Introducing: Loop Culture

Loop Culture by Luke Fallon

Loop Culture are an indie five-piece – Oisín Ó Tarráin, Mark Leonard, Ronan Murphy, Nathan Griffin & Andy Helbert – from Dublin.

Loop Culture are a playfully casual band unconcerned with tying up all the loose ends. Here is a quirky, low-key, lo-fi delight. Their scratchy, rough and ragged home recordings are rich, pleasing to the ear and an eminently repeatable experience. They are at their very best when they keep it loose, unpolished and remove any hint of glossy production. As is the case with ‘Why Can’t We Be Like Them’ & ‘See You There’, which wholeheartedly embrace this scrappy imperfection. The gritty raw materials are moulded with some off-key vocals and slant-edged rhythms to bloom into something decidedly beautiful and pleasing to the ears. What Loop Culture have arrived upon here is something strange but familiar, bemusing yet dazzling. Their preference for imperfection adds character and while the shadow of two classics, The Strokes (Is This It) and Tapes ‘n Tapes (The Loon), loom large in the background, there is a certain unique feel to what they’ve released.

You can listen to a couple of choice cuts below and Loop Culture’s self-titled debut EP is available to download for free from soundcloud.


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