Introducing: Rhodri Brooks


Rhodri Brooks is a Cardiff born singer and song writer, who along with a merry band of brothers (or just a band if you prefer), have come up trumps with a rather wonderful ever changing and evolving sound.

This is the kind of timeless music that transcends eras and genres – a hypnotic, wonderfully understated lo-fi blend of Americana and country, with a healthy dose of ’60s folk and psych-pop. Brooks’ songs can morph in a way that feels wholly organic, sliding from gently chugging or jangley guitars, before all of a sudden, going headlong through a meandering hazy pysch-folk. It is these two side of Brooks, together or separate, that makes him, his band and their songs so completely and utterly lovable. It cheerily worms its way into your heart through near perfect songcraft, as his deep South Wales drawl glides above dulcet tones. So simple but so, yet so effective.

You can check out some choices cut below, taken from Rhodri Brooks’ brand new EP, Dan y Tracs, which you can listen to in its entirety here.

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