(Video) Bill Ryder-Jones – ‘Wild Swans’

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If you have yet to acquaint yourself with Billy Ryder-Jones‘ wonderful new album, A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. 

On the ex-coral man’s debut solo venture, he looks inwards, penning a gripping album of pensive ballads and hushed pop songs. Ryder-Jones’ latest single to be taken from the LP, ‘Wild Swans’ is a typical autobiographical tale, built with subtlety and restraint. It is predictably melancholic and filled with wistful heart swelling melodies, as he solemnly mourns a lost love, in a hushed, semi-spoken voice. ‘Wild Swans’ is typical of what is a highly accomplished and deeply affecting debut, one well worth checking out when you find the time.  

‘Wild Swans’  is out on August 26th & his latest album, A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart, is out now on Domino Records.

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