Sophisticated Dingo – ‘Head Talk’


Sophisticated Dingo – easily one of the most memorable names you’re likely to hear – are a pair of garage-rock lovers from Melbourne.

The duo of drummer James ‘Jimmy’ Medley and singer-guitarist Lewis ‘Lew’ Matte, have released a brand new video for latest and fiercely infectious single ‘Head Talk’. This four-minute blast of anthemic grunge-tinged garage-rock is propelled forward by the one-two punch of energetic overdriven guitar chords, crunchy riffs and pounding drums. The song’s verses are filled with charming backing vocals which explodes into thumping and catchy sing-a-long choruses, before ‘Head Talk’s’ anthemic breakdown leads into an epic, noisy and exhilarating finale. Great name, great band & great single!

Check out ‘Head Talk’ and previous single, ‘Witch Love’ below. They are both ace!

Introducing: The Psychic Alliance


The Psychic Alliance are a Canadian band, based out of Vancouver, who excite and enthral with their fuzzy west coast psych.

The Vancouver outfit recently released their third LP, Evil Against Evil – blending psych with stomping sixties garage, b-movie horror tones and touches of The Stooges, MC5, Black Sabbath, Ray Davies & Bowie. Offering a favour of their heady brew is ‘No Fixed Address'; a blistering ’60s garage stormer filled with swinging guitars, scintillating riffs, frenetic organ and percussion; and all delivered with a ‘we-mean-business’ attitude. ‘Yesteryear’ is also full of psychedelic endeavour but offers a more melodic take on their West Coast psych. The organ work is still the driving force, and joined by jazzy drums, spooky feedback and guitar licks a plenty. ‘Yesteryear’ like ‘No Fixed Address’ – something of a feature on their new LP – is prone to full-on psych freak-out at any moment, with a healthy dose of the macabre but with an underlying playfulness or wry humour.

To get a flavour of what The Psychic Alliance are all about, you can listen to ‘Yesteryear’ & ‘No Fixed Address’ below.

Their new record Evil Against Evil is available here.

Johnny Kills – ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’


Johnny Kills set out their stall with infectious scuzz-fest debut single, ‘Let’s Talk About Me’, and the Brighton/London-based garage-surf trio have returned with a new fuzzed-up delight called ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’.

A three-minute adventure of fuzzy and fun-filled blast of scuzzy, sweetly melodic garagey, noise-pop. The mildly distorted vocals and cooing harmonies go hand-in-hand with the crunchy guitar riffs and rhythmic drumming – and the addition of the organ (and the organ work) is a revelation! There is an irresistible alchemy at work here. What makes Johhny Kills ear-pleasing racket is they eek out a sweet spot between scuzz and pop; as fine an execution as your likely to ever hear to be fair. The next tune from these guys cannot come quick enough – thus far they have proven themselves to be quite the treasure.

For now though, get yourself acquainted with ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’ below.

Introducing: Strange Cages


Strange Cages are a Brighton trio who don’t mess about; their sinister, sleazy psych-rock sound is compelling, intense and hypnotic.

Taking parts post-punk, surf rock, garage, krautrock and psychedelia Strange Cages stitch it all together to form a dangerous sounding gritty psych-punk. The Brighton trio are gearing up to release new EP The Cracks, out on June 16, ahead of which come title track and ‘Leader Of A Cult’ to whet the appetite. The latter fully realises their dark sinister tenancies with spine chilling effect. Punchy drums and jangley, off-kilter riffs are smothered with an eerie sense of dark perilous menace, with foreboding vocals adding to the sense of a paranoid nightmare. ‘The Cracks’, still somewhat wonky and weird, pushes infectious guitar riffs, driving drum beats and anthemic roars through a sea of distortion and psychedelic imagination. Two phenomenal tracks, on the back of which, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for the forthcoming EP.

The Cracks EP is out June 16. Listen to ‘The Cracks’ & ‘Leader Of A Cult’ below now.

Mountain Bike – ‘This Lonely Place’


More closely associated with electronica, Belgium has produced more than its fair share of tidy bands too, and joining that list is garage outfit, Mountain Bike.

The four-piece, hailing from Brussels, have just released new single ‘This Lonely Place’. Taken from their forthcoming album About Too Sorry For Any Sorrow – due out on the 3rd of March – ‘This Lonely Place’ is a fuzzy, jangling four minutes of laid-back, hook-drenched, melodic-vibes. From a melancholic opening, it nonchalantly skips along head-nodding bundle of joy. Comparisons to the likes of Ty Segall, Mac DeMarco, Car Seat Headrest & King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard have been made, and while they are all valid, there is a certain late ’90s Blur and early noughties Graham Coxon (solo work) vibe too. Regardless, this is super catchy, infectious and addicting, Mountain Bike have found that sweet spot between pop and indie.

Listen to ‘This Lonely Place’ below, and keep an eye out for this four-piece in 2017.