The Lavender Scare – ‘Buried Behind Monet’


The Lavender Scare is the work of Los Angeles-based pair James Delos Reyes and Luis Servin.

Inspired by years of following Radiohead on tour together, the pair decided to form The Lavender Scare and craft their own musical agenda by similarly enveloping catchy, brooding melodies with lush arrangements – and their most recent release ‘Buried Behind Monet’ does that, and more. The single casts a long spooky shadow built on melancholy and tension. It is equally elegant and chilling with mid-eighties Bunnymen-esque sweeping, dramatic grandeur combining with spectral-like vocals and subterranean cavernous guitar and synth.’Buried Behind Monet’ is eerie and lonely, yet compelling, defiant and emphatic.

Listen to ‘Buried Behind Monet’ below.

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