The Yada Yada Yadas – ‘Human Emotion’


The Yada Yada Yadas are a Durham-based foursome with a masterful craft for writing beautifully fun, dreamy and melodic garage-guitar-pop bathe in swathes of fuzz & distortion.

The Yada Yada Yadas with real vim, and aren’t inclined to let their songs loiter any longer than necessary and nestled beneath piles of feedback, distortion and delightedly creamy fuzz, new single ‘Human Emotion’ embodies what they are all about in a nicely distilled three-minutes. It is a fun, dreamy, melodic garage-guitar-pop bathe in swathes of fuzz & distortion. To a brisk tempo they pit wonky, winding riffs with pounding drums, loads of fuzzy guitars and washed out vocals with an ear for hooks, and power-pop punch. An utterly irresistible three-minutes of fuzzed-up, garage-pop heaven.

Listen to ‘Human Emotion’ below:

The Hannah Barberas – ‘No Mystery’


Self-described “DIY pop partisans” The Hannah Barberas have returned with a new single, ‘No Mystery’ – the lead and title-track from their third EP.

The indie-pop foursome – Damien, Lucy, Doug & Matthew – from New Cross, London have a way when it comes to charming and irresistible effervescent indie-pop gems, and thankfully the latest effort doesn’t break with tradition. ‘No Mystery’ is dreamy ’60s inspired jangle, all woozy and breezy vibes, it is dripping with melody and those harmonies, they are just a delight. An enchanting and addicting parcel of perfect pop-craft harmony, The Hannah Barberas have delivered the goods once again (complete with an unlikely guest appearance by Angela Lansbury).

Tune into ‘No Mystery’ below now – and the full EP is here too.

Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks – ‘Lost My Head’


With a name like Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks, the US five-piece really could only be garage/psych-rock band.

The Savannah quintet is a collaboration of best friends creating garage rock with a healthy dose of psychedelia. ‘Lost My Head’ – the latest single lifted from their self titled second album – is a perfect example of how they have unlocked something special with this droning and hypnotic wonder. It is a freewheeling psychedelic explosion running at frenetic pace along a relentless, rampaging rhythm toward the most psychedelic outposts of their minds. A frenzied barrage of garage noise and mesmeric organ unleash an outlandish energy and wiry, psychedelic wig out amid swathes of spooky feedback. A multi-faceted four and a half minutes of melodic mayhem and psychedelic rock explosion, that with a scintillating energy and pace, will truly take your breathe away.

Listen to ‘Lost My Head’ below – take a breather, and repeat!

Lupine – ‘Tell-Tale Heart’


Formed in 2012, Melbourne garage band Lupine began as the solo project of singer, songwriter and guitarist Thomas James.

The current fully-fledged five-piece took shape after James recruited buddies Dean Tosis (bass), Lily Sawenko (keys), Tom Putland (guitar) and Jake Leahy (drums/production) as it grew beyond its fledgling origins. In the intervening years the band is a well oiled machine and have released two EP’s under their belt and with third on the way.

It is the latter that concerns us on this occasion, or to be more specific, lead single ‘Tell-Tale Heart’. It whizzes and fizzes along with an effervescent energy and you’re immediately sucked in, powerless to resist the tantalising allure of jangly hooks, surf-pop riffs and garage-rock reverb. This is easy on the ear, chorus-drenched and melodic guitar-pop that bounces along on a fast-paced, giddy, skittish rhythm through a playfully infectious and sunny melodies and perfectly complimented vocals leaving us with something that is fantastically infectious and approaching guitar-pop perfection.

You can listen to ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ below – you definitely should, it is fantastic!

The Buoys – ‘Arm Wrestle’


Equal parts sweet and savoury, Sydney foursome The Buoys – Zoe (vocals), Anthea (guitar), Ros (bass) and Tess (drums) – have released a brand new single called ‘Arm Wrestle’.

The track will take its place among others on their second EP, Split Lip, which is penned for release before the year is out – and ‘Arm Wrestle’ is a doozy! Scuzzy guitars cut through a thick gauze of fuzz, as powerful vocals and meaty riffs soar above the fuzzed-up distortion and pounding percussion below. A fuzz-filled, loud and infectious anthem with an unforgettable chorus fuelled by crunchy, grungey guitars and the riffs, man, they are sensational. Just sensational!

There is a lot of love for The Buoys in their native Australia and on this evidence it is easy to see why. Check out ‘Arm Wrestle’ below:

Strange Cages – ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’


Madcap Brighton trio Strange Cages introduced themselves and their frantic psych/garage rock sound with a series of stellar singles and EP last year.

The trio are at it again, returning with another six-track EP, entitled Silver Queen, and is expected on September 28th, 2018 on Vallance Records. The EP’s concept centres around the story of a fictional cult leader of the same name, and is previewed by the completely off-the-wall, ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’. It is a scintillating psych-rock odyssey that opens with a frenzied barrage of garage noise and continues on its merry madcap way at breakneck speed, unleashing an outlandish energy and wiry, psychedelic wig out. A multi-faceted three and a half minutes of melodic mayhem and psychedelic rock explosion, it will truly take your breathe away.

Listen to ‘False Prophet Death Waltz’ below now and check out the equally memorable and wild video, and of course, keep your eyes peeled for the new EP later this month.

The Molochs – ‘Too Lost In Love’


LA’s The Molochs are gearing up to release their second album Flowers In The Spring, due September 7th via Innovative Leisure.

Previous record, 2017’s America’s Velvet Glory is a love-letter to the guitar; with its cheery acoustic chords, jangly indie and surf-rock vibes and flourishes of ’60s psychedelic folk. And with the second single lifted from their forthcoming album, ‘Too Lost In Love’ falls somewhere similar on the guitar lovers spectrum. ‘Too Lost In Love’ carves out a joyous, lackadaisical and carefree identity, with its sun-drenched blend of swooning melodies, bright and breezy ’80s indie jangle, swaying surf-rock, flurry of whimsical ’60s garage and sunkissed reverb. In short, it is a charming strain of gloriously ramshackle and instantly addictive lo-fi garage pop. So, the question is, what’s not to like?

Check out the delight that is ‘Too Lost In Love’. Album number two, Flowers In The Spring follows on September 7th.