which by the way, will be released on September 23rd through Strangetown Records

Ciaran recently surpassed his Pledge Music target for They Are Nothing Without Us but there are plenty of goodies still left, if you want, you can get involved here. Whatever the case, you can check out ‘Sewn Up’ below. 

Girls Names – ‘Projektions’ (Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey Remix)


Girls Names released their latest LP The New Life back in February, providing us with the best domestic record of the year so far. A quite dark post-punk record with a moody and foreboding disposition, importantly it is an exceptionally great album.

The Belfast foursome are now planning the release of a remix EP, The Next Life. Up first from the EP is is a remix of ‘Projektions’ courtesy of Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey. The track is almost completely re-imagined. Almost the entire original dispensed with, in favour of Factory Floor’s characteristic motorik groove and pulsating synths. Most importantly the resulting remix sounds immense. It is also a timely reminder for two reasons: (1) if you haven’t checked out Girls Names’ The New Life, you really should because you’re missing out; (2) it’s a reminder of Factory Floor’s talent who’ll release their hotly anticipated debut album in September. All good. 

The Next Life will be released later this year and Factory Floor’s rework will be joined by those of David Holmes, Locust, The Soft Walls & Optimo.

Introducing: Rhodri Brooks


Rhodri Brooks is a Cardiff born singer and song writer, who along with a merry band of brothers (or just a band if you prefer), have come up trumps with a rather wonderful ever changing and evolving sound.

This is the kind of timeless music that transcends eras and genres – a hypnotic, wonderfully understated lo-fi blend of Americana and country, with a healthy dose of ’60s folk and psych-pop. Brooks’ songs can morph in a way that feels wholly organic, sliding from gently chugging or jangley guitars, before all of a sudden, going headlong through a meandering hazy pysch-folk. It is these two side of Brooks, together or separate, that makes him, his band and their songs so completely and utterly lovable. It cheerily worms its way into your heart through near perfect songcraft, as his deep South Wales drawl glides above dulcet tones. So simple but so, yet so effective.

You can check out some choices cut below, taken from Rhodri Brooks’ brand new EP, Dan y Tracs, which you can listen to in its entirety here.