Drens – ‘Saditsfiction’

Dortmund/Cologne fuzz loving garage rock / surf punk foursome Drens are back with their new single ‘Saditsfiction’.

‘Saditsfiction’ is the second single lifted from the German outfit’s forthcoming debut EP‚ Pet Peeves‘, and in case you’re wondering, it is a doozy! Less frenzied and spiky than previous singles – ‘No’ & ‘Yellow Teeth’ – ‘Saditsfiction’ opens with a reverb drenched, new wavey guitar hook and met by dreamy guitar underpinned by a bubbling bassline groove as it shifts through the gears of catchy, power-pop addiction. It is an undeniable earworm; fuzzed up and catchy as hell, it’s got swagger, danceability and hooks you could hang your hat on while vocally, it slides from nonchalant to passionate with an ease and breeze. A more nuanced side of their talents, this might be the best we heard yet from Drens.

Listen to ‘Saditsfiction’ below while we await the new EP, due on May 15th.

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