The Buoys – ‘Arm Wrestle’


Equal parts sweet and savoury, Sydney foursome The Buoys – Zoe (vocals), Anthea (guitar), Ros (bass) and Tess (drums) – have released a brand new single called ‘Arm Wrestle’.

The track will take its place among others on their second EP, Split Lip, which is penned for release before the year is out – and ‘Arm Wrestle’ is a doozy! Scuzzy guitars cut through a thick gauze of fuzz, as powerful vocals and meaty riffs soar above the fuzzed-up distortion and pounding percussion below. A fuzz-filled, loud and infectious anthem with an unforgettable chorus fuelled by crunchy, grungey guitars and the riffs, man, they are sensational. Just sensational!

There is a lot of love for The Buoys in their native Australia and on this evidence it is easy to see why. Check out ‘Arm Wrestle’ below:

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